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Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Pets]] to the end of that page. Do not add any text or images directly to this page.. List of subcategories: Bought Pets‎ (7 C, 74 P Category:Hybrid Pets. From Wizard101 Wiki. Jump to: navigation. , search. Hybrid pets are special pets which can be hatched by breeding specific pairs of pets in the Pet Hatchery. For Basic Game Information about Pets please visit the Pets page. Please do not add any text or images directly to this page These pets are available from, Fida Hadochan, the Pet Vendor in Mooshu located in the shop behind Zeke and Eloise Merryweather, Jade Palace Shopping Area. --- ---. Goat Monk - 6,150 Gold - School ; MYTH. Ninja Pig - 6,150 Gold - School ; BALANCE. Brown Spider - 6,150 Gold - School ; DEATH Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Pets (Hybrids)]] to the end of that page. Do not add any text or images directly to this page.. For Basic Game Information about Pets please visit the Pets page

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Firstly, we have Admiral Bontau located in the middle of Alkali Barrows. This Rank 16 Death Boss is certainly one of the easier bosses you will face in this list as his cheats are limited.. Round 1: Midnight, cloud their vision! The pet will cast a -50% mantle. Round 4: Midnight, weaken that one! Pet casts a -25% weakness. These cheats will go on a cycle and repeat every 6 rounds Create your Wizard here and play for free! Wizard101 is an online Wizard school adventure game featuring collectible card magic, pets, and duels

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Walkthrough - The official pet egg guide in Wizard101 Walkthrough for Wizard 101 PC: As we all know different pets have different eggs and some share eggs. I recently hatched a pet and when I went to the dye shop to see what I got I realized they fixed the bug and that I would need to wait and see what pet I got. So this thread is to see what possibilities your egg can have in it Wizard101 Bobblehead Guide. The lovely Iridian Willowglen shared pictures of her extensive bobblehead collection with us! She took screenshots of what came up when she used item identifier on every bobblehead, which gives us lots of interesting information about where we can find these cute little wobbly housing items

Wizard101 Pets. July 9, 2016 ·. This cute little guy has called an uproar now! There have been 3 hybrids discovered since the Panther pet has been released yesterday. Thanks to Wizard101 Central in finding these newly discovered cats Jan 20, 2015 - Wizard101 players that wish to explore beyond the Free to Play zones can purchase prepaid game cards for additional time in the game or for Crowns A thorough look at Pirate101 hybrid pets and their parents. Know what you got instantly with egg images for each pet. Pirate101 Hybrids: Pet Morphing Guide Reviewed by Swordroll on April 12, 2016 Rating: Aug 29, 2018 - Explore Zalia Hainez's board WIZARD 101 on Pinterest. See more ideas about wizard101, wizard, mmorpg games Wizard101.com Table of Contents Introduction Getting Around Magic Schools Card Magic Questing Badges & Titles Chat, Friends & Groups Clothing & Equipment Shopping & Trade Housing Gardening Crafting Fishing Pets Events Mini Games Player vs Player Keyboard Shortcut

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Please use Wizard101Petnome@outlook.com as a way to submit your First Generation pet info! Note that when submitting pictures, you need to include both shots of TALENT and DERBY pages. How to information is found here. Thank you! Petnome Project is proud to be a part of the new Spiral Commons Discord server Top www.wizard101.com. Talents- I've chosen the best, but the others are accessed from the wizard101 wiki Vengeance- an extra card in your deck, helps with strong attacks for 4 rounds Gargantuan- an extra card in your deck; give +225 attack to one spell in your hand Pip-o-Plenty- +1%-+5% chance of a power pip when your pet is equipped If you are looking for the pet firezilla in wizard 101 that gives you the card burnzilla, you go to best buy and look for a wizard 101 card with firezilla on it

Right now, for a limited time, you can get the most awesome, epic, pet ever. A Pet Rock.Take care of your pet rock by: Feeding it after pet mini-games, walking it around the Spiral, washing it in the pond at the commons (or the seas of Celestia), and teach it tricks like sit (stand in one spot), follow (run), or swim (run in water) The Wizard101 Directory If you have a blog about Wizard101 or Pirate101 please email us at wizard101directory@gmail.com so we can add it to the list! More Blog All Spellements Guide. MR. WIZARD July 29, 2020. Wizard101 Spellwrighting is one of the best updates that come to the game from a long time, Spellwrighting allows wizards to obtain new spells and upgrade them, also allows you to upgrade your current spells to a better version with a new type of reagents called Spellements

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  2. We've got the scoop on 10 popular small pets that, in one way or another, reward their owners with companionable ease. 10. Guinea Pig. As small pets go, guinea pigs -- also known as cavies -- are virtual giants. In fact, each of the 13 guinea pig breeds recognized by the American Cavy Breeders Association can weigh up to 3 pounds or 1,360 grams.
  3. Newest Solution to Stunning is a JOKE! Once again Wizard 101 attempts, and let me repeat attempts, to solve an arena issue with the result being that it only degrades the game outside of the arena. The newest solution to chain stunning in the arena is the introduction of the placement of 4 stuns on a player/NPC if a stun is used
  4. Bundles include a whole bundle of fantastic items, such as palaces, rare mounts and pets, valuable equipment and lots more. You can distribute the individual items of the bundles to your various characters. To do this, simply redeem them with the corresponding character in the game via the gift function. Each item is only available once per bundle
  5. Get the inside scoop on Wizard101 hacks, cheats, tricks, tips, and walkthroughs! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Wizard101 money with Cheat Engine (09/27/09). 1. Log in to your account 2. Go to any shop 3
  6. Wizard101 PC Cheats Cheat Codes Boss Pets and Crown Plants Myth Sprite - Kill Rattlebones between 5-10 times. Pink Dandilion (Crowns Only Plant) - Kill random Krokotopia bosses
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community@wizard101.com ----- This is a pretty sad excuse to get people to be polite on Wizard101. It not only effects those who are following chat rules-(Who are now quitting, or planning on it). It is also affecting people who play with crowns. THIS IS A TEMPORARY FIX FOR PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO DISRUPT Wizard101 Discord RedDragon0814#2758 Hey! I am selling 2 seperate Wizard101 UK Server Accounts 1st One: 125 Level Death, Ultra pets, lots of mounts, best gear possible for the level, nice stitch. Cost: 65 Usd Via Paypal or Skrill More info or pictures at my Discord. 2st One: Level 110 Death Male, the.. Top-Rated Wizard101 Coupon or Promo Code for 2020. save25july14 - Get 25% Off your order. MERRYGOLDMAS - Get up to 30,000 free gold. 9764-3732-7265 - Get 5000 free crowns with code.KL76D-5L5TL-38E4M-8Q882 - Get a free paper crane pet and 600 Crowns when you create a new account. 1334-2232-3333-6666 - 100000 crowns on w101 and pirate101, also 12 month membership Next Pet Ahead . Cooldown (in seconds) 60 *7/9/10 patch* 30 . Rarity . Other pets with this skill: Aqua Dragon 57. Arctic Ninja Pig 61. Avenging Fossil . Babydactyl 58. Battle Pig 54. Blizzard Elf. Blue Dragon 45. Boar Knight. Buddy Dragon. Burning Pixie 55 . Cerulean Dragon. Clockwork Golem 42. Crystal Butterfly 68 . Death Cyclops 54. Death.

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