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Tasmanian Oak is the preferred hardwood for a wide range of applications; scantlings, panelling, flooring, glulam spans, veneers, plywood, furniture. Fibre for reconstituted board and the production of high-quality paper. It works extremely well and produces an excellent finish. It can be used in all forms of construction as scantlings. Attributes of Tasmanian Oak Flooring. Tasmanian Oak flooring is light in colour, varying in colour from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. It is a warm, dense and resilient timber which can be used for many versatile applications. It is also known for its excellent staining qualities to readily match the colour.

Old Tas Oak Floors, with white stain and finished with matt clear coat. After shot of lounge room. Before and after shots of Kitchen. This is a great example of old Tasmanian Oak floors that has gone orange, the owners didn't want the floors to be orange again, so we did a sample patch of white stain, and finished with loba 2k duo Matt finish.. Tasmanian Oak flooring - Carpet removed to expose a stained floor. Carpet removed to expose a stained floor however boards were in good condition. Tasmanian Oak flooring- Rough sanded. Nails have been sunk and puttied. Black putty will highlight the natural gum veins in the timber White Vinegar Method. There are two ways you can use white vinegar to remove the pet stains from hardwood floors. However, be careful when mixing the solution, because adding too much vinegar can damage the floor. Mix one cup of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water. One standard bucket contains around 2.5 gallons

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  1. Floor Futons (Tatami) Camping Futons. Basic Cotton Futons (Student Futon) Sumo Cotton Futons. Stain Chart; STAIN CHART Tasmanian Oak. DARK OAK. MEDIUM OAK. LIGHT OAK. DARK WENGE. MEDIUM WENGE. LIGHT WENGE. NATURAL FINISH. New Zealand Pine. Newsletter Signup Subscribe
  2. The Earth Stain collection represents the most popular colours selected by high end interior designers and architects. Earth Stains are not a finish in their own right and will need overcoating to give protection: For flooring use: Mylac Matt, Satin or Gloss; Mylac Extra Matt or Satin Matt; Earth Oil Natural. For Furn
  3. With stained Tasmanian Oak flooring, it's easy to suit existing decor of all types, and create a look that is fresh and inviting, no matter what your project requires. This beautiful flooring not only complements any space but elevates it to a state of elegance and warmth that's hard to duplicate
  4. Using standard procedures, Tasmanian Oak timber will bond quite well, and will also readily take stain, polish, and paint. Tasmanian Oak in Flooring. Frequently used by builders, carpenters and architects, Tasmanian oak has been used in flooring for well over a century because of its stability and reliability
  5. Feb 21, 2014 - walnut stain on tasmanian oak - Google Search. Feb 21, 2014 - walnut stain on tasmanian oak - Google Search. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Wide Plank Flooring Engineered Hardwood Flooring Oak Flooring Walnut Floors Walnut Stain Oak Floor Stains Installing Hardwood Floors Real Wood Floors Types Of Flooring
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Ideal for staining. The timeless natural beauty of Tasmanian Oak floors provides a liveability and character which brings both old and new homes to life. NSFP pride themselves on the appearance and finishing qualities of their floorboards, without compromising on strength and stability. Timber floors are easy to clean, allergy friendly and keep. Sikkens Sadolin 750ml Clear Hardwood Oil. (0) $40 .95. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Intergrain 1L Jarrah / Redgum UltraDeck Timber Decking Stain. (0) $57 Tasmanian Oak is a warm and quite resilient timber that has excellent staining qualities producing a remarkably beautiful finish. It makes for light coloured solid hardwood timber flooring that is very fresh and inviting with a mix of pale to light brown and cream colours to suit any decor

Repairing Tas Oak and staining with Feastwatson Japanese Brown 1:1 ratio finished with Loba EasyFinish SatinMatt finish in Frankston South feast watson | dark stain | water based polish | loba | satin finish floor |staining floors | staining stairs | repairing timber floor Tasmanian Oak Timber Flooring. Australian Oak, also known as Tasmanian Oak is a common timber, mixed from three eucalypts with very similar timber. Harvested from the tallest hardwood species in the world, the timber is exceptionally straight grained. colour is light, neutral cream without much variation, it stains very well and can be polished.

Discover more about Tasmanian Oak click here. All Woodsmith Engineered Flooring Products are finished using the industry leading Bona Naturale UV system. Bona Naturale UV is the next generation of timber floor finishes and provides a natural looking and feeling alternative to traditional floor treatments such as polyurethane or waxes Jarrah Flooring ; Parquet Flooring ; Tasmanian Oak Flooring; American Oak Flooring; American Ash Flooring; Engineered Flooring ; Other New Floors; Gallery - Cork & Decking Floor Sanding . Cork Flooring; Deck Flooring ; Gallery - Hall Floors. Hall Flooring; Gallery - Staining & Blonding. Blonded Flooring ; Stained Flooring ; About. Our Team.

Prooftint is a unique, fast-drying, spirit-based stain that allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining. It can be used neat to achieve a deep, rich colour or diluted with Prooftint colour reducer to achieve lighter shades, making it ideal for colour matching to existing colour schemes or repairing scratches and damage to stained timber Woodsmith's Tasmanian Oak engineered flooring is highly receptive to staining, resulting in a wide range of refined, contemporary colours. State of the art production techniques ensure a product that is hard wearing, highly resistant to foot traffic and every day living Check out Danni's latest blog post featuring the restoration and transformation of her beautiful Tasmanian Oak floors by sanding, white washing & recoating. Article by Luxe. 252. White Wash Wood Floors White Washed Oak White Oak Wood Light Oak Floors White Hardwood Floors White Flooring White Stain Home Design Interior Design Some Australian hardwoods are coping with the Black Japan stain or lime wash from Bunnings better than others. Amongst the most popular timber species in Sydney are Blackbutt, Spotted gum, American oak, Tasmanian oak. They accept stain easily and they result in stunning royal oak floor, black hardwood floors or dark grey flooring

At A Glance. Rio Grandé is made with a unique high density core (HDF) that offers high strength and stability, approximately 35% more stable than standard laminate flooring. Due to its resilient core and highly durable wear layer, (AC-4), Rio Grandé boasts outstanding scratch and stain resistance, and is suitable for commercial and. Tasmanian Oak. Finish: A fine textured surface with low reflectivity. Colour: A warm, natural red,yellow and brown based, realistic tasmanian oak colour and timber structure, with subtle straight planking and half crown cuts throughout. Choose up to 9 different samples throughout our product range

Known for its excellent staining qualities, Tasmanian Oak can simply be coloured or oiled to match other options and timbers throughout the house. McCormack Hardwood Sales supply high quality Tongue and Groove dressed hardwood flooring in Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Victorian Ash, Blackbutt, Grey Ironbark, Spotted Gum Staining, varnishing Tasmanian Oak with a colour Hi everyone, This is my first post here so try to be a little patient with me My parents have just gotten a floor layed down (Tasmanian Oak) under the impression that it could be varnished or stained a colour that they like, which is a darker more red colour, instead of just clear varnishing it..

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  1. Tasmanian oak responds well to cutting tools, with only slight blunting occuring on cutting edges. Both nails and glue holds well with tasmanian oak flooring. This species accepts stain well and works to a good polish. Principal Uses: Tasmanian oak's uses flooring, cabinetry, paneling, rough construction, sub-flooring and tables
  2. Contracted them to do some staining and sanding for my tas oak flooring which was also laid by them in 2002. Was not disappointed at all. The result was like a brand-new floor. Thanks for the service and the 10 years back advice on choosing Tasmanian oak for my floor. 24/10/201
  3. Tasmanian oak responds well to cutting tools, with only slight blunting occurring on cutting edges. Both nails and glue hold well with Tasmanian oak flooring. This species accepts stain well and works to a good polish. Principal Uses: Tasmanian oak's uses include cabinetry, paneling, rough construction, sub-flooring, and tables
  4. Hawthorn / Tasmanian Oak direct stain water based with a satin finish → View a different galler
  5. Floor Staining. This gallery previews staining samples of Tasmanian oak floor boards and Victorian ash parquetry. At CMF we have developed a unique range of organic stains which aim to reproduce the colours of the environment and the historical aspects of Australian architectural heritage. All samples have been machine sanded, master polished.
  6. Tasmanian Oak is highly resilient and relatively easy to work with. The wood glues satisfactorily and nails hold well, but pre-drilling is often necessary. Tasmanian Oak is easily sanded to a smooth and lustrous finish. The wood accepts stain and most finishes adhere well
  7. 2190 / 1740 x 136 x 13.5mm. Pre-finished engineered flooring represents the smart solution for an economical and style driven flooring option. As the name implies, each engineered board comes complete and ready finished in your chosen timber natural species, meaning no extra coating, staining or extra surface protection is required

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Step 3 - Heat Stains. If you have heat marks on the oak hardwood flooring, mix together some toothpaste and some baking soda. Apply the paste to the entire area of the stain, and then use a cloth or a toothbrush to rub the paste around on top of the stain as in Figure 4. Then use a different cloth to wipe up the paste So good for red floors and mixed species. Removes the red and really evens out the color variations if you want to stain it. Just make sure the wood is completely dry, then the bleached wood may be finished with any wood washes, stains, waxes, oils and water-based clear coatings you prefer. Some timbers like Tas. Oak, American Oak, Blackbutt. Tasmanian Oak is a demanded species and is constantly used for timber flooring. Tasmanian Oak is a light timber, ranging between straw and reddish brown with shades of cream and pink. Tasmanian Oak has straight grain with even and coarse texture. Tasmanian Oak readily accepts stains and hence can be easily stained to achieve your vision

Tasmanian oak is a resistant wood on the market that is suitable for various applications. It has light undertones ranging from yellow to reddish brown, so you can combine it perfectly with the colors, the overall look of your room and the furniture. You can also stain Tasmanian oak to complement some woods in your home 130x19mm Tasmanian Oak solid flooring is designed to offer a sleek and stylish flooring solution with a durable finish that can be stained or polished. Structural flooring commonly installed on a timber subfloor or substrate. Tasmanian Oak flooring is a durable hardwood reducing risk of indentation. End matched boards to reduce waste and create. Tasmanian Oak flooring is available prefinished or unfinished in solid form for nail-down applications and in engineered form with a veneer top layer for concrete applications. Tasmanian Oak is an uncommon species in comparison with most hardwood flooring European Oak is the optimum choice for fuming and smoking because its high tannin content creates a palette of rich wood tones. As the intensity of the reaction depends on the tannin content in the wood, each board reacts slightly differently to create a result that marries blended floor colour with unique and distinctive variations

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Tasmanian Oak is a common timber, mixed from three Eucalypts with very similar timber. Harvested from the tallest hardwood species in the world, the timber is exceptionally straight grained. Colour is light, neutral cream without much variation, it stains very well and can be polished to an impressive finish. Variation disclaime Tasmanian Oak. $21.99 $17.99. This laminate flooring features a beautiful blend of light brown, yellow and peach tones. SKU: Country-Classics-Tasmanian-Oak Categories: Country Classics™ 12mm Laminate Flooring, Mid Year Sale Tags: 12mm Laminate Flooring, Click Lock Joint System, Country Classic™, German Technology, HDF, Tasmanian Oak Tasmanian Oak is light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. It is recognised for its excellent staining qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings. Timber of choice for the flooring at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Albert Park Tasmanian Oak Canberra Flooring Staining Cork Flooring; Cork Flooring Tasmania Foremost and first you're most likely wondering how a type of wood based flooring item is usually green. The fact is cork is one of the most renewable wood materials offered to date. The technique of just how cork is commercially harvested is really what makes it. Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak are Australian eucalypti and an attractive and classic timber flooring option for modern homes. Light brown coloured with pink and straw undertones, it is a unique type of wood that can give a special look to your floors. They are a hard-wearing option, ensuring that the design lasts for a long time without any.

Weekly - clean the floor using a damp mop, use water and a PH neutral cleaner to remove any footprints, dirt and other stains or marks. Not all products are available in all stores. Add To Wish Lis Tasmanian Oak Flooring is light in colour with its colouring varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. It has excellent staining qualities which means we can easily match it with your existing timber flooring Tasmanian oak strip flooring. Clear solvent base Loba Satin finish. Tasmanian oak select Strip flooring. Clear solvent base Loba Satin finish. 1/2. Complete restoration Custom stain and finish. Pantry splashback rejuvination. Light colour tint Loba Wax coating finish. 1/5. Spotted gum Flooring Timbermate Wood Filler. Timbermate Wood Filler is an interior grade, water-based wood filler. It is different from all other solvent or acrylic based fillers in that it contains no toxins or VOCs. Timbermate Wood Filler is the perfect product to fill imperfections in furniture, drywall, MDF, paneling, and flooring

Tasmanian Oak is the preferred hardwood for a variety of applications due to its versatility and its ability to hold stains well. Grown in the mountain areas of Tasmania, Tasmanian Oak is a specially designed hardwood which is produced using three species: Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua, and Eucalyptus delegatensis Tasmanian Oak Flooring. Light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of yellows. Recognised for its excellent staining qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings. It is a versatile timber perfect for flooring, paneling, architraves, skirting boards, window reveals, cupboard.

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A kitchen which had old square tiles glued on to a Pine floor. We lifted the tiles and removed the glue, punched and filled nail holes, sanded and finished with Gloss polyurethane. Tasmanian Oak. Before and After pictures of a kitchen with a stylish Tasmanian Oak floor. We punched and filled nail holes, sanded and applied water-borne satin. For, the Loba system, apply their pre-tone white, Intensive stain white and top coat with Supra Matte. We do not have Taz oak in the states. Based on the images, I personally would do a Natural white oil over the tazmanian oak and then top coat it with the same mfg's two component finish Made from lush Tasmanian Oak, Huon Trail is a light-weight stain that lets the true beauty of the wood shine through, including a country appeal to any space. Engineered wood flooring is taken into account the best type of wood flooring to be used with underfloor heating

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Tasmanian Oak 498 is part of our fantastic Tradition Quattro range by Balterio Laminate Flooring. These laminate planks feature a fine woodgrain structure and are cigarette stain, scratch and light resistant, making them perfect for busy homes, offices or public areas Solid timber strip flooring is the ideal selection to produce a beautiful and long lasting floor for all types of projects. Suitable structural substrates include concrete slabs, plywood and particleboard sheet floors and existing timber strip floors. TASMANIAN OAK OVERLAY FLOORING installation as overlay Nailed or nailed & glued to sheet.

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To start with, we needed to look at the Spotted Gum flooring and assess what dominant colours come through the timber and we identified a combination of walnut, teak and oak. We then needed an off-cut of Tasmanian Oak timber from the staircase so we could apply the various stains onto it Recycled timber boards are having a resurgence in popularity, while parquetry flooring in a herringbone pattern (such as this stained engineered oak, left) can adapt to all schemes. Dark timber floors can look fantastic - if you have white cabinetry and walls, the contrast is a feature in itself, says interior architect Sally Rhys-Jones.

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Tasmanian oak is a premium Australian hardwood timber encompassing three species that grow in the mountainous areas of Tasmania. It is a versatile timber perfect for both construction and interior applications, including flooring, panelling, architraves and skirting boards Marrying the new with the old, Biotope kept the original stone work and Tasmanian Oak floor boards and added on modern and minimal spaces within the existing building, which were lined internally and externally with Tasmanian Oak. We chose a dark stain to coat the exterior Tasmanian Oak cladding. The stain seals the timber so it can. Ebony Flooring and Ebony-Stained Wood 101. September 10, 2020. Beautiful, bold, rare, and quite possibly illegal, real ebony flooring is an eye-catcher that's often reserved for luxury homes and James Bond villain-esque estates. You might be thinking, hey, wait, I've seen plenty of homes with black wood floors —and you're not wrong

Tasmanian oak floor finish. Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - Tasmanian oak is a misnomer, its a eucalyptus. User #181875 35217 posts. zircosil. the natural stain showed nothing. If you can't walk on the floor, something is wrong Quick & easy to install. No staining or sticky finishes means less mess in your home. Pre-finished coat, no sanding or lacquering required. Locking systems: click & drop or T & G. Dimensions: 1820-2100 mm long x 180 or 136 mm wide x 3/14 mm thick with 5G Licensed Lock System. Origin: Australia

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GR Flooring is the place to call. Call today to learn more about how we can transform your flooring. 1714 Church St, Holbrook, NY 11741 631-588-1828 / 516-505-5550 contact u Sometimes sourced from Victoria where it is described as Victorian Ash, or Tasmania which we know as Tasmanian Oak, it can have quite a busy, textured grain in a range of stained colours. It is a very popular wood for flooring, due not only to its highly durable nature but its diverse natural beauty Box Price: $170.35. Price by m2 : $90. Dimensions: 1500-2000x130x18mmmm. Area covered by box: 1.8928m 2. Product Features. Pre finished with 9 layers of German Treffert finish. Environmentally friendly - EO VOC rating. Pre-finished planks include a thicker, more uniform coating than a manually finished board Oak provides a naturally beautiful finish for furniture or flooring. However, it is vulnerable to stains because of its high tannic acid content, which forms a black spot when it comes in contact. Tasmanian Oak is a common timber, mixed from three Eucalypts with very similar timber. Harvested from the tallest hardwood species in the world, the timber is exceptionally straight grained. Colour is light, neutral cream without much variation, it stains very well and can be polished to an impressive finish

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  1. Tasmanian Oak. A strong durable hardwood used in all classes of building, flooring and internal work. Has light colour and is well suited to finishing with stain to match existing timber work. Huon Pine. Possibly the best known Tasmanian softwood, Huon Pine has a unique odour which is caused by its oil. Excellent for craft and boat building, it.
  2. Oak flooring is the same as engineered Timber with an Oak top layer on several layers of other hardwood timber. Oak provides the opportunity for a wide range of colours. Natural oak is a mild honey colour but the raw timber takes staining well and the finished options range from white to black though the greys, browns and warm honey ranges and can be distressed, washed or traditionally.
  3. ate or Vinyl plank flooring we can help you, Paramount Timber Australia has been involved in the flooring industry for over 20 years and knows the best installers associated with the biggest names in flooring, because of our relationship in this industry we have access to flooring and installers to give you the best flooring prices, We have the best.
  4. For 2000 years the Oak tree has planted its seed in history from the Vikings to the Romans. Previously used to make boats, now it is the most popular flooring species in usage. With each providing a classic look, while showing the natural beauty and warmth of Oak engineered flooring in Australia. There is ample of colours to choose from
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Timbers from Top Left - American White Oak, Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Brush Box, American Red Oak, Tasmanian Oak. AMERICAN WHITE OAK Quercus alba American white oak is a very popular timber for flooring, furniture and feature walls. Colour typically ranges from cream to straw and the crown cut timber has an attractive grain pattern Tasmanian Oak. Description: Tasmanian Oak is the name given to three nearly identical eucalybptus hardwoods. E. delegatensis, E. regnans and E. obliqua. The timber is light in colour with variations from straw to reddish brown. Known for its staining qualities and ability to allow ready matching with other finishes, furnishing or timbers Wood Floor Sanding Wood Floor Sanding. Everything from basics on running the big machine to detailed buffer techniques and more are in these wood floor sanding articles. Basic Wood Floor Installation Basic Wood Floor Installation. From straight-lay strip to parquet, herringbone and more, these articles offer the 411 on wood floor installation Australian Oak/Ash. Australian Oak is a mixture of two Eucalypt species. It ranges in colour from pale pink to brown straw. It is straight, open and even grained with a uniform texture, usually all quarter-sawn for stability with excellent staining properties. It is light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades.

Matte in sheen and easily repairable. Solid Chevron Parquetry 15. European Oak Chevron Parquetry with a Natural Coloured Oil/Wax Finish. Matte in sheen and easily repairable. Solid Chevron Parquetry 17. European Oak Chevron Parquetry with a Custom Border Design. Stained and finished with Water-Based Polyurethane Timber floor sanding and polishing services in and around melbourne Chois Floor - Melbourne Timber Floor Sanding, Polishing, Staining Contact David : 0412-818-075 (M) 03-9830-5391 (A/H) david@choisflooring.com.a AUSTRALIAN TASSIE OAK FLOORING - SOLD OUT. This lot of Tasmanian Oak is a high grade light colored hardwood ranging from straw to a light reddish brown and used for hardwood flooring and millwork in many structures in Australia. It is very durable flooring and has the original foot-worn surface exhibiting years of previous use

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  1. Tasmanian Oak is an addition to Big River's Engineered Hardwood Flooring options and offers a blonde hardwood to the range alongside the five existing timber species; Australian Chestnut, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum and Brushbox. Big River's prefinished product is sanded, coated and sealed in the factory, but for those who have.
  2. The biggest flooring fluctuation appears during the first couple of months after installation is completed since during this period flooring materials perform acclimatization. Choose this Blue Gum color stained 19mm height and width Scotia made from Tasmanian oak
  3. ABELWOOD Tasmanian Oak Hardwood. Abelwood Tasmanian Oak is prized for its beauty, strength, stability and workability. It is recognised for its excellent staining qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings. It is used extensively in general joinery and specialised cabinetry and furniture applications
  4. Get the best Tasmanian Oak hybrid flooring at mrfloor.com.au. We offer a wide range of 100% waterproof hybrid flooring perfect for interior spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, & laundries. Book for mobile showroom appointments
  5. Engineered Flooring. Elegant Oak is a traditional tongue and groove engineered Oak floor. The flooring is manufactured using a genuine French Oak lamella sourced from forests in France. Elegant Oak combines a rustic, intense wire brush textured finish with a chic stain to add a touch of flair to any room without over powering it
  6. Domestic Hardwoods. Grown in North America, domestic hardwoods include the ever-popular oak and maple. Domestic woods are generally of medium-range hardness*. Within each type of wood, various grades are available, ranging from #2 common (rustic, with variable grain and character markings) to clear (straight grain and clear of markings)

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  1. This is an homage to the strong amber colour of the Tasmanian Oak found in the Australia and the Island of Tasmania. tasmanian cork resilient flooring bar wine restaurant resistant stain. The gold highlights make this a light mid tone
  2. Tasmanian Oak is light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. It is recognised for its excellent staining qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings. This pack consists of 630.2 lm. This will provide coverage of approx 68.12m2 not allowing for wastage
  3. A luxurious Australian hardwood, Victorian Ash timber is very similar to Tasmanian Oak. Incredibly versatile, they are both used for a wide range of projects, including flooring, architraves and other internal applications. Grown throughout Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales, we supply Victorian Ash boards in quarter-cut logs - offering.
  4. g white. Oregon finished with OSMO Hardwax oil matt. Cypress Pine with Feast Watson floor paint
  5. Tasmanian Oak is a light colored timber combining shades of cream, pink and brown. It is best suited for indoor applications due to its low to moderate durability. Tasmanian Oak is a cost effective timber, and a very popular choice for flooring and architraves. It is recognised for its very good staining qualities enabling ready matching to.

Browse our Colours of London® paint or traditional polishes, stains and waxes. Skip to content. Free delivery for orders over £100 Find A Stockist. Shop Paint Floor Care Refresher Earth Stain Tasmanian Oak Add to wishlist Shop Now Earth Stain Thinners Add to wishlist Shop Now. Tasmanian Oak Flooring. It's an ideal timber where a uniform finish is sought. Select Grade has the least amount of natural feature of the three grades of Tasmanian Oak. It is recognised for its excellent staining qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings Our Tasmanian oak flooring is ideal for imbuing interior spaces with warmth and elegance. The light colours look inviting and feel welcoming, which can help to increase property value. This oak type also has an excellent finish and is suitable for a range of interior applications in addition to flooring, including panelling and furniture

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Timberclub Australia has been providing floor solutions to customers across the state including Wollongong, Sydney, Mittagong, Shellharbour. Discover our product range including Hybrid floors, engineered timber floors, and laminate floors Rift sawn is a premier luxury hardwood floor due to the cut creating a dimensionally stable flooring with a unique straight grain appearance. More perfect then quarter sawn, Pelion features a thick select grade layer of solid wood applied to a premier core. Referred to as Oak or Ash, it is an Australian Eucalyptu Timber flooring offers a range of benefits, whatever style of house or type of decor you have in your rooms. These benefits are the reason wooden flooring is a popular choice among homeowners in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, and many other locations on North Island Australian Oak is a mixture of Alpine Ash, Messmate, and Mountain Ash. Australian Oak (Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak) is a light colored and medium density hardwood, pale straw through to lighter browns, with excellent staining qualities. Used extensively for T&G flooring and panelling, and interior joinery Cork glue down tiles make some of the best bathroom flooring options and Tasmanian Burl 6mm cork is no different. Autumnal colours prevail in this pattern. Warm mid-tone browns infused with dramatic black tiger stripes set this cork floor apart. Hints of gold and rust add depth to this exotic looking pattern. Named after the Tasmanian Oak tree.

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Sydney Blue Gum floorboards are available in several grades and sizes, which are 80x19mm, 130x19mm and 180x21mm. This hardwood timber flooring comes in packs of random lengths, which usually range from 0.9m through to approximately 5.0m plus. Call QDT, your Melbourne timber flooring specialists, now on (03) 9437 1612 for our best hardwood.