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Auto Ultimate : The grandaddy of all the high yield autoflower seeds Taking 12-15 weeks to grow from autoflower seed to harvest, Auto Ultimate is the highest yielding autoflower strain ever seen by Dutch Passion. If you want to grow the heaviest yielding autoflower strain then look no further, Auto Ultimate is the autoflower seed for you When taken care of, the Tangie Matic Auto cannabis seeds will be ready for harvest in around 63 days which is quite fast, growing to about 80 to 150 cm tall. Typical yields are promising at 50 to 350 grams per plant when grown outdoors. If grown indoors, expect high yields of 450 to 670 gr/m2 Royal Cheese Automatic is the autoflowering version of the legendary UK Cheese. She has the same iconic aroma as the original, but now with all the perks of a fast-paced autoflower. Get ready to harvest top-notch bud just 10 weeks after planting your seeds Orange Sherbet Auto is a truly monstrous strain, one of our highest yielding autoflowering strain and one of the tallest out there, this autoflower produces mouth-watering citrus terpenes and can reach up to 150cm while producing around 650gr/m2

Signs Your Autoflowering Plant is Ready for Harvest . So, when is an autoflower strain ready to harvest? It's important to pay attention to the different signs your plants will show you. Like any photoperiod plant, many signs can point to your autoflower plants being ready for harvest. The main observations you should make are of the leaves. So, here is a complete autoflower harvest guide that you can use when the time comes to harvest your plants! This ended up being a pretty big mistake over the years in that I missed out on some very large colas. (buds) Reply . tony on 22/05/2017 15:47. I agree iv been growing for years but turned to auto recently after a few grows nailed it. Another reason to harvest autoflowering cannabis strains at the right time is to maximize CBD or THC in the buds. THC and CBD are both cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids and scientists are discovering positive results in treating pain and spasticity Using feminized autoflowering marijuana, all you do is plant seeds, take care of them properly, and harvest good weed within 50-100 days max. You don't have to worry about triggering flowering or change your lights to 12-12. Autoflower marijuana flowers when it wants to, usually within 2-3 weeks of germination

The harvest is quite high, and the flowering time is quite short, although not the absolute shortest of autoflower strains. Generally, you will be able to harvest after 9 to 10 weeks. Banana Kush Auto . Banana Kush Autoflower is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid. This strain has a whopping 27% THC but basically no CBD to speak of by Nebula Haze. Auto-flowering strains are kind of like the houseplant version of weed. I'm a big fan of autoflowering cannabis strains for first-time growers, but also for anyone who wants to achieve a lot of potent buds in a short amount of time with a lot of flexibility.Auto-flowering strain options today are enormous, and there is an autoflowering strain that will satisfy almost. The convention wisdom from growing photo period plants was to watch for color change in the trichomes, or crystals. For an uplifting high, harvest when the trichomes are all cloudy, for more of a stone, wait till a percentage have turned amber. Sound advice, for photos. But autos are a little different. While some strains have shown amber trics. Crystal Candy XL Auto is a large autoflowering marijuana strain bred from tall phenotypes of Sweet Seeds' Crystal Candy Auto line. This mostly sativa variety is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. The plants reach a height of 35 to 55 inches, ready for harvest only 8 weeks from seed

Autoflowering plants are the latest craze in the cannabis world, and with good reason. Autos are extremely easy to grow, have short flowering times, reach manageable heights, and still produce great herb. However, one constant criticism of autoflowering varieties is that they produce lighter harvests than regular strains; while autoflowering seeds have improved greatly over the last years. The autoflower plants' shorter growing time makes them deserving of a try. However, when compared to traditional strains, autoflowers tend to give lesser yield quantities. This could be an issue for a grower, but the good thing is, there are different tricks and ways on how to get bigger yields from autoflowers A late harvest often results in an autoflower crop that induces stronger feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, commonly referred to as 'couch lock'. The crop may well have less THC, but with careful drying, it is certainly possible to achieve a great smoke, and, of course, many people prefer cannabis with higher levels of CBD for medicinal. Even better, Glueberry Auto is faster than most high yield autoflower seeds and is ready to harvest in just 56 days. The strain typically grows short and wide to produce its impressive autoflowering yields. Low Effort for High Yields. Like everything in cannabis, autoflowering yields and genetics are improving over time

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Original Auto Northern Lights (FastBuds): An XXL Autoflower Strain All the Way Actually, 330g (11.64oz) from two plants is a great result, especially in a 24x24 (0.5m 2) tent. The huge colas of Original Auto Northern Lights are completely frosted by THC crystals and taste like rich soil with hints of spices and fruit Fast does not mean big Now don't expect huge 450+ gram harvests for each plant from these small but mighty strains. 30 to 120 grams harvested from eachautofem seedis more likely. (For biggest harvests, see auto-flowering strains Think Different and Green-o-maticbelow)

How to tell if my autoflower is ready for harvest - The signs. Now, your question - how to tell if my autoflower is ready for harvest, will be answered with the following signs. Though some marijuana strains differ from each other, it is best to know more about the kind of strain you are growing. It is fairly easy to research them Gorilla Cookies Auto makes it on top of our strongest auto-flowering list due to its whopping 27% THC level. Not only is this strain big on its THC content, but also in its yield that ranges anywhere between 500-600 gr/m2. This mighty cannabis has an equal presence of Sativa and Indica in it

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Blueberry Autoflowering is a fantastically fruity strain, bursting with juicy blueberry aroma and flavour. Balcony growers and cabinet growers take note of this exceptional autoflowering hybrid. In just 9-10 weeks this baby can race from seed to harvest. Staying under 75cm tall and still producing up to 70g per plant Like any auto-flowering plant, this strain grows in small stature. It reaches a maximum height from about 60 to 100 cm (24 to 40 inches) depending on the nutrient and light conditions. From germination to harvest, its growing period spans from 8 to 9 weeks respectively This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY! I am Mr. Canucks Grow. In this episode I am harvesting the biggest yielding autoflower I have ever done in my career. I go over the harvesting process. Grow equipment used, Meizhi Led, Mars hydro Led grow lights. Autoflower grown in organic dry amendments gaia green. Electric Sky ES 300 Wideband LED Original Grow Light System - use CANUCK5 for 5% off.

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Thanks for posting your harvest. Congrats, we hope your buds are frosty and your highs are hazy. To submit a Strain/Grow Review for inclusion in our Wiki please visit here for our template. Thank you. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns Big Bud auto is another XXL auto from the Seed Stocker collection. The Big Bud genetics produce plants with huge growth potential, especially in optimum conditions. THC levels are high, 22% or more, but the XXL harvests are one of the key attractions of this variety. She grows well indoors in any grow system but reaches her highest yields in.

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  1. d. It has a sweet flavor and aroma with citrus and earthy touches because of its genetic background, Sunset Sherbert and GSC Thin Mints. They can grow tall and bring big yields up to 600gr/m2
  2. Day 60 represents harvest, but the numbers can be tweaked for longer-season plants. If you work with deep six or seven-inch containers (if you are growing in dirt, for example), you can allot up to 4 plants per square foot in your space. Let's say you've got just three square feet, you could then fit 3 x 4 = 12 plants
  3. ant marijuana strain that is easy-to-grow producing very good yields in a short life-cycle. Amnesia XXL Auto allows for the harvest of multiple crops per year outdoors in warm regions where there is a long growing season
  4. The strain is a cross of Auto Seeds Auto #1 x Big Bud x Powerplant. An epic trio that produces up to 650 g/m2 after just 70-80 days. Auto Pounder's stature is quite bigger than most autoflowering strains, hence the weight it can hold. To add to its ease of growth, the genetics are well-known for being disease and pest resistant
  5. Harvest video, Sage Scout Autoflower from Night Owl Seeds. See whats on the scales. I also put the Toofless Alien i to soil and add it to the autoflower tent. I also announce the winner to my giveaway
  6. Blueberry Autoflower Seeds 101. After a long and tiring cultivation process, harvesting is a very rewarding experience. Of course, every grower expects a high yield rate from their Blueberry autoflower seeds. However, there are a couple of things to remember before rushing in to harvest your Blueberry buds
  7. At 50° north, you can harvest at least twice outdoors with auto-flowering plants, but only if you've started your second batch of seeds 20 to 30 days before your first harvest

Harvest time isn't as simple as plucking buds and placing them on a drying rack. There are nuances involved, and the more precise you are with your timing, the better. Harvesting your buds at different moments will result in differing THC levels, and curing them at the right humidity will have a large impact on mould resistance As the name suggests, the harvest with these Big varieties is considerably larger than cannabis the normal autoflowers. Take a quick look at our highest yielding autoflower strains The Big Amnesia haze autoflower is our heaviest yielding autoflower and therefore the number one in this list

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Harvest Time: 70-75 days from seed. Gorilla Glue #4 Auto (BlimBurn Seeds) - Buy. Harvest Time: 70 days from seed. The average height is 3+ feet. Some strains are more compact and bushy, others are of middle height and with a dominating central cola, and finally there are tall and branchy varieties with great yields Autoflower plants will grow under any light cycle but because cannabis is a C3 plant it gathers energy only in the light period and so the best light cycle is where the plant is able to get the largest amount of energy. That means that for the best case scenario you should let the lights shine 24/0 (all the time)

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  1. ent pungent skunky smell
  2. Big Bud autoflower seeds for heavy THC rich harvests . Many repeat Seedstockers growers routinely harvest several hundred grams from each Big Bud autoflower.. The genetics are proven prize winners which have been used by breeders for the last decade or two.. The scent is skunky with hints of melon and lemon in the cured buds and a very thick velvety coating of THC rich trichomes coats the buds
  3. With autoflowering strains, it makes sense to harvest your bud gradually. Autos stay small and grow so quickly, it's difficult to do a lot of training in the short vegetative stage. Because of their autoflower lifecycle, autoflowering plants don't have time to develop a canopy, and it makes sense not to trim the lowest branches
  4. ized or Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds. Both Fe
  5. Big Buds Autoflower Seed to Harvest Indoor Grow! Big Buds Autoflower Seed to Harvest Indoor Grow! Growing Indoors. On Jun 13, 2021. 4. Share. In this video I highlight a small 3 plant marijuana autoflower grow using a Mars Hydro SP3000 LED light, and NukeHeads signature autoflower. Enjoy

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Big Yield Auto Feminised Seeds. This strain is well known for its amazing yields and short flowering time. It has a high amount of THC, which can reach up to 22%, and a low level of CBD. As a result the high is extremely potent and psychedelic, likely not for use by beginner smokers In contrast, autoflowering cannabis is usually ready for harvest 8-10 weeks after germination of the seed. This means you don't have to wait as long to enjoy those precious buds Big Bud Auto requires minimal training, as it grows extremely fast. It has such heavy buds that sometimes, plants will require additional support towards harvest-time. Bid Bud Auto is Sensi Seeds' highest-yielding autoflowering strain. It comes in two other variants; Big Bud Regular and Big Bud Feminized

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  1. ant strain offers high THC (22%) with a medium growth habit. This species is skunky, as the name implies, with an acidic and citrus-like flavor
  2. How long does it take to go from seed to harvest with autoflower cannabis seeds? This will vary depending on the strain, but in most cases an autoflowering version takes 8- 10 weeks
  3. g.

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Purple Skunk Auto although short has some of the biggest yields seen on an autoflower, this paired with the unique purple colour makes this a great strain for cash croppers. Indoors, you can expect to harvest 450-550 grams per square meter, and outdoors, you can harvest 450-550 grams per plant. Expect large, resin-rich flower clusters (colas) Harvest outdoors in fall, or indoors after 15-20 weeks. Professional growers use these. Autoflower seeds grow small, easy-growing plants that you can harvest in 10 weeks. Great for new growers, small spaces, or multiple harvests per season

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  1. g depends on the size and classification of autoflower plants, so does the amount of cannabis they yield. Regular plants tend to yield between 10 and 50 grams per plant, while the next level up, the super auto, can produce yields between 100 and 200 grams per plant
  2. My Autos harvest as early as 65 days on my fastest strains and 85 on the big sativas. I have not had a plant go over 85 days. says @Tripaholic_88, another autoflower aficionado who has raised.
  3. Autoflowering Seeds: The Pros. For many first-time growers, auto flowering cannabis seeds are easy to grow, and the benefits of growing auto flowering marijuana plants far outweigh the risks. If you're growing medical auto flower seeds, or simply want to harvest fast, here are three reasons to choose auto flower seeds. Light Independen

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Autopilot XXL has been developed to bring the characters of our Big Bud XXL into an auto-flowering form. This strain is an indica dominant and has a bigger size and a flowering time of 60-65 days. Autopilot XXL is simple to grow and leads to a very generous harvest. This plant usually develops a big main bud together with a good number of buds. Blueberry x Big Bud is an Indica-heavy cultivar that offers a great combination of mental and physical effects. With these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Growers also get to benefit from the addition of fast-growing Ruderalis genetics. In just a little over 2 months, cultivators are rewarded with a heavy stash of fruity buds with hardly any effort required

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  1. How to Harvest your Plants . Now that you know that your plants are ready to harvest, what do you do? First, decide if you want to harvest just the buds or you wish to harvest the entire plant. Since auto-flowering cannabis like the Candy Cane Autoflower is a small plant, it would be wise to cut down the entire plant for future use
  2. ized seeds are an outcome of a back-cross between Ruderalis, Critical and Cheese. This amazing strain consists of 40% Indica, 40% Sativa and 20% ruderalis genetics. Thanks to the historic back-cross, the crop has acquired genes to grow larger than average auto-flowering plants
  3. ized seeds are bred to grow as female cannabis plants and be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers. Sensi Seeds has long been associated with the medicinal use of cannabis. This section offers the complete range of products related to medicinal cannabis. Buy a cannabis vaporizer
  4. From seed to harvest, autoflowers live about 8-10 weeks. Most cultivators begin the harvest during week 11. Make sure at least half of the trichomes on your autoflowering cannabis plants have turned to an amber color before harvesting buds, otherwise the THC potency will be greatly reduced. Additional Readings on Cultivatio
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Big Bud autoflower cannabis seeds - Seeds can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation - Plant with very high yield - easy to grow species - Harvest-ready in short amount of time - Soft and fruity flavor while smoking. Information on Big Bud autoflower cannabis seeds. Flowering period: 7 weeks Genetics: Big Bud x Rudelari Big Bang Autoflowering is an automatic flowering ruderalis/indica/sativa variety from Green House and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse where the female, autoflowering plants need ±42 days from the seedling to the harvest. Green Houses Big Bang Autoflowering is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as. Big Bang Auto is 80% indica, 10% sativa and 10% ruderalis; it is a medium-sized auto, derived from the original photo-period Big Bang strain, that grows between 60 - 100 cm. tall. Indoors it will mature as long as it receives between 12 - 20 hours of light per day and will produce yields of up to 900 gr/m 2 making it quite a big bang for your. Big Bud has long been famous as the benchmark for high-performance indica and Big Bud Automatic is the latest update to our definitive heavy strain. These feminized cannabis seeds produce vigorous, easy-growing plants which flower automatically and quickly develop large, solid, highly potent buds. Big Bud Automatic is our top-yielding autoflowering variety biggest yielding autoflower harvest i ever had. As well as the heavy yields, Think Different is a fantastically enjoyable cannabis with a powerful head high. Anyone looking for cannabis yield autoflower cannabis seeds won't be disappointed with Think Different

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1. MOBY DICK AUTOFLOWERING - DINAFEM. Haze Auto x White Widow Auto. Sativa-dominant autoflowering. Flowering period: 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest. Available in packaging of 1, 3, 5 and 10 feminized seeds. As the name suggests, Moby Dick Autoflowering is Dinafem's autoflowering version of their legendary strain, Moby Dick The best part is that it is an autoflowering plant that only needs a minimum of 70 days to be ready for harvest making it count on the fastest growing autoflower list. While it isn't the most potent strain (with THC levels that are only as high as 14%), this indica-dominant autoflower is still great in its own right because its moderate CBD. How To Tell If My Autoflower Is Ready for Harvest. 1) Under closer inspection, the color of the trichomes will indicate how mature the plants are. The appearance of the heads of the resin will be either clear, translucent, milky, silver, yellow, and amber. Harvesting plants too soon can be one of the biggest ways to lose on final dry weight.

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When you plant an autoflower strain, you can get your buds between 7 to 11 weeks. This timely compensation helps growers harvest more crops in a year. Moreover, many autoflower strains are mold-resistant, which will be an additional benefit. You can grow around five plants per square meter by managing strain type, pot size, and light cycle The most obvious benefit of growing autoflowering seeds is that you don't need to vary the light exposure to induce flowering. You can keep autoflowering seeds at a 16/8 ratio (16 hours of light/8 hours of darkness) from sprout to harvest. Disadvantages Of Autoflowering Seeds 1) Low THC Coun Autoflowering cannabis seeds generally grow up to be harvestable plants about three months after they germinate. While many seed banks claim seed to harvest in 8 weeks, the 8 weeks they talk about usually reflect the flowering time. Even though autoflowering cannabis seeds will flower as soon as they can, this does not mean their. Galactic Yields, Warp Speed! Crop Circle Auto goes from non-descript bean to 800 gr/m2 of multi-hued, rock-hard buds in just 55 days from seed. This one's highly recommended for vapeheads & medibles. Plenty of Power at 18% THC. Earthy & Floral with Coconut & Lime The largest plant I've grown from seed to harvest in a 16oz red party cup came in at 2' tall. As for the medium, I've tried many different grow mediums and ultimately decided to mix my own. It's ultimately the growers decision and personal preference, but I have found my mix works great for my needs

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AK Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds. Rated 4.70 out of 5. From: $ 29.99. Quick View. Quick View. The auto version of AK-47 is a popular pick. With a moderate THC level and a fairly fast flowering period, AK Autoflowering marijuana seeds with get you some all-natural insomnia relief, quick. Select options. Select options About BCN Critical XXL Auto. One of our heaviest yielding auto varieties, BCN Critical Autoflower is also a powerful smoke with THC levels of 22%+. These legendary genetics are reliable and consistently heavy producers of strong cannabis, its a proven auto that you can trust to deliver. Indoors this variety takes around 75 days from seed to. Autoflowering seeds are ready for harvest sooner than photoperiod plants. Most autoflowering seeds will be ready for harvest in just 2-3 months after sprouting from seeds. For the initial weeks, autoflowering plants are in their vegetative growth. And after a short vegetative stage, the plant will make buds