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To add links to your Tumblr bio, you'll need to use a simple HTML code. Tumblr doesn't give you any sort of built-in way to add links yourself, so you'll have to copy and paste the code in manually How to Put a URL link in your Tumblr Bio. Step one: Open the edit theme page. 1. Log into Tumblr and click on the 'human' cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column. 2. Click the Edit appearance option. 3. Click Edit theme. Step two: changing your description. I've highlighted the box where you can add your description Why Would You Add Clickable Links in Your Bio or Description? Adding links in your Tumblr description helps create a semblance of order in your summary and it helps your page visitors find your other social media platforms. The reason behind this is that if people already like the content you produce on one social media platform, they're bound to like your content on other platforms *NOTE - If you want to edit the bio of your side blog, simply first click on your side blog listed on the right side under Blogs, and then click on Edit Theme. 4. Whatever you write in the Description Box (on the left side of the page) will be displayed in your Bio. To add a link, a syntax is needed to be followed I've spend ages trying to figure out how to add links into my tumblr bio. This is the best and most concise guide I've ever found. I just set up my links and it only took three minutes. I recommend this to anybody that wants some sweet, sweet links in their bio! Especially my fanfic writing friends who want their masterlists easily.

Type <br> next to your text, if you have the text in your description box. If you do that, the link you will put is located in the bottom line. You can think of this code as the space button. Open the page of the link that you want to add to your Tumblr bio and copy the link The same method can be applied to chrome browser on mobile to edit the bio and keep the links intact. Step 1: Click on the 'burger' icon on the top left corner of the screen. The next steps can be followed as they are mentioned in How to Add Links To Tumblr Bio (through Chrome browser on laptop) since they are the same The next thing to understand is that Tumblr will automatically add <br> tags inside your description for each new line. So, to prevent those <br> tags from being injected into the middle of your HTML code, you need to keep all of your HTML on one line

How to: Add links to your Tumblr description/sidebar. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through adding links to your theme's description that often displays in the header or sidebar. Step one: Open the edit theme page. 1. Log into Tumblr and click on the. A Simple Tutorial On how to add your Instagram Link and Snapchat Link into your Tumblr Bio. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!↓ Follow me on all..

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How to add your Instagram and snapchat links to your Tumblr bio:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iPtKTM8whYJust a quick tutorial explaining how to link to po.. Link pages. To create a page that links to your posts with a specific tag: Click Add a page in the Pages section of your Customize menu. Select Link from the dropdown menu. (If you don't see this option, don't fret — to prevent spam, we unlock features over time for new accounts. Once you've used Tumblr for a while to follow. To create a page on your blog that links to all your posts with a specific tag: Click Add a page in the Pages section of your Customize menu. Select Link from the dropdown menu. (If you don't see this option, don't fret — to prevent spam, we unlock features over time for new accounts

In order for the tumblr mobile app to redirect to something, it has to be a post e.g. /tagged/about - It can't be an actual page e.g. studyingbrains/about (this won't work). A couple extra pointers: The accent colour (in the mobile app editor) is the colour of your links. Try to use obscure tags for about links and my post links Go back to your Tumblr dashboard. Click the person iconin the top-right menu and then click Edit appearancein the dropdown menu for the corresponding blog (if you have multiple blogs). On the following page, click the Edit theme button. Your blog will open in preview mode on the right side of the screen with an editor to the left

On the Bio-Link tap, click on Add your social media links to your bio. Select the Telegram icon. Enter your Telegram username, group link, or Telegram channel link and press the OK button To add a photo to a bio page, click the + Upload Photo link in the Add Page window above the Body box, select your image file and click the Open button. Warnings. Information in this. For the mobile: To make a masterlist, you basically make a normal text post. Just like mine, it has a title and then the different stories. Once you have the names, you go in and highlight the title you want to put a link on, in which it should give you this: And then from there, you click this dude: After you click him, you will get this The answer is that you use html tags to add them. There's a section of the AO3 FAQ that addresses this, but it kind of assumes a basic knowledge of how html works. You can check out the Wikipedia entry on html if you'd like to learn those basics. For now, though, I'm just going to give you the code required to add links, because copying. How To Add an Avatar/Profile Picture To Your Tumblr Blog How to Add a Space on Tumblr | eHow.com Now playing. Please enter the words you hear, below. Incorrect, please try again. Please enter the words above To add a space in a Tumblr post you must insert a special HTML programming tag. How to Make a Description Justify in Tumblr

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  1. Step 1: Open tumblr on a computer or laptop. It is possible to make a masterlist on a smartphone, but it's much more difficult and doesn't turn out as nicely as a masterlist made on a computer. Step 2: Create a new post using the 'Text' option. Step 3: Title your masterlist. Step 4: Create a heading
  2. TikTok link in bio is a huge opportunity for brands and creators to drive traffic from the app. And while this was previously a limited feature, now everyone can now add a link to their TikTok bio — you just need a Business account.. We're sharing how to add a link to your TikTok bio, as well as how you can optimize your link in bio for as many clicks and conversions as possible
  3. How to add links and art on AO3. Making a separate post for this because some things have come to our attention. It is possible to link to other pages in your summary/notes. At the very least, your work should link to the corresponding art (example shown below) or include it with your fic
  4. Adding links to the header. Locate the <nav> section in the HTML: There are two sections here: icon navigation and text navigation.If you've enabled Icon Navigation in the theme options menu, then you're concerned with the first code section; if it's disabled, you'll be editing the second section

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(tutorial by neutral). So many of you have been asking how I get links in just my mobile description on my humor blog.. first step. So basically to do this head over to your Customize screen and copy everything you have in your Description box (CMD+A to select all, then CMD+C for copy, CTRL if on windows). Go to where it says Edit HTML Then press CMD+F or (CTRL+F if on windows) and find. AO3 News. Anonymous asked: i'm having trouble finding out how to post a link to my tumblr in my fic notes and bio. please help. thanks. The site allows for the use of HTML when posting, including in work notes and your profile bio. The HTML you can use is listed in the Technical Questions section of the AO3 FAQs

Anonymous said: hey how do you put your masterlist in your bio thingy? cause I have to put mine in mine and idk how Answer: I just googled it, I found a super easy tutorial on it for you :).. First, go into the HTML coding, and at the top of the coding (around line 58) find this: This is the coding that lets you edit the links from the customization page (without going into the HTML). As you can see, each link comes with two lines, text:Link (#) URL and text:Link (#). For each new link you want to add, you'll have to. This will introduce you to the customization options for your Tumblr blog. You can change the look and feel of the blog, as well as some of the functionality. Adding your own touches really personalizes a blog and makes it feel more like home. Get to the customization options by clicking the gear icon in [ the home icon leads to the front page of the carrd, the tumblr icon leads to my Shit Fox tag on my art blog, and the twitter icon links to the @artistsclub twitter account! background personally, i kind of like the default background color, but if you want to change it, here's how. click on the background of your carrd (anywhere that isn't. Most forums allow a link in your signature and this is a great place to add your Patreon page link, especially if you are a frequent poster and help people in those forums. All Posts, Videos & Podcasts. You can add your link to all blog posts, videos, and podcasts you create to spread the word

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  1. 1) Tumblr Remodel; Really all it is, is that I redo your tumblr with the theme you'd like, any add ons, for example if you want rainbow links of if they aren't working, you can just ask me to redo it for you and I will. 2) Custom Theme; For more info on themes, click and ask your questions here. 3) Add a cod
  2. See a recent post on Tumblr from @lexosaurus about how-to-write-fanfiction. Discover more posts about how-to-write-fanfiction
  3. 1. Click on the blog that you want an HTML link to be on, at the top, next to the word Dashboard and then click on customize appearance here: 2. You should be redirected to a page that looks similar to this (your page will have your blog name and settings) : 3. Go to the gray area and click under where it says Description
  4. 4. Tap edit profile and bio, here you will be able to change your profile description iOS Android . Web Links. Here you can add up to 10 links to share your website, or other social networks with your fans
  5. Step 2: How to add your link to your Instagram bio. Open your Instagram app (mobile or desktop) Go to your profile section. Tap Edit profile. Paste your link into the Website section. Tap Save. Done! Once you refresh your page you'll see your new Instagram link in bio go live
  6. 3. Instagram Bio Link. So, you probably already know how to add your website link in your Instagram bio. But what about when you want to add multiple links? A cool little website that'll help you do this is Linktree. All you need to do is log into your Instagram, sign up for a free plan and add the links you want

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1. Add the link in your post's caption. It won't be a clickable link, users will have to manually type the link in their browser, but it's better than nothing! 2. Add the link in your bio, and ask your Stories viewers to click on the link in the bio. 3 Image links - Adding an image that links to a specific URL; Creating a Link using HTML. The reason I'm first covering regular links is because you need to know the code for this in order to add a link to an image. Here's a stripped back version of a simple text link Your Instagram bio is extremely important, especially if you're using your Instagram account to promote your business. But with only 150 characters and a single clickable link, driving traffic elsewhere can be tricky.. Luckily for all of us, Instagram has just made things a lot easier! The latest Instagram update turns profile usernames and hashtags within your Instagram bio into clickable. A link page (or bio-links, links-in-bio, linkpage) is a web page that contains a list of links that the site owner deems worth mentioning. Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, TikTok, Vk, Whatsapp, Telegram, Badoo, WeChat, websites, blogs, mailing lists, email The pervasiveness of Internet has led.

Your Instagram bio is your opportunity to present your brand on Instagram. It's a little space, yet when utilized adequately it very well may be amazing. Read full article in detail on our website — CLICK HERE The character limit if 150 charact.. Tools For Increasing Your Instagram Bio Links. 1. Linktree for Instagram. The first tool you can use to add more links to your Instagram bio is called Linktree. With Linktree, you can use their service to quickly add up to 5 links to a single Instagram account. You do this by adding links in your Linktree account

Tumblr + SoundCloud = ♥. Tumblr and SoundCloud both are fantastic communities of people expressing themselves through the things they create; we think bringing them together is like a match made in heaven. So from today, we are thrilled to announce along with the fine folks from Tumblr that you can now easily share the sounds you create to Tumblr Step 1) Go to your tumblr site and you should see this or whatever your own page is. Step 2) Go to Edit Theme, it should be in the top right corner on your site, looks like that and you just click it! Step 3) After you do that you want to go over to the left side where that sidebar is that gives you a bunch of options, looks like this. Go. - Add a link in your bio to your Wattpad profile or story. - Tweet some Quote Art. Tumblr - Tags are the most important part of your post! You can use about 20 tags per post. - Use gifs - we like to create Top 5 lists of our favorite stories and include a reaction gif for each story link Just like tagging a profile, adding a hashtag to your bio is as simple as, well, typing it. Add in the all-important # symbol, then start keying in your hashtag of choice. A list of. What that means is, by using Sked Link, you can share more than 1 link in your bio and redirect your followers to any website, landing page or blog post you like. To get started, head over to our dashboard and customize its design, links, styling and more to match your brand

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  1. 3.5. Add your OnlyFans Link on your bio. Lastly, you'll want to add your OnlyFans link on your bio. This will make your link noticeable whenever someone visits your profile. Preferably, you'll want to make use of an all-in-one link like Linktr.ee or Allmylinks if you want to add your other socials (e.g. Instagram, TikTok)
  2. How to put a link in your Instagram bio. It's easy to add or update the link in your Instagram bio. You can use either the mobile app or the Instagram website on your desktop. Follow the steps below: 1. Edit your Instagram profile. Go to your profile and tap on the Edit Profile button. 2. Add the URL in the Website fiel
  3. This will add a line break, and allow you to type in a second line below the first one. Type the second line of your bio. You can use the return key on your keyboard at the end of each line, and add a new line. You can add as many lines as you want within the character limit. Tap Done on the top-right
  4. Later is more than just an Instagram bio link tool. The website offers a full suite of Instagram marketing tools. You get access to features from post planning, scheduling to tailored insights and more. The Linkin.bio feature allows you to add multiple, trackable links in your bio or tag products in your Instagram posts. You can also use the.
  5. Tap Bio positions itself as a bio link tool for influencers and creators to promote the causes they're passionate about to their followers.. After creating an account, add multiple cards on your profile to feature elements such as links, images, videos, and content on each. Then create a call to action for each card to increase conversions and engagement with your audience

instructions. as usual, to use this doc click on file and select make a copy. the only colours you need to adjust are the background page colour, the background colour of the information, the highlight colours and the font colour. to add more verses, simply place your cursor at the bottom of the last verse table, hold shift and. Putting a link on your Instagram bio can help your followers find you on other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and even VSCO. In today's tutorial we will teach you the step-by-step to do this. Instagram is the main social network for photo sharing on the internet and more and more people use it for personal and business marketing purposes to sell products or to. First up, you have a several different social media integration options: you can choose to display links to an author's profile on ten different networks, including Vimeo, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. You can also add in the author's employment info, namely his/her job title, company, and company URL Website. Here is how to hide the avatar on the website: Open the browser, go to Tumblr.com and log in. Click on the Account icon. Next, click on your username under blogs. Now click Edit appearance. Click on the pencil icon that is located on the avatar. Click on the switch next to Show avatar to hide it. Finally, click Save

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  1. The first step to adding your pronouns is to navigate to your profile. Credit: Once there, you should click the Edit Profile bar, which appears under your name and above your photos. Once you.
  2. The Tumblr blogging platform enables individuals, groups and companies to create free blogs based around seven different post types -- text, audio, video, chat, photo, quote and link
  3. How to add a mobile nav to your description! tutorial requested by @claduemonet 1. Ok so first of all you need to go into customize theme. You have to do it from there and not on mobile or any other..
  4. If you've enabled Asks but still don't see a link on your Tumblr blog, you may need to add a link manually. To manually add an Ask page to your Tumblr blog: Click the Account menu and select Settings. Choose the blog you want to edit. When you arrive at the blog, click the Edit Theme button
  5. Create an AdSense Unit for Your Tumblr. Once you've got an AdSense account and are logged in, click on the AdSense Setup tab to create a new ad for your site. Select the AdSense for Content link. Choose if you'd like an Ad unit with text or image ads, or a link unit that only has links to sponsored terms on Google
  6. bio(s) headcanon(s) rules and/or a mundane page; You can have more pages if you need to (for my blog, each character has a bio page, and each bio page has links to their headcanon, things they like, their face, and all of their open starters), but this is just at the most basic
  7. You can do things like add effects to the text on the page, change the font and add scrolls by adding a little HTML code. If you want to learn more about learning HTML, then you can take a very inexpensive online HTML class. HTML Codes for Tumblr. Any of these codes can be inserted where you are allowed to put custom HTML codes in Tumblr

Click the Manage your Twitter settings link under the Settings heading on your account Settings page. Click the Add your Twitter account link. Log in to your Twitter account to verify the process. Sign in to Twitter and click the Allow button when prompted to grant LinkedIn permission to your account Please don't forget to check our NOTICES tab on the right, and do check out the COMMONLY ASKED and BASIC CODES sections, a lot of your answers are there.. We are a blog designed to provide tutorials that will teach you how to add cool features to your blog, as well as answer any questions you have about coding/html/editing your theme :

Some companies like Linkin.bio and Link My Photos promise to get working links into posts or to fashion Instagram profile pages that can support How to Add a Link in Instagram Stories and. When you create a new text post on Tumblr, the New Text Post form includes font formatting tools that enable bolding and italics. The simplest way to italicize text is to use these formatting tools in the post form. However, you can also insert the tag set around the text to italicize while viewing. It's simple to add social media link in all our themes. Open Theme Options; Enter your username (or in some cases, the URL) to your desired social profiles on each site; Click Save They'll now show up on your Tumblr sit Fun fact: there's a secret way to be able to add multiple links into your bio. How can that be? With all of Instagram's new and ever-changing features, adding multiple links to your bio is now possible and easy with bio.fm. If you want to be sneaky like that, check out the article How To Make The Most Of The Link In Your Instagram Bio. I spent many sleepless nights pining for a quick HTML fix to the problem of how to indent / center a photo or entire paragraph in a post. Indented paragraphs should fit seamlessly with your text (like this), without having to recourse to the ugly option of a blockquote tag. In the end I think the least toilsome solution is to add some custom CSS directly to the HTML code of your theme. That.

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When you change your username, your blog URLs will change, too, so any links you have on the web will be broken. Your Tumblr followers will still be able to see your stuff, but your links in posts. Instructions for editing your Tumblr blog template. Login to your account. Click on the Setting icon (the one next to the Power icon for logging out). On your left hand side, you will see a vertical menu showing Account, Dashboard, Email, Apps and the last row, your blog name. The last row is what you should click, so click on your blog name Hi, I'd like to know how I can redirect from my main page, to /tagged/w or something because I don't want all the things I post on my blog to be seen because some dont fit, I was wondering if you'd.. 3. They'll automatically generate a URL shortcode for you to copy/paste into your Instagram bio, super easy! 4. From here, select the links you'd like to add, and as easy as it is to drag and drop your Plann images, you can organise your links. 5.Copy and paste your link into your Instagram bio and your audience will be able to click. Put a single link in your bio with multiple destinations. A single link has never been more powerful. Create Account. How does TapMyBio work? Add your links. Add links to your social media, music, website, or other links to your profile. When your followers view your profile, they'll see the links you add

To further add to Tumblr's fancy and aesthetic style, the Tumblr font generator is a great tool. How does this tool work: When you go to the Tumblr Fonts generator, you can simply type the text that you want to convert into a cool, aesthetic and fancy looking font. Once you type the text in the box, a wide variety of options appears underneath The landing page contains links to my different tagged posts such as /photos, /digitalarts, etc. - ian calimbahin Jun 9 '11 at 4:55 any method will be just fine as long as tumblr can execute the codes. - ian calimbahin Jun 9 '11 at 5:1 Here's a quick way to embed links to images on your WordPress blog. If you need to learn how to center images, we offer a how to center in WordPress tutorial too! Embed Link in a Picture on WordPress Steps 1 through 6 should steer you in a good direction when you're in a blog post or page. Click Add Media - at the top left of your blog post ^ That is the embed code for embedding a link. So the super-easy way to do it, is to take the address of the link you want embedded and stick it inside the set of quotation marks, and then replace Link Text with what the link shows It's ok to call out one or two main links in your bio if you want to, but to save space and make your social links stand out more, you can add them using the icons. Under your Account Settings, you'll find Link to Other Sites . Note that you just need to add your usernames, not the full links. Hit Save

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How Link in Bio became the new online real estate for the creator economy. The creator economy is booming, and so are the tools for creators. Link-in-bio became an important piece of online identity and community management. In the past few months I've been writing on VC Cafe about various aspects of the Creator Economy Don't forget to add your blog post link in your profile. That's it! Let me know if you already are sharing your blog posts on Instagram or maybe you want to start sharing your blog posts after.

4.) Go to the part 'under your location' in the edit section, and follow the prompts for whichever site you wish to allow auto-updates for. For Facebook and Twitter, it's just a matter of clicking 'connect' but for Tumblr you must write in your 'email' and 'password.'. And for Myspace just write in your direct link to your profile Step 4. Paste or type the hyperlink you want to add along with a description. A thumbnail and information about the site that you are linking to is automatically placed below the hyperlink. Click the check box next to No Thumbnail if you prefer not to use a thumbnail, or click the X button to remove the information box completely Add a great bio and link to your blog or website. Post quality, relevant, and shareable content. Screen capture your blog posts, add a description and use relevant hashtags. Follow, like, and comment on other content similar to your own. Share behind the scenes stuff. Everyone loves that kind of stuff

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Instagram DMs just got a whole lot more useful.. Instagram has infamously not allowed links in the app for years, except in a user's bio (which led to the link in bio phenomenon). But it looks. You'll be able to add links for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Youtube, and Twitch, as well as your own homepage or personal website. Visitors to your TeePublic store will be able to view these links from your public profile. Make sure you click Save All Changes to update your profile Enter a bio, add a link, set your location, claim a URL and even add featured videos. 8. Tumblr. This one also ranks well. By default, Tumblr accounts are setup as subdomains, so grab yourname.tumblr.com, if possible. The bio page is open HTML so add anything and everything. 9. Quora. The profile pages are very simple, but they rank

Recently, TikTok has begun rolling out a feature that lets users add links to their bios and posts, which can direct audiences to products or services — social e-commerce Jun 8, 2018 - The new Instagram algorithm has been analyzed and explained. Finally! Let's take a look into the confirmed determining factors that affect your newsfeed 2. Add a Link to Your Instagram Posts. Unlike Instagram stories, it is possible to add links to your Instagram posts. However, it's not exactly easy either This is to say, a link-in-bio business can be as hands-off as for Miller, with Bio.fm being a side gig, or as full-time as for Zaccaria, who employs a team of 41 people to keep Linktree running Your bio will get more exposure with the branded vanity URL on the web, and the searchability of a web page. Make sure your bio is current, and includes your keywords! Don't forget to include the URL to your email list opt-in. Linktr.ee is an awesome service that lets you offer your Instagram followers as many links as you want! I would keep.

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Add images and a caption. Select the networks you want to share your post with. Click Post. To create a social media post on the Sell on Etsy app: In the Sell on Etsy app, tap More. Tap Marketing. Tap Social media. Select a milestone, listing, or promotion that you'd like to share. Use the photos provided in the app, or upload your own photo You can add a short bio description, a job title, company, company URL, and social media icons. It will automatically pull in, and display, your gravatar image, as well as all your recent posts Author Bio Box is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add an author box to your blog posts.. A few of Author Bio Box's best features. Author Name - Display the author's name.; Author Bio - Showcase information about the author in an author bio.; Social Media Icons - Allow the author to fill in links to their social media profiles on the User Profile page, and they'll. Instagram is not known for its ability to drive traffic or conversions. This is mainly due to the fact that one can't send users to multiple external links, or add links on posts. With Linktree though, viewers who click on the link in your profile, can choose to visit any collection of links you specify.. Instagram is the king of engagement, and the platform where new accounts gain a.

Having a hilarious bio will endear more users to your account. 100 Funny Instagram Bio Ideas. 1. 1f you c4n r34d 7h15, you r34lly n33d 2 g37 l41d. 2. A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station. 3. A lie is just a great story ruined by truth How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story. If you want to add a link to your Instagram story, then you need first and foremost to create a story. This is easy to do either by swiping on the screen, or by selecting a photo or video and then sharing it with your Instagram Live (rather than the feed) from outside the app

By using Twitter's services you agree to our Cookies Use.We use cookies for purposes including analytics, personalisation, and ads After you get your bio box styled correctly you will need to go to the user tab and update the user information. You will need to have all if your users update their profiles and add a bio to their profile. The field that needs to be updated should look like the picture below. When you have completed your bio and tested, you are finished Remember to put the link to your website on all your social media profiles. That way people will actually go look at it! Plug the link in your bio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc. Having a good web presence is key for getting those gigs in real life—and going global Make sure that one is to the point in this one and write the true self. The next thing is an action such as Read more, Click here in the bio. There should be at least an action button in one's bio. The last one is having a link. Only the bio link is the clickable link on Instagram, therefore use it wisely. Post at the perfect time

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