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German WWII Field Gear and Equipment German Army (Heer) Combat Y Straps WWII Repro The German WWII Leather Combat Y Straps Reproductions made in exacting detail of the original German combat suspension straps. Combat Y Straps attached to the cartridge belt and ammo pouches and used with the assault pack Looking for the very best German Army Surplus? You've found it! Keep Shooting carries the full line of German army gear, including popular Flecktarn camouflage pattern gear like parkas and backpacks. We price all of our German gear low so you can carry the same equipment as soldiers in Germany without breaking your budget Original German WWII Late War Waffen-SS M43 Field Cap Constructed of Italian Gabardine. $2,595.00 $2,395.00. VIEW DETAILS. SALE! Original German WWII M42 Army Heer Helmet with Textured Camouflage Paint and 57cm Liner - hkp64. $2,495.00 $2,295.00

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Initial purchase of 27 German Army trucks that were stored and now being refurbished for Croatian Army. In 2015, MoD bought 10 more trucks from German surpluses, in accordance with the 2013 Framework Agreement on the purchase of used trucks and containers from the surplus of the German Armed Forces The German Army (German: Deutsches Heer) is the land component of the armed forces of Germany.The present-day German Army was founded in 1955 as part of the newly formed West German Bundeswehr together with the Marine (German Navy) and the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). As of April 2020, the German Army had a strength of 64,036 soldiers The German Army (German: Deutsches Heer, German: (), lit. 'German Army') was the land forces component of the Wehrmacht, the regular German Armed Forces, from 1935 until it ceased to exist in 1945 and then was formally dissolved in August 1946. During World War II, a total of about 13.6 million soldiers served in the German Army.Army personnel were made up of volunteers and conscripts The Land Forces of the National People's Army (German: Landstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee - LaSK), was the ground-based military branch of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) National People's Army (NPA). The Land Forces Command, located at Geltow was established on 1 December 1972 as a management body created for the land forces. The NPA itself was created on March 1, 1956 from.

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German Army Surplus (Germany) Dutch/German Army black combat boots - Gore-Tex lined - Haix brand - Grade 1 £50.00 German - Meindl brand desert/jungle hiking boots - UK size 9½ only - new - in box £75.00 German Army Desert Camouflage trousers - Tropentarn £15.0 EQUIPMENT TROPICAL TORNISTER STRAP-WEBBING. $ 17.95. SUPER HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION WWII GERMAN EQUIPMENT TORNISTER STRAP. WEBBING MATERIAL WITH GREY PAINTED HARDWEAR. FROM MAN THE LINE. Web or Tropical version of the straps designed to secure the blanket and/ or greatcoat to the Tornister Packs or A-frames East German Field Equipment Hessen Antique is your source for original Nationale Volksarmee der DDR Headgear, clothing, gear, insignia and other collectible items. Here is a selection of unique, collectible East German Field Equipment Authentically correct German Field Gear and Equipment from World War II - Belts, Magazine Pouches, Y straps, Zeltbahnen, Tunic Hooks and More. German Army (Heer) Combat Y Straps WWII Repro The German WWII Leather Combat Y Straps Reproductions made in exacting detail of the original German combat suspension straps german equipment, enjoy Song: Era - The Mas

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AEF Airborne Armored Force Army Army Navy Game Barware BEF British Army British Navy Canadian Candy and Gum Corpsman D-Day Dday Doughboy DRK Fallschirmjäger For Her G.I. Gift Ideas Heer Homefront Infantry Kriegsmarine Luftwaffe Marines Medic Medical Corps Paratroopers Pearl Harbor PTO RAF Rangers Rosie the Riveter Signal Corps SS Stocking. Around 1960, the BGS switched to the FuG 6, a West German system similar to the US Army's AN/PRC-6 of the Korean and Vietnam wars.) As built in WWII the air-cooled MG-42 weighed 25lbs 8ozs. Operating from the short recoil system, it fired the 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge from a 250-round non-disintegrating belt, or a 50-round belt in a. Germany considered increasing the size of the army, and in May 2016 it announced it would spend €130 billion on new equipment by 2030 and add nearly 7,000 soldiers by 2023 in the first German military expansion since the end of the Cold War Because of shortcomings regarding arms and military equipment as well as readiness levels, the German Army proposed an army equipment plan (Project Land 2023) . As part of the plan, one division is to be fully modernised by 2027, and the other two - by 2032. By 2023, a brigade equivalent is to be fully modernised and to achieve full. ww1 German Army Equipment. Explore AndreaSilva60's photos on Flickr. AndreaSilva60 has uploaded 115 photos to Flickr. Article by OUTRAIN. 467. Ww1 Helmet Heavy Machine Gun Machine Guns Ww1 Art Ww1 Soldiers German Uniforms Military Equipment World War One German Army

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Category:Military equipment of World War I. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Equipment of World War I. This category is for all land, sea and air materiel designed, built, or operated during World War I (1914-1918). World War I portal Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918: A Study in Period Photographs, contains over 500 never before published photographic images of Imperial German military subjects. This initial volume, of a continuing study, features formal studio portraits of pre-war dress and wartime uniforms of all arms

The field equipment of the German Army in World War II was closely related to that used throughout World War I and earlier, yet it was of relatively light weight, ruggedly constructed, well designed, functional, and generally of a high quality, though this deteriorated in the later war years There are a total of [ 14 ] Active German Army Vehicles & Artillery (2021) entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. Return to the Modern Armor Index. Also consider Infantry Arms of the modern German Army. 1. 2011 WWII German Heer Army Belt Buckle B&N 37. WWII German P-38 Leather Holster. WWII German ID Identity Disk. WWII German Officer Uniform Belt and Buckle. WWII German Officer Uniform Belt and Buckle. WWII era German Leather Equipment Pouch. WWII German Helmet Chinstrap Buckle. WWII German K98 Three Pocket Ammo Pouch The German army reportedly lacks the tents, winter clothes and other essential equipment needed for its deployment in a NATO rapid reaction force. The German defense ministry pledged that the. East German (NVA) military issue OD nylon Combat Belt issued to the East German army. Made of durable, heavy weight nylon 2 - 1/4 inch wide. Last model issued to the East German army in like-new condition. One size fits most (up to 42 inches)

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Welcome. This site deals with Military vehicles used by the Germans during WWII. Most of the Photo gallery's are of vehicles from my private collection. Photos show restorations, reenactments and technical information. I also have a for sale section for parts dealing with Kubelwagen, Mercedes 170v and Motorcycle parts K98 Scope Mount In Ww Ii German Personal & Field Gears. Ww2 German Mountain Troop. Zeltbahn In Ww Ii German Personal & Field Gears. German Field Phone In Ww Ii German Personal & Field Gears. p35 holster. Ww2 German Sack. Zeltbahn Original WW II German Collectibles. German G43 Indiana WWII German Personal & Field Gears

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  1. UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA AND INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT : Section I. Army Uniforms: IX-1: II. German Army Insignia: IX-13: III. German Air Force Uniforms and Insignia: IX-14: IV. Armed Elite Guard Uniforms and Insignia: IX-16: V. German Decorations: IX-17: VI. Auxiliary Forces and Semi-Military Organizations
  2. Army Strength: approximately 160,000 including about 40,000 conscripts (plus about 130,000 reserves). There are plans to reduce the strength of the German Army to around 132,000 within two or three years. Outline Army Structure: In general terms and available for immediate operations are: 2 x Armoured Divisions 1 x Mechanised Divisio
  3. The National Volksarmee of East Germany and the Bundeswehr merged into a new national army. Inventories of ships, aircraft and armored vehicles were cut by up to seventy five percent, and the.
  4. german army afrika corps (dak) deutsches afrika- korps uniforms, equipment and gear:- WW2 German Uniforms - We have been making and supplying World War two (ww2, wwii) German army Afrika Corp (Korp), DAK - Deutsches Afrikakorps uniforms, badges, equipments and gear through a number of dealers for quite a long time

The German Army, like the U.S. Army, believes in uniform organization for standard units up to and including companies, troops, and batteries. These either are combined as components of battalions, regiments, and divisions, or temporarily grouped in varying combinations as components of task forces or combat groups By Tobias Buck. February 14, 2019. Germany's armed forces are struggling to attract much-needed recruits, with the number of new soldiers joining the Bundeswehr falling to an all-time low last.

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The German army has faced a shortage of equipment for years, but the situation has recently become so precarious that some soldiers took matters into their own hands WW2 German Black Leather Belt and Buckle. £26.90. Out of stock. WW2 German Brown Leather Belt and Buckle. £27.90. In stock. Buy Now. WW2 German DAK Webbing Belt and Buckle. £11.95 Uniforms: German Field Grey V70.830 Collar: Deep Green V70.970 Jack boots: Black V70.950 Low boots: German Brown Black V70.822 Waders: Field Grey V70.830 Webbing: German Cam Black Brown V70.822 Ammo pouches: German Cam Black Brown V70.822 Haversack: Deck Tan V70.986 Canteen: German Black Brown V70.822 Or Mahogany Brown V70.84 Jan 13, 2014 - Explore Lawrence's board WWII, German Army Tanks & Equipments on Pinterest. See more ideas about german army, army tanks, wwii

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Germany's military will send medical staff and equipment to Portugal, where space in hospital intensive care units is running out after a surge in coronavirus infections, the defense ministry in. Quick overview of the various transformations of the basic German Army field uniform during the period 1933-1945.Some of the following references were used i.. Rare film from the German war files packUploaded only for research and informational purposes only.legal: I do not own any right on this film, nor I will k.. Jul 23, 2021 - Explore Joe S's board German Equipment references on Pinterest. See more ideas about german, german army, german uniforms We manufacture and sell exact reproduction WW2 Uniforms and Gear, US and German, for history buffs, re-enactors, collectors, museums and film. Many items USA made

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German Military Equipment WW1 & WW2: WWI German Trench Steel Breast Plate Grabenbrustpanzer . During the WWI, the German Army utilized this type of steel breast plate together with steel M16 helmet and brow plate for its raiders, machine gunners and sentries in forward positions of the forward battle lines East German Rain Camo Rubberised Fabric - 95cm x 100cm. £8.95. In stock. Buy Now. Original East German Wool Uniform Coat. From £36.95

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This is a European made reproduction German army WWII equipment pistol belt. It has all the right features sewn like the originals with top quality . The overall length is 51 ( 130 CM) and will fit the regular buckle. It will accommodate a size 51 to 46 (129-117cm) total circumference when the buckle is on The German Army had four classifications of military service; Active, Reserve, Landwehr and Landsturm. At the age of 17, a man might be called up to serve in the Landsturm 1st Ban, a sort of National Guard for home defense. The British Army equivalent was the Territorial force. In peace, it was mandatory to serve in the Army upon a man's 20th. While a welcome source for Imperial German Army equipment and excellent color pictures. I found some glaring omissions. In the weapons chapter there is not a single image of the Maxim MG08/15 machinegun, the Kar98b, Gew 88 rifle, Mauser Broomhandle pistol, MP18. All get a Little blurb German Military Trailers and Towed Equipment: 1935-1945 (Schiffer Military/Aviation History) [Beiersdorf, Horst] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. German Military Trailers and Towed Equipment: 1935-1945 (Schiffer Military/Aviation History This is a European made reproduction German army WWII equipment pistol belt. It has all the right features sewn like the originals with top quality . The overall length is 57 ( 145 CM) and will fit the regular buckle. It will accommodate a size 57 to 52 (145-132cm) total circumference when the buckle is on

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It would be unfair to say that German military chiefs are doing nothing to fix their army. The Defense Ministry reportedly plans to spend some €100 million (US$124 million) on global consultancy firms, including the Big Four's Ernst & Young and KPMG, to make the army's logistics and procurement more efficient. The defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has repeatedly said she is. WW2 German Personal Equipment Belt Buckles Please find below our range of WW2 Wehrmacht belt buckles for the different services - Army, Kreigsmarine, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS The German Army also had pre-made rations (mostly canned meats and hard crackers, the infamous Iron Ration) but there were also dehydrated and condensed canned items, such as tomato soup and milk. I actually tried Erbswurst (literally, pea sausage, dehydrated pea soup wrapped to look like sausage- pretty good) WW2 German BMW Leather Pack - Natural. £94.95. Out of stock. WW2 German BMW Leather Pack - Black. £99.95. In stock. Buy Now. WW2 German BMW Leather Pack - Light Brown. £99.95

Charles Hilu. June 12, 2021, 6:00 AM · 2 min read. T he German army must evacuate nearly 6,000 gallons of beer as part of its withdrawal from Afghanistan. Troops at the German camp of Mazar-e-Sharif accumulated 65,000 unopened cans of beer, in addition to various other amounts of wine and spirits, the Defense Ministry said Monday 3) German Army Armoured and Mechanised Units. a. Panzer Divisions. i. 1940 Panzer Divisions vs 1941 Panzer Divisions ii. German Panzer Division TOE vs Soviet Tank Division TOE, June 1941 iii. Equipment Shortages and Variations in Panzer Divisions, June 1941 iv. 1st Panzer Division: Actual Organisation and Equipment

This is a very extensive and complete coverage of World War II German weapons and equipment. Portions of the information may also be also be found in pages 308-422 of The Handbook on German Military Forces 1945, Directory of Wheeled Vehicles of the Wehrmacht, 128 pages and a WE publication of German Combat Weapons, 212 pages 19,369. 19k. Germany's army is donating 60 mobile ventilators to the UK following a call for help as the NHS races to get hold of enough life-saving equipment in the runup to the expected peak. * the IISS inventory time series is seriously confused. NEWSLETTER. Join the GlobalSecurity.org mailing lis At least nine brigades in the German Armed Forces, known as Bundeswehr, lack the necessary equipment and arms, the military Inspector General Eberhard Zorn said, adding that they are expected to be fully equipped no sooner than in 13 years - by 2031. The lack of spare parts for the military equipment also remains one of the major concerns

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The German army used an extensive variety of optical equipment during the war, items such as the 6 x 30 power binoculars (6 power magnification with a 30mm diameter objective lens) were one of the most common types seen since they were the standard issue field optics utilized by all branches of service. These are generally encountered in a. Comparing the equipment of the Waffen-SS and the German army is tricky. The vast amount of equipment types and the time scale both presents quantifiable obstacles. The quality of the individual is a less quantifiable one. To make the comparison manageable, the type of equipment will be limited to armored vehicles

The Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Is a special operations unit of the German Army based on units like the SAS and the Delta Force, the KSK participated in operations in the Balkans and the Middle East. 1 Origin 2 Equipment 2.1 Weaponry 2.2 Vehicles 2.3 Special equipment 2.4 Gallery 3 Tasks 4 Operations 5 See also Created between 1994 and 1995, Approximately 20 soldiers were trained in the fall. The AWC, ordered in 1985 and introduced in 1989, continues to serve the modern German Army today (2017). The Wiesel series involves a crew of two or three depending on configuration and two major variants of the Wiesel ultimately emerged - the original Wiesel 1 and follow-up Wiesel 2

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  1. Moreover, Hastings points out, the German military fought with equipment and weapons that were usually better than those of their adversaries. Weapon for weapon and tank for tank, even in 1944, its equipment decisively outclassed that of the Allies in every category save artillery and transport, he writes
  2. The recently discovered helmets are a mix of M38 Hungarian helmets and German-produced M40/55 helmets. These were made in the same factories on the same machines and likely by the same people who supplied helmets for the German military, Cranmer told Military Trader. We're selling these for $89.95, so the thinking is that the buyer.
  3. Deployment German Navy. The German distribution of ground forces by theaters of war in the summer (June-July) 1942 after TOE (tables of organization and equipment). The actual average strength in the army, however, was only 88%. The units of the Army Group South in Southern Russia were largely completely refreshed at the cost of the others
  4. The German Army of today still maintains Gebirgjsäger troops. The 2nd Gebirgsjäger Division, represented here, was formed April 1, 1938 from the 6th and 8th Brigade of the Austrian Bundesheer. Its first commanding general was an Austrian, Valentin Feuerstein

Germany's Military Is a Total Mess: No Working Submarines, New Equipment Is Defective. Only 39 percent of new weapons delivered to the German military in 2017 were ready to be fielded The Germans in Normandy (Stackpole Military History Series) $9. $15.68. The Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany. $12.69. $20. D-DAY Through German Eyes: The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944. Free. The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939-1945 AEF Airborne Armored Force Army Army Navy Game Barware BEF British Army British Navy Canadian Candy and Gum Corpsman D-Day Dday Doughboy DRK Fallschirmjäger For Her G.I. Gift Ideas Heer Homefront Infantry Kriegsmarine Luftwaffe Marines Medic Medical Corps Paratroopers Pearl Harbor PTO RAF Rangers Rosie the Riveter Signal Corps SS Stocking.

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Fighting Men of World War 2: Axis Forces uniforms, equipment, and weapons. A motorcyclist with his motorcyclist's greatcoat, helmet and goggles. Using the short boots to be able to start and control the motorcyle.There were many other versions of the motorcyclist greatcoat some of which were a blue-gray color 174FE1 - German Army marked double barrel flare gun ( Leuchtpistole ). This flare gun is well marked with waffenamt acceptance marks.Double barrel flare pistols were most commonly used by the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine. Obtained from the veteran's family. $850. More Photos. 162FE15 - Army K98 ammo pouch - $60. More Photo

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  1. 17 Sep 2011 11:09 p.m. PST. In WWII US Army Engineers had air compressors, bulldozers, cranes, road scrapers, road rollers and all kinds of big heavy machines. In WWII German Army Engineers seem to only have cluster grenades and flamethrowers and perhaps a pair of wire cutters. Did the Germans have any units with the type of heavy equipment.
  2. The Equipment of the German Army already consists of very capable and reliable weapons systems e.g. the main battle tank Leopard II or the new artillery gun system Panzerhaubitze 2000 as well as operationally proven UAVs. Further modernization will focus an command, control, communications and intelligence as well as on new systems like the 110.
  3. 18. 19. 20. Fallschirmschützenabzeichen. Our web shop offers only authentic and historical artifacts / Military articles from the history of Germany: World War I / WWI 1870-1918 - World War II / WWII 1918-1945 - East Germany military history from 1946 to 1990. 100% Original or your money back !!! How PayPal Works. WE ACCEPT OFFERS
  4. German Infantry Weapons & Equipment WW II Military Miniatures Series Number: 35247 Scale: 1:35 Type: Detail set Released: 2017 | Initial release - new tool Barcode: 4820183310934 (EAN) Packaging: Folding box (Side opener) Markings Astra 600 Pistole Astra 600/43 Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945) Pistole Astra 600/43 Holster Wehrmacht Heer.
  5. Original German Machine Guns for Sale from WWII and WWI at International Military Antiques. Buy vintage German display machine guns deactivated as non-guns to specifications outlined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  6. The German army raised an incredible 315 infantry divisions during World War II—a stunning total, considering that America formed only sixty-six Army infantry divisions plus six for the Marine Corps. An additional eighteen or so Waffen SS infantry divisions augmented the Heer total. In 1939 most divisions comprised three regiments, each of.


Faction: The German ArmyThe First World WarGermany was recognised as having the most efficient army in the world. It utilized mass conscription for short-ter.. This enabled the German Army to train 300,000 conscripts a year. By 1938 it had 36 infantry divisions of 600,000 men. In 1939 the German Army had 98 divisions available for the invasion of Poland. Although some were ill-equipped veteran reservists, the still had 1.5 million well-trained men available for action. It also had 9 panzer divisions The German armed forces, or the Bundeswehr, are underequipped, demoralized and running out of recruits, an official report reveals. The military was relying on civilian helicopters for tactical troop transport and the soldiers on the battlefield lacked even the basic equipment such as body armor and overalls, the annual report published by.

German Military Surplus - German Uniforms - German Weapons - German Helmets - German Medals Most of the World War 2 German citizens and veterans are aging leaving WW2 German military equipment and supplies up for grabs and if you get your hands on the right piece it could someday net your a nice profit German unmanned aerial vehicle in service with the Bundeswehr (German Army) and produced by EMT Penzberg of Germany. Intended for close reconnaissance , transmitting live video data (visual or infrared) or taking higher resolution still images, but it can also perform other tasks such as particle sampling, ESM/Electronic countermeasures (radio/radar jamming), depending on its payload German Army Orders Gladius Future Soldier Equipment. The German Bundeswehr has placed an order with the Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall Group to supply it with state-of-the-art infantry equipment. A contract to this effect has now been signed at the Federal Agency for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) in Koblenz 1/35 WWII German Army Equipment- pouches, helmets, straps, etc. (Resin/Photo-Etch) Royal Model # rml203. $39.09

T-54/T-55 tanks in East German service‎ (3 C, 1 F) T-72 tanks in East German service ‎ (2 C, 25 F) Military trucks of the National People's Army of the German Democratic Republic ‎ (4 C, 29 F Germany No armed drones for the German army — for now. The Bundeswehr has called for approval for armed combat drones for military use. But the controversial technology has been blocked in the. Military Equipment and Photograph Sites. Finland (Axis History). Includes all service branches, and battles, uniforms, equipment, and other materials. Especially interesting is the shopping list of equipment captured from Russia and/or obtained from Germany. Military history of Finland during World War II. Brief capsule history with links to.

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  1. WWII German Army Leather Equipment Belt Item: GM3547 Price: $109.00 Original WWII black leather combat equipment belt. Belt length is unaltered, end gives size of 98 cm. Stitching is loose around the clip, tongue is missing
  2. Shooting the Dreyse M.41. The Prussian Army was composed not of regulars but conscripts and reservists. Service was compulsory for all men of military age, thus Prussia and its North and South German allies could mobilize and field some 1.2 million soldiers in time of war, which it did within 18 days of mobilization
  3. WWII German Army Leather Equipment Belt Item: GM2977 Price: $110.00 Original black leather political belt with catch. Belt length measures 42. It is in good pliable condition. Belt buckle tab has been restitched
  4. East Germany's National People's Army was completely disbanded after German reunification, except for a small unit of experts who have survived because of their skills at camouflage and deception

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  1. A headquarters; the HQ of an army group was a Heeresgruppe Kommando, an Army HQ was an Armeeoberkommando, etc. German Korps came in several varieties, of which a Generalkommando was a general corps HQ and an Höhere Kommando was a higher corps HQ formed from former Grenzschutz-Abschnitt-Kommandos established after the Polish campaign
  2. WWII German Army Leather Equipment Belt Item: GM848 Price: $105.00 Original WWII black leather combat equipment belt. Belt length is unaltered, end gives size of 95 cm. Stitching is intact. Leather is a little dry but still in pliable condition
  3. In a 2014 report to the Bundestag, the German parliament, the Bundeswehr's inspectors-general presented a woeful picture: Most of the Navy's helicopters were not working, and of the Army's.
  4. This mod tries to change german equipment in a historically authentic way for more . - Changes all planes graphics, text (incl. subunits) - Changes all tanks graphics, text (incl. subunits) - Changes some ships graphics. - Changes mech, mobilized, rocket, jet graphics and text. - Changes infantry equipment text
  5. WWII German Army Leather Equipment Belt Item: GM3610 Original WWII black leather combat equipment belt. Belt length has been altered toungue is fully intact. Cut end measures about 84 cm. Stitching is intact. Dated 1942
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