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  1. The dragon med helm is a piece of armour which requires 60 Defence to equip. It was the first piece of dragon armour to be released.. Zulrah, revenants and some dragons can drop the dragon med helm. Any monster that has access to the rare drop table can also drop the dragon med helm. It can also be found in the Barrows chest as a separate item with 1012 rewards potential and all brothers killed
  2. Fastest way to get dragon med helm? Close. 6. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Fastest way to get dragon med helm? Got a master clue step that requires one but I don't have stats to do Grotesque guardians, zulrah and hydra consistently. Is deranged archeologist the fastest way or is there another method? 12 comments. share. save
  3. Question about getting a dragon medium helm on ironman. So basically i got an elite clue on my iron man. I was able to do almost all of it except i got to the very last step (step 12) and now i need a dragon med helm to finish the elite off

Dragon med helm. Makes the wearer pretty intimidating. Current Guide Price 58.8k. Today's Change - 171 + 0% 1 Month Change - 147 + 0% 3 Month Change 234 + 0% 6 Month Change - 275 + 0 1137. Twisted League. Yes. The iron med helm is the second weakest medium helmet in RuneScape. A player with 18 Smithing can make the helmet by using one iron bar on an anvil while carrying a hammer, granting 25 Smithing experience . Attack bonuses Become an outstanding merchant - Register today. Join 505.5k+ other OSRS players who are already capitalising on the Grand Exchange. Check out our OSRS Flipping Guide (2021), covering GE mechanics, flip finder tools and price graphs

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  1. It is not a popular helmet because it is hard to obtain, and players can buy either a rune helm, which is cheaper, or a dragon med helm, which is around the same price. Despite this, the granite helm has superior ranged defensive stats compared to rune and dragon (but inferior to the dragon full helm )
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  4. Warrior Helm is better than dragon med, you can check up the bonus's that each give on a site such as tip.it. Skele, Dec 10, 2008. Share. #6 - Dec 10, 2008 at 6:16 PM. Joined
  5. A steel med helm is the third-weakest medium helmet. A player with 33 Smithing can make this helmet by using one steel bar on an anvil while carrying a hammer, granting 37.5 smithing experience. Alternately, a player can buy this item at the Helmet Shop in Barbarian Village. Treasure Trails Othe

The Dragon medium Helmet provides the highest Armour bonus in RuneScape Classic of any helmet and requires a defense level of 60 to wear. It is a rare drop from some of the strongest monsters in the game and as a result is quite expensive, and players may sell them for as much as 1-2 million coins.It was the third piece of dragon equipment and the first piece of dragon armour released Buy OSRS Dragon med helm from RPGStash.com. We know that your time is precious and that's why we deliver Dragon med helm fast and securely. No delays and no hazzle. You pay and we sort you out. How do I receive the items on my Runescape account

The dragon full helm, also known as DFH, is a members-only item and part of the dragon plate armour set (lg) and dragon plate armour set (sk).To wear a dragon full helm, the player must have at least 60 Defence.. There are various ways to obtain a dragon full helm besides trading or the Grand Exchange: . Obtained as a very rare drop from a mithril and adamant dragon; or Abomination The corrupt dragon helm was released on 15 October 2008 along with the PvP worlds.It is the strongest medium helm available to non-members, but it will crumble to dust after being worn for 30 minutes. It is for this reason that many players choose to cast the High Alchemy spell on the corrupt dragon armour pieces just before they turn to dust to recover some of the cost from purchasing them OSRS account for sale: Total Skill 2146 | 281 QP | INFERNAL Cape | IRONMAN | 876M Bank | 11/12 Hard Diary safe, secure, lifetime warranty Abyssal Whip, Black Mask, Obsidian Platebody, Tzhaar-ket-om, Toktz-xil-ek, Toktz-ket-xil, Brine Sabre, Dragon Med Helm, Dragon Chainbody, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Plateskirt, Dragon Boots, Archer Helm.

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The classic RuneScape noob getup: Dragon Med Helm, Granite Platebody, Dragon Platelegs/Boots, and a Dragon Scimitar. (Made some minor changes like interior color schemes and a back to the Platebody) I chose the D med. Biggest regret of my Runescape career as we all know Santa Hat's sky rocketed up, and for combat purposes, the helmet was only slightly better than a rune full helm. I want to say that this was some point in 2004, but I can't really remember exactly. Thank you for reading. 7. level 2

Dragon med helm (2020) Creative. Close. 88. Posted by 5 months ago. Dragon med helm (2020) Creative. 11 comments. share. save. hide. weekly events, and skilling competitions! OSRS is the official legacy version of RuneScape, the largest free-to-play MMORPG. 573k. players from the past. 5.7k. xp wasters online. Created Feb 13, 2013. Join. No the dragon med helm is worse because it's a d med. You're only allowed to wear a d med with a granite body, d skirt, tune boots, granite shield, d long, glory, and a crappy cape while a tune full goes with everything. But if you're going to go wth a runs full, I'd spend the extra money on a bucket helm cause it's a bucket to A Medium helmet is armour worn in the headwear slot. Although full helmets are stronger than medium helmets, players training magic and ranging would have no trouble seeing through a medium helmet, giving them better accuracy whilst still having good defences against melee and ranged. Barrows..

I've had a dragon medium for a while when they were about 700k, I feel in love with it until I realized that a Berserker Helm was better (which has the same stats as a Helm of Neitiznot but no pryaer bonus) and that the dragon medium itself was ugly, so I sold the dragon small helm and bought a Berserker and it was actually worth the price while the dragon small wasn't Adamant med helm. Ancient full helm. Archer helm. Armadyl full helm. B. Bandos full helm. Berserker helm. Black full helm. Black full helm (g In addition to this, we'd also change the Attack speed of the Dragon Mace to 4 game cycles instead of 5. Metal Armour 'Lighter' armour like Chainbodies, Med Helms and Square Shields are completely outclassed by their counterparts - Platebodies, Full Helms and Kiteshields

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  1. g heritage where the community controls the development so the game is truly what you want it to be
  2. The problem with dragon armor is that Jagex's fixation with it being special, which prompted them to add most of the pieces far too late into the game so that the items were basically useless on release. Part of it, though, is just that the helmet slot has a lot of clearly superior alternatives like the slayer helm, frem helms, and so on. Let.
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  4. runescape 3d drawing on google sketchup by hyrul3s lin
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  1. Classic RuneScape Noob set-up, complete with: Dragon Med Helm, Granite Platebody, Dragon Platelegs/Boots, and a Dragon Scimmy (100k at the G.E.). (Final textured alt. model: uses textured granite instead of solid color)
  2. e, you can use that to bank iron from the 3 rocks outside it and smith that iron at the Artisan's workshop
  3. • Watch my Ironman in a playlist! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1AI_3vHNMyTPU0TdJAkJG9yMlpbZ3q7I• Follow me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/nooblet..

Dragon helm. Makes the wearer pretty intimidating. Current Guide Price 58.9k. Today's Change - 22 + 0% 1 Month Change 183 + 0% 3 Month Change 218 + 0% 6 Month Change 240 + 0 Dragon med helm eli lohikäärme puolikypärä, on P2p-tavara RuneScapessa. Sen käyttämiseen vaaditaan 60 puolustustaso. Ja se on pelin paras puolikypärä. Se oli pelin ensimmäinen Dragon-haarniska. Tämä on halpa ja aika kestävä. Hyvä jos ei ole tehnyt Fremennik Islesiä. Tämä on myös halvin dragon suoja. Useat hirviöt saattavat pudottaa harvinaisesti sen kuollessaan, esimerkiksi. The only monster that drops the Dragon full helm is the Mithril dragon (level 304), located in the Ancient Cavern. The entrance to the Ancient Cavern is located in the lake at the top of the Baxtorian waterfall, just southwest of the Barbarian Outpost. Dragon medium helm. The best creature to get this item from is the King Black Dragon Med Level Hardcore Ironman 1300+ total ( 380+ Vouches), Discord: soujaboysdraco#8246 Current offer $0 Account comes with: - Firecape - Torso - Dragon gloves - Tome of fire - glory - runecrossbow + Broad bolt, OSRS Ironman Accounts Recommended Low-Level Stats/Gear. Here, you should have level 43 prayer, level 60 attack, level 60 strength, level 60 defense, level 50 magic, level 50 range, and 70 HP. This setup costs 1,000,000. Here you will need to use rune arrows. You also may want to use the Neitiznot helm and dragon boots

My F2P Ironman Diary - Entry #4. I can now make ruby amulets! Woohoooo! We got it! That's the crafting part of the strength amulet done. Now we just need to get 49 magic. Ok, so the method that we're going to be using to train magic is curse splashing dragon med helm (runescape) 12 player public game completed on July 18th, 2018 438 4 6 hrs. 1. dragon med helm (runescape) extraguy9. 2. OooOOOoOo. 3. devil's gladiator 123 Tifz 321. 4. CRAPBUTT. 5. devil cat with sword and shield Kommo-o Dragon. 6. TheRanger. 7. horned warrior fo Pricing: Buy from a store for 18810 Coins. High Alch: 11,520 Coins; Low Alch: 7,680 Coins OSRS-related word list for Skribbl.io. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up , it unlocks many cool features! Corporeal Beast,Dark core,Spirit shield,Holy elixir,Spectral sigil,Arcane sigil,Elysian sigil,Arcane spirit shield,Spectral spirit shield,Elysian spirit shield,Blessed spirit shield,Zulrah,Venom,Poison,Tanzanite fang,Magic fang.

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Rune/Dragon body + legs/skirt RFD gloves > Combat bracelet Neit > Berserker helm > Dragon med > Full rune Fury > Glory/Strength Rune defender > Rune kiteshield D boots > Rune boots or any Zerker ring > Warrior > No ring Whip, D Scimmy, DDS, Dragon battleaxe etc You can also use your best ranged gear if melee stats are low Dragon or Barrows gloves are simply much better than a combat bracelet, and seeing you want att and defence bonuses, a warrior ring would be the best. This signature is intentionally left blank. Sure, dragon med helm wins for pure defence. But a helm of Neitiznot is sooo much more useful This osrs combat training guide covers the most efficient ways to train melee in old school runescape. the leaf-bladed sword requires 55 slayer to equip. Ironman tend to go for the leaf-bladed sword as this is far easier to obtain than granite weaponry. Levels 60 - 70 Dragon Weaponry

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kensi Member. Selling mid-level OSRS ironman. Have lying around mid level cb 71 ironman. Bank value according to runelite 11m~. 204 QP, including lunar diplomacy, mm1, rfd only monkey ambassador missing. Mostly easy diaries done + ardy and varrock med. Arceuus, hosidius, piscarilius 100% favour Contains information about items in RuneScape, including location, effects, bonuses, requirements, Grand Exchange price and history graphs, alchemy yield and other useful info. Same stats like a normal Dragon Med Helm and crumbles to dust after 30 minutes of use but is one of the only pieces of dragon items that a freeplayer can buy and use. Helmet with quite high defensive bonuses. This can be charged by Pikkupstix to be able to store scrolls in it. If you have a Summoning level of at least 50 you can store up to 110 Summoning scrolls, making it a Dragon med helm (charged). Notes

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  1. [$500 donor][500+ vouches] hcim 99 fm starters!, i am not buying accounts! payment methods: btc/eth/osrs gp/rs3 gp payment methods: btc/eth/osrs gp/rs3 gp payment methods: btc/eth/osrs gp/rs3 gp if you , osrs ironman accounts
  2. An adamant helm is the fourth best non-degradable helm available in free-to-play. It requires level 40 Defence to wear. 1 Creation 2 Store locations 3 Drop sources 4 Disassembly 5 Trivia This list was created dynamically. For help, see the FAQ. To force an update of this list, click here. This..
  3. A Helm can be worn in the Headwear slot. These helmets offer less armour protection then their Full counterparts, but provide the same health bonuses.As with all melee oriented gear, they provide good defence again range attacks, but are weak to magic attacks. The majority of players, however, choose Full helms. Helms do however cost less than their full counterparts, in coins and smithing.
  4. Item information about Dragon med helm with prices, how to get the item and its uses in RuneScape
  5. Search results for runescape dragon. Dharok the Wretched barrow armour set wi... Dragon Med Helm Noob (OSRS) (Textu... O.S. Runescape Dragon Med Armor (F... O.S. Runescape Dragon Med Armor (F... RuneScape Dragon body and Red Part..

This video explains how to do barrows for all levels and includes information on Safespotting!Here's the unlisted video of a rotation: https://youtu.be/Nh3ox.. The dragon med gives slightly more defensive bonuses except for crush but the berserker gives a +5 strength bonus. I would get a berserker. I think it gives +3. I would go for berserker, because: 1) It looks better. 2) It gives a strength bonus. 3) The sacrifice of defence is minimal. Share this post helm of neitiznot is better in every aspect if you have the time to do the quest. +1. Neitiznot has better strength bonus, prayer bonus, similar defence bonus, and no negative bonuses, making it ideal for hybriding. Oh and a Dragon med just makes you look like a noob. Share this post

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Item uses: A Corrupt dragon med helm has the same stats as a regular Dragon med helm, but will degrade when equipped and turn into dust after 30 minutes of use.Unlike regular dragon items, corrupt items can also be used in free-to-play worlds, but special attacks can only be used in member worlds IDK, It dosent look too good. ( Not the helm, the face The Dragon helmet scam was a scam in which the scammer would pretend to be selling a Dragon helm (formerly called Dragon medium helm), but quickly switch it with an uncut ruby in the trade window. This scam directly violated the 'Scamming' rule under Honour, and the punishment for those involved was typically a temporary mute or ban.The scammer would offer a Dragon helm to a victim, then.

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Welcome to my updated Ironman guide to maxing in OSRS. I will show you the most efficient way to max your account, or just to reach late game Ironman content, including Slayer, Crafting, Questing and more. There is a lot of freedom in this guide to pick your own path and enjoy leveling your Ironman Here is a simple slayer guide on how to kill brutal blue dragons and brutal red dragons in Runescape!-----.. The King Black Dragon was the first boss monster to be added to the game, way back in Runescape classic. It was often killed by players who were hunting the famed Dragon Med Helm, however, players nowadays often kill the KBD for the chance at the KBD Heads, which allow you to re-colour the slayer helm to black, and also the Prince Black Dragon pet Get a Dragon full helmet. You may get this by killing mithril dragons (Level 302) or by burning chewed bones in a pyre ship. These are also obtained by mithril dragons as well. Note that it is very rare to get a dragon full helmet. Find the Dragon platebody. This can be obtained by killing tormented demons and getting all three of the platebody. 1520. 359. 1. 2. A player in Oldschool Runescape wearing dragon armor with a med helm. oldschool runescape dragon armor oldschool runescape fire cape fury osrs. Show More

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Rune med helms require level 88 Smithing and one Runite bar to make. They give 75 experience when smithed. They can be bought from other players or dropped by several monsters Hardcore Ironman Accomplishments. Hardcore Ironman Mode is one of the most challenging ways to play Old School RuneScape. You must stand alone with the smallest of mistakes potentially ending your Hardcore journey. Listed below are the first players to accomplish some of the more impressive feats on Hardcore accounts, as well as the. A player in Oldschool Runescape wearing dragon armor with a med helm Dragon Full Helm (Old School) will be delivered via trade on old school Runescape server. Just like in the good old RS 2007 days. Buy OSRS Dragon Full Helm from RPGStash.com. We know that your time is precious and that's why we deliver Dragon Full Helm fast and securely. No delays and no hazzle

Clue scroll (Level-3), Half of a key, Dragonstone, Rune axe, Rune battleaxe, Rune med helm, Rune sq shield, Runite bar, Dragon dagger, Dragon med helm, Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Dragon spear, Shield left half, Draconic visage, Runite limbs, Rune 2h sword: Tactic: Melee or Mage is strongly recommended here Runescape Dragon Weapons + Dharok's Greataxe And Saradomin Sword Cursors by Nick 1171 Runescape Weapons - Whip, Dragon Dagger (p++), D 2h, Dragon Longsword... RuneScape In-game Cursor Set Cursor

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Comp ogre bows and ogre arrows(Required for ironman account) Avas accumulator (Optional, consumes less arrows if you have it) OSRS-Dragon Defender. OSRS-Dragon Defender. Items: At least a set of Adamant armors, a set of Rune armors, a Rune scimitar and some food. OSRS-Void Knight Mage Helm. You purchase this item from the Void. Ironman Starter Guide - posted in Misc Guides: Welcome to my Ironman Starter Guide. This guide will explain newcomers how they should start.Melee Weapons:The first weapon you will get is an iron scimitar from your starter package. The next weapon yhou should obtain is a rune scimitar, which can be droped by firegiants.| Another method would be doing thieving up to 80, to get an adamant. Various Tips and Tricks for OSRS PKing. · Protect from magic - Using this in either a PK situation or trying to get away from PKers is quite beneficial. · Jossik for God books - Great for PKing. · Emblem trader toggle targets - You can toggle so that you get your targets below level 10 wilderness rather than far A Medium Rune Helmet is the third best helmet in RuneScape Classic and require level 40 Defense to wear. They can be forged from 1 runite bar at level 88 Smithing, yielding 75 experience.. Low-level players often train Magic and Ranged on the caged lesser demon atop Wizards' Tower in hopes of receiving a medium rune helmet as a rare drop. They then use the Telekinetic grab spell to collect it

RuneScape: The First 20 Years Deluxe Edition (USA) King Black Dragon Keyring. USD $ 12.50 USD $ 14.00 Ironman Varsity Jacket (Grey/Black) USD $ 53.99 Defence Cape Facemask. USD $ 9.50 Bronze Knight Pin. USD $ 10.50 Mini Rune Pin Set 1 & 2 Bundle. USD $. Buy OSRS skiller, ironman, zulrah ready, Obby maul pure & other account builds As you can see these are also some of many RS07 accounts we have for sale. We try to provide our customers with the best unique builds that would make your gaming experience the best you could have OSRS Optimal quest guide. Quests are essential for advancing in Old School Runescape. There are many bosses, locations, mini-games, skills, items, spell books and so on that require quests to unlock them. This article will contain what we believe is the most optimal quest guide in OSRS RuneScape Support How can we help you? Browse help topics. Your accoun A Dragon helm is a piece of high-level melee armor. Pricing: Cannot be bought from a store. High Alch: 60,000 Coins; Low Alch: 40,000 Coins

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Dragon full helm, Dragon med helm, Dragon spear, Shield left half, Draconic visage, Clue scroll (level-3), Half of a key, Rune battleaxe, Rune full helm, Rune arrows (8), Rune darts (p) (13-21), Rune javelin (8-14), Rune mace, Rune spear, Rune knife, Rune 2h sword, Rune bolts (11-21), Rune kite. Tactic: It will attack with range, magic, or melee How To Obtain []. They can also be bought from the Grand Exchange, bought from Peksa's helm shop in Barbarian Village or smithed from one Adamant Bar. Med helmets are not used often as a Full helm is more widely available and has better defences. Stats [ OSRS Optimal Quest Guide | Probemas. 13 Jan 2021, 12:43. Probemas is finally pleased to bring to you, an all-time requested guide, the OSRS Optimal Quest Guide! First things first, we want to apologize for the length of this topic, however, we made sure to cover all the areas, making this amongst the best Quest Guide for OSRS

Fire Cape for Pures Requirements: 1+Def, 43+Prayer, 70+Ranged, 2M Gold and 3M worth of items that are needed, Or 5M Gold in total. $23.99 BUY. Fire Cape for 50 or more Ranged Requirements: 50+ Ranged, 65+ HP, 44+ Prayer, 5M Gold Required if Att&Str&Def are 40+ 10M Gold Required if Att&Str&Def are less than 40 The Medium Mithril Helmet is a helmet which can be worn by players with at least level 20 defense. It requires at least level 53 smithing to make from one mithril bar, granting 50 smithing experience. It can also be bought from Peksa's Helmet Shop in Barbarian Village for 780 coins Pre-EOC + OSRS - 900+ online, Active PvP with clans, Gauntlet, Raids 1 & 2, Inferno, Queen black dragon, Construction, Summoning, and much much more 16,188 Votes Runescape, KBD hunting August 31, 2008 Posted by runescapetruth in King Black Dragon Boss. Tags: blue dragon, boss hunt, draconic, dragon, dragon drops, green dragon, how to kill boss, iron dragon, kbd, kbd drop, kbd kills, king black dragon, mithril dragon, red dragon, Runescape, runescape boss, steel dragon, visage 1 comment so far Before you begin to read my post, Listen to this music and. Runescape Smithing Calculator. Runescape Smithing Calculator is a special Runescape calculator that shows the number of items you have to smith in order to advance to your target level. This calculator can also be used to estimate the profit/loss of each item so you can make better decisions while leveling smithing

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You can buy RuneScape account 2007 at NMZ Training at a cheap price and save yourself the tedious time-consuming task of grinding. You don't have to start at level 3 when you can buy an already developed account from us at a good price. The problem with buying RuneScape accounts online is the risk involved in the transactions Paul is very knowledgeable about Old School Runescape, with a maxed Ironman as well as a maxed regular account! Welcome to my updated combat guide for Old School Runescape (07 'Scape). This guide will show you all of the best methods to help you achieve 99 in Attack, Strength, Defence and, as a result, Hitpoints Fire battlestaff, Steel hatchet, Rune arrows (12-42), Rune battleaxe, Rune scimitar, Steel arrows, Dragon spear, Rune 2h sword, Rune Spear, Adamant Javelins(20), Rune Javelins(5-10) Armour: Mithril sq shield, Dragon med helm, Adamant med helm, Rune square shield, Rune kiteshield, Black square shield. Charms

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Dragon full helm (very rare), Dragon med helm, Rune full helm, Rune med helm, Rune kiteshield, Rune sq shield. The Mithril dragon is currently the strongest dragon in RuneScape. Credits: Aliensvortex, Predator, foxrun5 . Show/hide fighting calculator for Mithril Dragon Back to monster list . RuneScape Help. Quest Guides Slayer Helm Pin. USD $ 12.00 Slayer Helm Keyring. USD $ 12.50 RuneScape Classic Logo. USD $ 12.00 King Black Dragon Keyring. USD $ 12.50 Herblore Trimmed Skillcape Keyring. USD $ 12.50 Bronze Knight Pin. USD $ 10.50 Mini Rune Pin Set 1 & 2 Bundle. Strategies: Revenants are much stronger than their combat levels suggest and can be challenging monsters to kill if unprepared. Furthermore, due to the Forinthy dungeon being located in the Wilderness, the risk of Player Killers must also be taken into account if you want to attempt to kill them. They have the ability to heal a limited number.

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Steam Workshop: Rust. Items from Runescape. This object is the Rustscape Black Full Helmet Gold Trim Made by Noodle Global RuneScape is a RuneScape help site offering guides, comprehensive databases, hints, tutorials, news and an active RuneScape community! Rune sq shield, Rune warhammer, Rune kiteshield, Dragon med helm, Dragon plateskirt, Dragon platelegs. Charms: Gold charm, Crimson charm, Green charm, Blue charm. Misc. RuneScape - Runescape Featured. Officially licensed merchandise, T shirts, hoodies, and much more. The largest range available on the net