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21/03/4 To approve and sign the minutes of the Handforth Parish Council meeting of 10th December 2020. Cllr Samson proposed, seconded by Cllr Moore to approve and sign the minutes of the Handforth Parish Council meeting of the 10th December 2020 subject to the amendment on page 3 of 'yar' to 'year'. Resolved: Unanimousl Minutes of the extraordinary meeting of Handforth Parish Council held on Thursday 10th December 2020 at 7:30pm, the meeting was held using Zoom video technology Present: Cllrs Brian Tolver (Chair of Handforth Parish Council); Susan Moore (Vice‐Chair o Handforth is a fast-growing community connecting Cheshire to Greater Manchester, with a major retail centre and luxury car outlets, and easy access to Manchester Airport. The aim of this website is to provide you with information about how the Council operates, detailing decisions it has made in the past and what it hopes to achieve in the future

Zoom council meeting takes an incredibly chaotic turn

Handforth Parish Council meeting descends into chaos 5

Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting dogged by rows again

History First iteration. Following the Local Government Act 1894 Handford Parish Council was established for the rural Handforth parish. It was part of the Stockport Rural District and in 1901 had a population of 794. In 1904 the rural district was abolished. The Handforth civil parish became an urban district and the parish council became Handforth Urban District Council, absorbing powers. 17-year-old Shaan came across the parish council meeting on YouTube. Just 24 hours ago, if someone had said 'Jackie Weaver' or 'Aled's iPad', you'd probably have been left a bit confused. But now. Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting descends into chaos Handforth parish council has become an unlikely internet sensation after the town's Zoom meeting descended into a frenzied shouting match Jackie Weaver: Handforth Parish Council host 'surprised' by reaction. A woman at the centre of a social media storm after a virtual parish council meeting spiralled into chaos has been left. In the viral video, Handforth Parish Council's planning and environment committee gets off to a rocky start after the chairman Brian Tolver appeared to challenge the legitimacy of the meeting

Handforth Parish Council Parish Council meetings are advertised a week in advance,. This is the 'invite' to the whole parish and any member of the public is free to attend (unless the PC decide there are any sections from which the public should be excluded, but that's usually Clerk's wages, etc.) My favourite bit was after 6 and a half. A town council meeting which descended into chaos - with councillors trading insults and ultimately getting booted off the Zoom call has become an internet s.. The Handforth Parish Council met again - and there was more chaos. careywinslet February 17, 2021. Over 3,000 first Handforth Parish Council Meetings - and viewers were caught in more turmoil as the municipality became viral. The planning meeting at Zoom on December 10 created an internet sensation after the clerk Jackie Weaver kicked out a.

Handforth parish council: The history of a feud | The

Handforth Parish Council became an internet sensation earlier this month after its last Zoom meeting descended into scenes of mutiny, swearing and full-blown strops, as adviser and breakout star. Handforth Parish Council met on Wednesday evening at 7pm, the first meeting since its infamous December 10 edition. with chairman Brian Tolver trying to defer the minutes to a future meeting. But the December 10 Handforth Parish Council Planning & Environment Committee meeting was, its minutes assure us, an extraordinary meeting - leaving a shocking trail of chaos, power grabs and. Parish Council \A parish council is a civil local authority found in England and is the lowest, or first, tier of local government. They are elected corporate bodies, have variable tax raising powers, and are responsible for areas known as civil parishes, serving a total 16 million people.\ Well Brian has now resigned from his role at Handforth Parish Council as a result of the fallout after facing a barrage of criticism. According to the MailOnline, 74-year-old Mr Tolver announced.

A screengrab of the Handforth Parish Council meeting on Zoom with councillors and members of the public on 17 February 2021 (Photo: Handforth Parish Council/PA) The meeting went on for three hours. This monumental meeting is but a chapter in the long (and seemingly gruelling) history of tension within the Handforth Parish Council. And while greatly amusing (one need only glance at the Twitter trending page in order to glean some of the memes generated by this event), the Handforth Parish Council meeting pulls into the spotlight the procedures and mechanisms of local governance. This is the most British thing you will ever see. Handforth Parish Council held a committee meeting over Zoom - and it is comedy gold. When self-important parish councillors, age, modern technology and village vendettas collide, it's a recipe for chaos. It's 18 minutes long, but worth every second

Handforth Parish Council: Mayor facing no confidence vote

When Zoom goes wrong: Is this the worst video meeting of

The latest installment of the Handforth Parish Council zoom meeting series, from 21st January 2021Viewers are advised to read the standing orders: https://w.. Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting descends into chaos Jackie Weaver, the breakout star of Zoom's surprise hit, Handforth Parish Council Planning and Environment Committee, has spoken out on.

Parish Council Zoom Call Goes Viral After Descending Into

Handforth Parish Council committee meeting It's hard to gauge the context from the video, which is clearly essential to understanding what's actually going on. The clip begins in rancour, with some heated discussion about meeting protocol; there's a power struggle as the chair of the council asserts his right to run the meeting; he and. A MAYOR who took part in the chaotic Handforth Parish Council meeting is facing the axe next week following the Jackie Weaver row. Millions of Brits watched clips of the council's Zoom meeting.

STOP THE STITCH UP IN STREATHAM - TAKE ACTION NOW. Last week's Streatham Labour 'AMM' CLP (all-member constituency meeting), according to members who attended the 'Zoom', was a chaotic, shameful and undemocratic shambles that made Handforth Parish Council look functional.. Members say they were muted, denied the chance to speak and that the party's rulebook was trampled as the. You see, a recording of a Handforth Parish Council virtual meeting from December 10 went viral over the last few days, thanks to the iconic actions of one Jackie Weaver. As the Zoom call descended into absolute chaos, Jackie Weaver had to take charge by booting out the most disruptive member of the call, Brian Tolver

Cricket Club – Thornton-in-Craven Parish CouncilWhen Zoom goes wrong: Is this the worst video meeting of

Did Jackie Weaver have the authority? - the law and policy

  1. Handforth residents, a comedian and young political activists helped explosive parish council meeting go viral Insults and expletives turn parish council Zoom meeting into internet sensation 03:2
  2. Handforth Parish Council became an internet sensation when a rowdy meeting featuring members being kicked out was watched by millions earlier this month. A boundary review, which began before the.
  3. The Annual Meeting of the Council is a full council meeting held in May where the election of the Chairman is the first business. The Annual Parish or Town Meeting is a meeting of the electorate taking place between 1 March and 1 June. There is no prescribed format. The . Chairman's allowance is a small sum that can be allocated to the Chairman to help pay for activities undertaken in the.

The extended version of the Handforth Parish Council Zoom

  1. utes of.
  2. 732. 405 posts. Share. Posted February 14. On 14/02/2021 at 03:25, BlackCatCoffee said: I sit on our local parish council and my experience couldn't be more different to all this. By luck we are 50/50 men and woman and everyone gets on well and genuinely wants to help improve things for our little village
  3. A parish council that went viral when a Zoom meeting descended into chaos has opposed a proposed merger with a neighbouring authority. Handforth Parish Council's December meeting was watched by.
  4. Millions of people watched members of Handforth Parish Council trade insults during a fiery zoom meeting that ended with three councillors being booted off the call by the now famous Jackie Weaver

Pandemonium broke out after Handforth Parish Council Chairman Brian Tolver told Clerk Jackie Weaver that she had no authority to take control of the meeting - with the clip since going viral. Re: Handforth Parish Council « Reply #27 on: February 05, 2021, 11:07:44 AM » It sounds like they'd been kicked in a previous aborted meeting (whose legality they'd also refused to recognise) as well, so they rocked up to this one already prepared to act like freedom fighters in a fascist state

Handforth Parish Council meeting Zoom descends into chaos

  1. The Parish Council is the municipality that makes decisions on behalf of the people of the parish. This is the level of government closest to the community, with county and city authorities at the top of the hierarchy. The meeting was held in December, but the footage only speeded up online last night
  2. Tolver at the meeting of Handforth parish council, which has become an unlikely internet sensation after it descended into chaos Photograph: Handforth parish council/PA. After Tolver's eviction.
  3. Handforth Parish Council Spat This week's big political face off came not from Government but rather a small yet exciting Parish Council. Footage of a December Zoom meeting of Handforth Parish Council was uploaded online and what followed was a crazy viral interest, with mainstream media interest, masses of tiktoks and even and Andrew Lloyd.
  4. Enter the Handforth Parish Council's Planning and Environment Committee, which is a bunch of old Brits debating about whether or not the meeting is lawful in their cheeky, sarcastic tones while making personal attacks on each other in the most vague ways possible

Handforth Parish Council: No confidence vote after Zoom

The agenda rarely changes: any urgent matters, planning applications, financial reports, local government reports, updates from parish council projects (garden of remembrance, playing field, play park, village hall, traffic calming), correspondence from residents and longstanding items such as how to improve the mobile phone signal in our blackspot of a village A sleepy parish council meeting in Handforth, Cheshire turned into chaos as furious councillors traded insults and the chairman was blocked from the video call meeting Handforth Parish Council - which became in internet sensation over a Zoom video of a shambolic meeting - is mired in complaints about unruly behaviour. A video of a recent planning meeting, from which several members were ejected by clerk Jackie Weaver, notched up more than 1m views online yesterday Handforth Parish Council. This is about a zoom meeting late last year, quite amusing to watch in parts. Theres some shocking behaviour on there though, lots of sniping. Worth a watch if your bored. Had dealings with PCC's before and there can be a lot of petty behaviour between members

Chaotic council meeting which sees chairman and deputy

  1. Handforth parish council: The history of a feud. by independenteagle. February 5, 2021. The online session began with an unseen councillor mumbling f*** off under their breath. There were odd references to Britney Spears and laughing hyenas. There were accusations of power grabs and unexplained interruptions by friends
  2. OH to be a fly on the wall at the next Zoom meeting of Handforth Parish Council... The Cheshire town we'd never heard of went viral last week thanks to a glorious bit of footage, now seen by.
  3. Clips from the Handforth Parish Council meeting, which were uploaded to Twitter yesterday, saw councillors swearing and being booted off a Zoom call. The meeting, which took place on December 10 at 7.30pm, was the second time chairperson Brian Tolver had been removed from a meeting
  4. A parish council meeting attendee who found herself at the centre of a viral video when she was shouted at by local councillors has said the vast majority of meetings are just not like that.. Jackie Weaver was attending a virtual meeting of Handforth Parish Council when it descended into chaos, with some parish councillors shouting at her and prompting her to eject them from the call
  5. Millions of people watched clips of Handforth Parish Council's Zoom meeting, which showed members losing their cool, trading insults and ultimately getting booted off the call. Cheshire East Council mayor Barry Burkhill, who is an independent councillor for Handforth and attended the meeting, is now facing a vote of no-confidence on February 17
  6. Parish Council Zoom Meeting Descends Into Angry Chaos And Becomes A Meme. February 5, 2021, 2:09 pm. A video recording of a chaotic Zoom meeting of the Handforth Parish Council's Planning and Environment Committee between a number of old British people is going viral for its utter hilarity
  7. Handforth parish council: The history of a feud. February 5, 2021. The on-line session started with an unseen councillor mumbling f*** off underneath their breath. There have been odd references to Britney Spears and laughing hyenas. There have been accusations of energy grabs and unexplained interruptions by pals

The Local Government Act 1972 states that 'for every parish there shall be a Parish Meeting for the purpose of discussing parish affairs and exercising any functions conferred on such meetings by any enactment'.. A Simple Guide to Parish Meetings. Parish Meetings are quite distinct from meetings of the Parish Council, although the two are often confused The council's minutes of the Planning and Environment Committee meeting of December 10 gives a relatively sombre version of events, but paints a picture of an unruly and ill-tempered gathering. Update: Litany of complaints at Handforth parish council includes 'election blocking Handforth Parish Council meeting If you haven't already seen this and ever wondered what goes on at parish council zoom meetings, you couldn't waste your time watching it any better than they can. at February 05, 2021 Less than two minutes in it was pretty obviously going to be like so many meetings (usually about meetings about meetings) I. 5 minutes read. More than 3,000 people tuned in to the first Handforth Parish Council meeting since the local authority went viral - and viewers were gripped by more chaos. A planning meeting held on Zoom on December 10 became an internet sensation after clerk Jackie Weaver booted out council members who had lost their cool off

Sweary Cheshire parish council meeting dubbed 'comedy gold

Handforth.Info - Information about Handforth, Cheshir

  1. The meeting in question was a gathering of a parish council, which sits at the lowest tier of England's local government architecture and typically deals with matters such as the upkeep of.
  2. A parish council meeting that spiralled into chaos has gone viral. The meeting between councillors at Handforth Parish Council in Cheshire got heated, sparking interest online. One of the women.
  3. A parish council meeting gone wrong has created a social media viral sensation with members spectacularly kicked out and insults fired. Handforth Parish Council in Cheshire opted to share their December 10 Zoom meeting via YouTube and Twitter, with the video quickly racking up over a million views amid bizarre scenes

Handforth Parish Council's meeting on Wednesday, February 17 (Image: Handforth Parish Council/YouTube). During both the planning and full council meeting, it was at times very tense between the chair, councillors and the public Returning to Hanworth, I would agree that it is not funny. It's not the slightest bit funny, especially for the women involved. Speaking as an apprentice old git myself, there is a tendency for older people, and really I mean males in particular, to overvalue their contribution The Handforth Parish Clerk has become an unlikely internet hero after removing several members from a Zoom council meeting that went viral The meeting was foul-mouthed at times, and was punctuated by semi-hysterical laughter as the tone steadily deteriorated. Handforth Parish Council and one of the meeting's participants, Jackie.

Handforth Parish Council - Wikipedi

Jackie Weaver: Handforth Parish Council host 'surprised' by reaction. A woman at the centre of a social media storm after a virtual parish council meeting spiralled into chaos has been left. Posted on February 12, 2021. by Wayne Chadburn. Handforth Parish Council - Zoom meeting that has made a star of Jackie Weaver. I'm sure many of you will have watched the viral video of the parish council meeting at Handforth Parish Council which has made a bit if a star of a certain Jackie Weaver. If you haven't seen it, please do - it. Parish Councillors are summoned to attend a Meeting of Handforth Parish Council (HPC) on Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 7:30pm The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom meeting technology. Members of the public can witness the meeting by video conferencing. Please email the clerk on [email protected] no later than 11am on Wednesday 17th Februar

'I made Handforth Parish Council go viral' - BBC New

Colate Fri 05-Feb-21 13:34:34. As I understand it, Ms. Weaver is not a member of Handsworth Parish Council. She was sent along by the Cheshire Association of Local Councils because of past difficulties with the parish council meetings and would appear to be acting as the council clerk. I don't know what authority she has in law, but she is. Meeting of Handforth Parish Council at 7:30pm, The Youth Centre, Old Road, Handforth. Agenda. 17/06/1 To receive apologies for absence. 17/06/2 To note Declarations of interest and requests for dispensation to discuss, or discuss and vote on a matter in which a Member or co-opted Member has a Disclosable Pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest (DPI) Welcome to Handforth Parish Council, AKA a group of old Brits arguing on Zoom for 10 minutes. Close. 65. Posted by 4 months ago. The meeting was called legitimately. Jackie is legitimately the clerk. She does not have the authority to kick anyone out--only the chair has that authority. The chair and the vice-chair were being disruptive. Handforth Parish Council zoom meeting #1824751. By Spooky - Fri Feb 05, 2021 12:38 am. Like 2. She resigned the day they spent 40 minutes arguing about what type of ham to offer at a luncheon for the town Mayor. At a meeting of a parish council the chairman of the council, if present, shall preside..

Handforth parish council: The history of a feu

A council parish meeting which became infamous after it turned into a chaotic trail of disorder, power grabs and insults on Zoom again descended into farce tonight. Councillors of Handforth Parish. Jackie Weaver said 99.99% of council meetings are not as exciting as the Handforth Parish Council meeting that went viral when councillors started trading insults For more information about Websites for Parish Councils please visit www.websitesforparishcouncils.co.uk. Just a reminder of what you get with Parish Web & Host. Free Support. Free Training. SSL Certificate. GDPR Policy Template. Council Members page. UK Hosting. Transparency Code Ready Handforth Parish Council She was the official (as opposed to the elected councillors) who was Clerking the meeting. Ie taking minutes, offering the Committee advice on procedural queries. 1. netcurtains Posts: 23,486 The meetings for Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council take place in two different venues, normally alternate months in Stramshall and Bramshall. Bramshall Meeting venue (B) is Church Room, The Church of St Lawrence, Church Lane, Bramshall, ST14 5BQ. Stramshall Meeting venue (S) is Stramshall Village Hall, Vicarage Drive, Stramshall, ST14 5DL

The extended version of the Handforth Parish Council ZoomGarstang councillor's Jackie Weaver tribute T-shirt is a

Jackie Weaver: Handforth Parish Council host 'surprised

Jackie Weaver during a meeting of Handforth Parish Council (Image: PA) This morning Ms Weaver appeared on Radio 4's Woman's Hour programme to talk about her overnight fame Handforth Parish Council. Bob Buckley. February 7, 2021. Handforth Parish Council. Bob Buckley. February 7, 2021. What's the worst meeting you've ever witnessed? I can think of quite a few. Hours and days that I'll never get back. But sometimes, you learn most from failure. And this week, we've got a belter Credit: Zoom/Handforth Parish Council He was again asked to proceed with the meeting but continued to act in a disruptive and aggressive matter and was therefore removed from the meeting and put. For clarity: The meeting is not a meeting of the council but rather a meeting of a committee of the council, whose membership just happens to include the entire elected council; the suspended parish clerk is the proper officer of the council, but the clerk of the committee meeting is not the parish clerk; and in the event the elected chair of the meeting is not the elected chair of the. The parish council became an unlikely internet sensation - but Brian Tolver (pictured above) was right about the need to follow procedure. (Pic Handforth Parish Council/PA Wire) Like many of you, I watched the meeting of Handforth Parish Council in Cheshire

The best Handforth Parish Council memes Unsurprisingly, the meeting has spawned hundreds of memes, with people latching onto the characters, and Ms Weaver in particular. You won, Jackie Weaver Handforth resident Anika York told wilmslow.co.uk A recent Handforth Parish Council meeting has been shared via YouTube. It is a shocking demonstration of incompetence, ignorance and ultimately unarguably a mismanagement of public funds Handforth parish council: The history of a feud Another Handforth Parish Council meeting plagued by arguments and interruptions Britain's most infamous authority could be abolished under new revie

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