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This Is What It's Like To Eat A 75-Year-Old Field Ration

  1. He eats the entire ration, and savors every morsel. His final assessment: Absolutely amazing.. If Steve has somehow managed to make MREs seem appetizing to you, check out his website.
  2. Many of us have eaten American MREs, whether it was during military service, on a camping trip, or as an emergency ration. While there are plenty of jokes along the lines of meal ready to excrete or meal rejected by everyone, most MREs we've tried are reasonably palatable.That said, it's always interesting to see how other countries and cultures approach the MRE formula
  3. Why Millions of People Watch This YouTuber Eat 50-Year-Old Rations. Steve Thomas films himself eating his way through military history—peanut butter from the Korean War, beef bouillon from WWII.
  4. Updated: 2 February 2021. Steven Andrew Thomas, (born in April 1989), known online as Steve1989MREInfo, Steve MRE or Steve1989, is an American YouTuber and military ration commentator, best known for his YouTube video content, which mainly consists of videos of Thomas unboxing and taste-testing old, obscure, or foreign military field rations
  5. g himself eating old army rations— extremely old army rations—and subjecting his intestines to century-old torture. For his latest video, Steve.
  6. g that the slightest vocal cadence reflecting his genuine emotional reaction comes through like a hot knife cuts through butter

Forgive me if this has already been posted. I think it'd be awesome if Steve could actually do some sort of visit or interview with the facilities that manufacture and develop MREs. They could be long format videos maybe released only once a year or something to that effect. It'd be a neat to see and I'd definitely watch it 2019 MCW Mexican Chicken & Rice Cold Weather MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test. 142,504 views. 1945 RAF Emergency Rations & 1900 British Perfectly Preserved Tin Review MRE Tasting Test. 215,719 views. 2018 Brazilian Army MRE Operational Ration (6 Hours) Review Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test. Steve1989mia. I know Steve takes random breaks from uploading without warning, but we're going on quite a while here. It strikes me as odd that he doesn't have any social media to give us updates when he isn't uploading, especially considering the cult following he has, similar to gun Jesus. I am a bit worried, as he has been getting. A truly astounding food discovery, this incredibly well preserved vacuum sealed can of pemmican and chocolate stood the test of time. The first true long-ter.. Spanish Armed Forces Individual Combat Ration (ICR) foreign MRE. $34.99 $39.99. In Stock. Add to cart. 44% off. British UK 24 hour combat Operational Ration Pack (ORP) Vegetarian Menus. $24.99 $44.99

Video: Steve1989 Tastes a Russian Spetsnaz MRE RECOIL

Like Housil and Elandil have said, just use your senses and you should be fine. If any of those things are questionable, steer clear of it. I did a review on a 1988 MRE recently on here and ate everything except the beverage powder, which had gone bad from a likely pinhole. I was perfectly fine, and that was a 27 year-old MRE The modern MRE is the distillation of military might, and the technology behind both rations and military nutritional science has shaped literally how and what we all eat. But watching MRE reviews as the country stumbles its way into more foreign conflict, endlessly, does remind me that the burden of policy moves is shouldered by a bunch of kids who are hungry as hell and trying to make the. This 74 year old C Ration set was some of the last of it's kind in this condition (Stored in Alaska). Nearly all components were perfectly preserved, and thi.. The MRE Shop can ship Halal certified MRE meals anywhere, quickly and reliably. This is where our ready to Eat Halal Meals takes the lead as the most reliable solution available. We base our standard Halal MRE offerings in three basic configurations: The Halal 1000. Provides 900 - 1100 Calories per Pack. The Halal 24HR Ration

On tonight's episode of The Walking Dead! I think it's also in the very first episode, carol offers some of her husbands mres to people and the husband yells at her for it. So he was a hoarder of them. Let's get this out onto a tray We've ordered the MREs 3 different times, and every time we get something different. My granddaughter and I watch Steve1989MREInfo videos together, and ever since then, she's been interested in trying MREs. The MREs themselves allow for unboxing (which my granddaughter loves), and she eats them over the course of a few days

Why Millions of People Watch This YouTuber Eat 50-Year-Old

Kekoa (The Warrior) is the 16th episode of Season 3 in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Quotes 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 Cast 6.1 Main 6.2 Recurring/Guest Starring 6.3 Others Five-0 investigates the murder of a Lua (ancient Hawaiian hand-to-hand combat) master, and McGarrett hires a private investigator to follow his mother. Thomas Hoapili, a businessman and cousin of Kamekona. Where does Steve get his MREs from? Occasionally, my girlfriend has walked into the office while I am watching his videos while I eat and has asked questions about what he is doing. After some explaining, she got curious and watched a couple with me and really liked his personality SteveMRE eats stuff. YouTube. Steve1989MREInfo. 1.8M subscribers. Subscribe. 2017 French RIER MRE Review Duck Cassoulet Ration Individual Exercise Reheatable Taste Testing. Watch later. Copy link. Info Steve's cigarettes-in-MREs comment from the News section. Over in the News section, Steve made a comment. I hope he doesn't mind if I repost it here: I think they should put cigarettes back in MRE's. I dont know why they dicontinued them in C rats back in 72' or whatever it was. I mean yeah they are bad for you, but how do those guys get thier. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear

MRE's Meal, Ready-To-Eat Shop MRE's » Yoder's Meats & Bacon Shop Yoder's » Military Surplus Shop Military Surplus » We supply you with everything you need to be prepared. Whether a Natural Disaster or the events of 9-11 have inspired you to protect your family, our buyers are constantly searching the country to bring you the best prices on top quality name brand Disaster Kits, Survival Kits. The 5 Worst MRE's in the Military. MRE's. Meals Ready to Eat. Not one word of the name of this food item isn't a lie. They are not meals, they are not ready, and they are definitely not to eat. All of us who served and who have spent any time deployed or away from regular facilities have had to endure MRE's

The Guy Who Eats 154-Year-Old Crackers for Fun | MyRecipes

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24 Hour Ration Packs, High-Calorie, Complete, and Ready to Eat Meals. At MREmountain We Break Down Barriers. From Our Products to Our Community. Only fresh rations! Our rations and MREs are stored in special conditions and we always have only fresh rations available. We guarantee you a fresh and undamaged ration or we will refund your money This is why deployed Marines don't eat Charms candy. They don't even put Charms in MREs anymore. Because if everyone is just going to chuck the candy out the Humvee window, that's just a gross waste of high-fructose corn syrup. And that is candy corn's job. Those who aren't new to the service and have ever deployed with Marines. Meal Kit Supply is the supplier of premium Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs) with Flameless Ration Heaters (FRHs) . These are not your grandpa's combat rations -they're tougher, last longer, and taste a heck of a lot better. We have the best three-course meal variety in the industry for all of our 1,100+ calorie MREs SAUDI ARABIA -- They are officially called MREs. The Army says that stands for Meals Ready to Eat. The men and women who eat them while stationed in the Saudi desert beg to differ. They have less. Steve, acting as an ambassador for a site called MREInfo on occasion, even tastes the contents of decades-old Meals Ready To Eat, some dating as far back as the Korean War. The MREs reviewed.

Watch This Guy Try To Eat 117-Year-Old Beef From an Army

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24 Genuine US Military MRE Meals Ready-to-Eat, Case A and B Bundle with Menus 1-24. Includes two cases for 24 meals total. Each meal kit includes Entree, Sides, Snacks, Drink, Dessert, Accessories and Flameless Ration Heater Lot #8044, 02/2018-pack, 02/2021-inspect. Properly stored MREs have a shelf life of 5 to 7 years or more Steve. That's what I do. If you don't have to CARRY them,canned goods are the way to go. Imho. But I'll probably never need to bug out either. April 26, 2021 7:10 am Reply. Ron. Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are Ready to Eat. As Is. You can eat them cold, they're fully cooked, no need to add anything. The heaters only warm the food, they don't. Steve the MRE guy celebrates the birth of our nation by eating a 1993 vintage hotdog ration, affectionally nicknamed 'The Four Fingers of Death

We are proudly one of the largest suppliers of meals ready-to-eat (MREs) to the U.S. military and a preferred partner to many major international food companies. SOPAKCO is a recent recipient of. Soundtrack Steve 1989 MRE Info songs Full tracklist. Steve1989MREInfo Intro Music Compilation. MRE Meet-Up Live. SteveWillDoIt Intro Song. Very Rare MRE Review New Zealand Patrol Ration Pack (PRP)Ration Tasting Test. 2069 MRE Coffee Instant Type III Review MRE Meal Ready to Eat bad parody of Steve. John Hancrook Club Anthem From video reviews posted to Steve1989MREInfo, a YouTube channel on which Steve Thomas evaluates military rations and MREs (meals ready to eat). concentrated beef for beef tea, second boer war british emergency ration, 1899-1902 It smells like fish food. A smell that says, whatever this is, it's not appetizing. It wafts foul beef. Lacking in [

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[=Steve1989MREInfo=], real ''[=Steve1989MREInfo=]'', channel name and alias of Steven Thomas (born April 21, 1989 in Lakeland, Florida), is a Thomas, provides food critic critiques of a somewhat unusual sort, sort: buying military [=MRE=]s, or Meal Ready (to) Eat, then critiquing them much like a professional food critic.He's garnered a reputation for eating particularly antiquated rations. They distribute personal protective equipment, including military-grade Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs), and are based in Monrovia, California. Survive Tomorrow Supply is a distributor of MREs. Each MRE has an average of 1,100-1,300 calories and is sold by the case. The company was founded in 2011 in Grand Praire, Texas Unloved by generations of soldiers, the MRE finds a fan base. Food technologists at the Combat Feeding Division work painstakingly to ensure each M.R.E. is as compact and durable as possible, in.

Introducing our latest line of custom MRE's: Prospector MRE (The Gold Miner) in menu's 1-12! 1st Inspection dates 2020 - 2023! Even you can strike gold right at home with your very own Prospector MRE! Designed for those with a hearty appetite, preppers, campers, hikers and any long term food storage advocates YouTube user Steve1989MREInfo is no stranger to all sorts of meals-ready-to-eat (MREs). Foreign, domestic, old, or new makes no difference in his eagerness to dig into one of these. The food in this video comes from a Canadian Emergency Survival MRE that is more than 70 years old and has a reputation for being one of the worst tasting rations eaten by Canadian troops Steve eats the MRE with a spoon directly from the pack. No fresh vegetables tonight because he already had potatoes in the morning. But the meal is good - chicken in some kind of vegetable sauce and noodles. He stuffs the empty pack into the refuse bin on his way to the garden. The daylight lamps are burning bright

by Ella Morton May 2, 2016. The Combat Ration Collectors Who Eat Decades-Old Military Meals. aoc-share. A G.I. eating a compressed dehydrated vegetable bar in 1971. (Photo: Natick Soldier Systems. From 35 years ago. This preserved 1st generation MRE was a real treat! Stored in perfect conditions underground, it was sealed in time. A meal to remember, featuring the Cherry Nut Cake, a highly coveted dessert and one of my personal favorites, and that Beef Stew being quite different than the modern version (and much better back then in terms of quality), freeze dried fruit, and those much.

Steve's narration style is an extension of the show itself Steve1989MREInfo, whose real name is Steven Andrew Thomas, is a YouTuber that specializes in trying out and tasting vintage MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat). He regularly frequents the forums on MREInfo.com to chat with other MRE enthusiasts and to purchase rations for future videos The YouTube MRE thing is a passion, but all the money he makes from it goes into buying more MRE's. Some of those old ones from WWI and WWII can cost thousands of dollars. Keep that in mind next time you see him open an 80 year old Royal Navy survival ration and eat one of the candies or biscuits from it

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We could go hunting for dinner or we could just eat the MREs that are stored in this Quinjet. I favor the MREs, proposed Clint. We'll eat MRE's and use the Quinjet for shelter for tonight, Steve commanded. Tomorrow we may start a fire, find a lake with fish or maybe hunt a deer. I thought we'd hide here for a few days well we decide our. Steve 1989 MRE Info s03e01 soundtrack full music list with detailed info, questions and reviews. Steve 1989 MRE Info s03e01 songs tracklist, listen to audio used in movie or tv show or help visitors The Army is looking for volunteers to eat nothing but notoriously bland ration packs for 21 days. The military is studying MRE's effect on soldiers' health - and hoping to improve the rations' taste

MRE Review & Comparison, Humanitarian (HDR), Civilian (Sopakco) and Military (MRE) Meal Ready to Eat. See latest prices. In addition to viewing the article on the topic MRE Review & Comparison, Humanitarian (HDR), Civilian (Sopakco) and Military (MRE) Meal Ready to Eat, you can see many other articles related to best mres here:See here MREInfo is the most trusted source for U.S. military operational ration information, for both MREs and rations from the recent past (C-Rats). Saved by The Hansens. 78. Military Food Military Brat Military Humor Army Brat Military Quotes Military Spouse Survival Food Survival Prepping Emergency Preparedness Steve eats bully beef from a 120 year old Boer War ration kit. Steve opens and eats 1943 Army MRE. Otherground. Squatdog August 2, 2019, 12:36am #21. LOL@that weak faggot bullshit... Steve eats bully beef from a 120 year old Boer War ration kit. 1 Like. Rambo_John_J August 2, 2019, 12:38am #22. scrapdo -.

We previously wrote about Steve's experience with a 1952 Food Packet MRE, but in a recent video Steve ups the ante yet again with the oldest MRE he has featured to date. He managed to obtain a sealed 1943 U.S. Army K Ration Dinner Unit, which he unboxes and tastes in the video below. Yes, you read that right — he actually eats a 74-year-old MRE I Can't Stop Watching This Guy Eat Decades-Old Army Rations. Judging from the comments of Steve's many viewers—that hardtack video alone has been watched more than 610,000 times—everyone. Steve: With U.S. rations - it is amazing how they get such a bad rap. The U.S. MRE is a feat of food engineering and the people at Natick Food Labs should be so proud of what they have created The 1.8 million subscribers to his channel Steve1989MREInfo have watched him fearlessly and even enthusiastically eat canned pork and eggs dating to 1945, or a ham and chicken loaf from 1984. Last. For those who don't know, this guy collects and open MRE (meal ready to eat), which are basically packed meals that armies supply to their troops. Sometimes he reviews stuff that is only a few years old from different armies around the world. Sometimes, he reviews rations that are 60+ years old and he will eat that shit

MRE Marketplace is the best source for premium, factory-fresh MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat). We offer MRE products from the most reliable and well-known MRE manufacturers in the industry. Qualified companies that wish to list in this marketplace must guarantee the menu and freshness. Most orders will be shipped out the same day Well, since this site is all about MRE's let me start by giving my review of the MRE I just finished for dinner. It was Chicken And Salsa, Mexican Rice, Wheat snack bread (which I robbed from my Jambalaya meal as the Chicken and Salsa meal has crackers only and I love the bread) with Jalapeno Cheese Spread and washed it down with 12oz, WHAT? 12oz!! Repeating a web search quote that sums that up, Full Meals include an entrée, side dish, crackers, dessert, candy, and a beverage mix like coffee, as well as the flameless ration heater (FRH), pouch of water, and utensils. Military MREs also incl..

That depends. If you're on a big base, they have chow halls there. These chow halls are awesome, far better than the stateside ones. The biggest bases even have Burger King and Subway and all that shit there. Now, if you're out in COPs and FOBs an.. Proper practice is to store what you eat. And we don't eat MREs anymore. About the only thing they are good for is to hand out to folks after a disaster. When all they get is a way-outdated MRE, they aren't coming back for seconds Steve enjoyed seeing some of the equipment and weapons they use, learning about the details of this training and also learning more about the Wisconsin Army National Guard. He also experienced first-hand the food that our service members eat, Meals - Ready to Eat or MRE, at lunch. MRE Lunc Finally, the one that is the funniest is Steve 1989.Steve also writes a lot of stuff for MREinfo.com which is a great world wide resource on military rations. Since he's the historian of the group of many ration reviewers, he not only will review the more modern MRE's but he also does the same for the MUCH older Meal, Combat Individual or C ration which is closer to what our grandparents. MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) designed for military use are meant to be eaten within a few weeks from packaging, with a maximum shelf life of just a few years. Steve's enthusiasm is polite and.

Steve1989mia : steve1989mreinf

A YouTuber named Steve1989 collects, eats (), and reviews old and obscure military rations (MREs) from around the world.Far from being stunt posts, they're more like excited unboxing videos with interesting histories. A sampling: 1944 WW2 British Special Ration Type C MRE Review, 1969 Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Aircraft Ration MRE Review, 1985 Dutch 24hr Ration MRE Review, 2015 French RCIR. A single complete meal is nutritionally balanced and contains between 1,100-1,300 calories. Each single complete MRE meal includes entrée, starch, snack, dessert, fruit flavored drink mix and an accessory pack containing all of the essentials, plus coffee, candy and hot sauce. MRE meals are ready to eat and require no water to reconstitute

Watch This Guy Smoke 74-Year-Old Cigarettes From A WorldVideo: YouTuber Eats Army Rations from 1955 | OutdoorHub

1906 US Army Emergency Ration Preserved Survival Food

Hm, Something that I would eat when I was a child, but it's good though. Has to be healthy as well. Well, this is all gone, okay peanuts and what is this walnuts? No not walnuts almonds. Non cooked raw peanuts or almonds, which is they don't taste as good, but obviously way healthier for you. Now, this is Steve with milk looks like coffee MRE Full Meals are a great addition to your 72-hour kit or bug out bag. These collections and cases are packed to the brim with Military Ration Full Meals. Each includes a prepared meal, crackers, fruit-flavored candies, raisins, fig bar, seasonings, napkins, utensils and flameless heater. MRE Full Meals are packed with calories to give you the. Meal Ready To Eat Explained And Ingredients Unboxing Military rations and civilian food rations are nice. How to MRE food video with nice blog post content. Military civilian can food Meal Ready To Eat off Amazon. Not Steve MRE but by me and not 100 years old food. #MRE, #WHATISANMRE, #UNBOXING, #MilitaryRation, #NewVideo MRE food packets are foil so they are both waterproof and allow you to heat them on almost anything. We would use the heater vents in our trucks, lay them on our stoves in the tent or on the block of our engines. MREs come in boxes of 12 and each MRE is a different meal. You quickly learn which meals you like and which ones you don't Because survival food companies design their packages with long-term preservation in mind, certain meals can actually last around 20 to 25 years. As a general rule of thumb, Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs) have the shortest shelf life (about three years), followed by wet-packed canned foods (approximately five, not including acidic foods, like tomato)

Fossilized MRE: Tasting a 1943 U

first, it's C Rations. Sea Rations are what sailors line up for 3 times a day. second, C Rations were before my time, but by all accounts were as horrible as Meals Refused by Ethiopians if you had to eat them all the time, and as wonderful if you. Steve M. 22 |N 0 |NA 1 |NA 1-dodecanol |N 1-hitter |N 10 |NA 100 |NA 1000 |NA 10000 |N 100000 |N 1000000 |N 1000000000 |N Nov 10, 2014 · Ready Meals, MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) 3-10 years (stored at 80 degrees or cooler) Rice, flavored or herb mixes 6 months Rice, Minute Rice, Kraft Foods - 18 months Rice Mixes - 6 months Rice, parboiled. Steve's channel (and I know there are others) has a pretty amazing variety of reviews for MREs from different nationalities and decades. The guy must have a stomach of steel to handle some of the 60 year old ones. He seems like a super chill guy, and his reviews are pretty thorough and interesting to watch

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