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Lichen nitidus is an uncommon skin disorder that causes small, shiny papules (bumps) to form on the skin's surface. These bumps are usually skin-colored or white. They can develop on any part of the body. Lichen nitidus usually develops in children and young adults, but it can also affect mature adults What are the symptoms of lichen nitidus? Lichen nitidus causes very small bumps (papules) on your skin. The papules are usually the same color as your skin. If you have lighter skin, they may look..

A topical drug called tacrolimus (Protopic) helps to suppress the immune response and may be helpful for lichen nitidus. Possible side effects include stinging, burning and itching at the site where the medication is applied. This medication can't be used in conjunction with phototherapy Lichen nitidus is an inflammatory condition that causes small, shiny bumps to develop on the skin. It rarely causes other symptoms and does not usually require treatment. The causes of lichen.. Symptoms of Lichen Nitidus The main symptom of lichen nitidus is clusters of small, raised bumps on your skin. It may look like other types of rashes, but it has some distinctive characteristics,.. These are the most common symptoms of lichen nitidus: The appearance of small, skin-colored bumps or papules on the skin surface; primarily on the trunk, arms, legs and genital area but they can appear on any skin surface. Keep in mind that the appearance on palms or soles is rare, and so is the one on mucous membranes or fingernail Typically lichen nitidus presents as a localised bumpy skin eruption involving the flexor aspects of the forearms, backs of hands, the penis, chest, abdomen and buttocks, although any site can be involved including the face. The papules (bumps) have the following characteristics: Pinpoint to pinhead size - 1-2mm diameter Round or polygonal shap

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Lichen Nitidus: Symptoms, Pictures, Causes, and Treatmen

  1. What is Lichen Nitidus? This is an uncommon inflammatory disorder of the skin of unknown cause. What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Lichen Nitidus? It generally presents as a flat-topped, skin-colored, pinhead size bump that can be anywhere on the body. Most commonly affects skin on the trunk, uppe
  2. Lichen nitidus (LIE-kun ni-TIE-dus) is a rare skin condition that usually appears as tiny, skin-colored, glistening bumps on the surface of your skin. Lichen nitidus results from abnormal inflammatory activity in skin cells, but the cause of inflammation is unknown. Although lichen nitidus may affect anyone, it typically develops in children.
  3. Lichen Nitidus - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods Lichen nitidus is a relatively rare, chronic skin eruption. Lichen nitidus is characterized clinically by asymptomatic, flat-topped, skin-colored micropapules. Lichen nitidus may affect anyone, but typically develops in children and young adults

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  1. Lichen nitidus is a skin condition that can cause an eruption of multiple, shiny, pinhead-sized bumps. Lichen nitidus can happen in children and adults but it is more common in children and young adults. Lichen nitidus is a benign disease with no associated complications. This condition usually clears up on its own without treatment
  2. Symptoms Of Lichen Nitidus. It is basically identified by the clusters of small, glistening bumps or papules. The symptoms of this disease are based on the characteristics of these tiny bumps. • They are flat-topped and round in shape. • The size of the bumps can range from pinpoint to a pinhead size
  3. Contents [ show] Lichen nitidus is rare, chronic skin condition which is characterized by asymptomatic, flat skin-colored papules or bumps on the skin, but it can also affect mucous membranes and nails. Lichen nitidus is usually present in children and young adults, but it can affect persons of any age. It can occur equally often in any race
  4. Lichen nitidus is a rare, chronic inflammatory skin condition that is idiopathic in cause. It is characterized by tiny, skin eruptions or papules that are somehow discrete but uniform in distribution, and are pale to reddish-brown in color. This skin condition is a benign skin disease. The skin condition is somehow mistaken for a type of skin.
  5. Symptoms. Symptoms of lichen planus depend on the part or parts of your body affected. Common symptoms include: Skin: The most common symptoms are shiny red or purple bumps. These bumps are firm and may itch a little or a lot; you may have just a few or many of them. Fine white lines or scales may accompany the bumps
  6. Lichen nitidus is a generally mild health diseases. Cases are also often asymptomatic (meaning you can have it without exhibiting any symptoms). Because of its mild nature, lichen nitidus will go away eventually. Even without treatment

If you felt this information uselful, kindly make a small donation to my paypal : carlu.johnsons@gmail.com Commercial ads : aptyou.in (Printed Apparel) Liche.. Lichen nitidus is a rare dermatitis of unknown etiology, benign, with spontaneous resolution in months to years. It is characterized by small papules, 1 to 2 mm each, normal skin color, smooth and shiny surface, usually asymptomatic and compromise flexor region of elbows, genitals, and trunk Lichen Amyloidosis Symptoms. Lichen amyloidosis is an intense itchy condition. There are hyper pigmented and hyperkeratotic skin rash predominantly seen on shin of lower legs. They are often present in other body parts such as arms, upper back area and on thighs. The papular (raised) lesions of lichen amyloidosis are waxy

Lichen nitidus: Causes, symptoms, and treatmen

Lichen Nitidus is a skin condition, which is characterized by small pin-sized shiny papules or bumps that cover the surface of skin. These papules appear in clusters or groups. It is not known what causes lichen nitidus. The condition is mainly seen in areas such as legs, arms, torso, and genitalia, though; it can form on any surface of skin the disappearance of a lichen nitidus eruption. The consensus of most dermatologists is that lichen nitidus is an inde-pendent entity of unknown cause. The several diseases from which lichen nitidus must be differentiated, namely, lichen scrofulosorum, lichen planus, and verruca plana juvenilis in typical form, on carefu What is Lichen Nitidus and What Are its Symptoms? Lichen nitidus is an unusual/ rare non-infectious skin condition, which is most commonly observed in children. It occurs in the form of hundreds of tiny grids of bumps over the skin. And, these skin bumps are often found in tight groups that appear like a big patch What is lichen nitidus, symptoms, causes and homeopathy treatment. August 22, 2015 August 22, 2015 ~ alexrumer. Healing Lichen Nitidus through homeopathy is viable. Treatments for any type of disease are present in Homeopathy. This form is a safe way of curing all the disease. A number of people have come out of their problems with the help of.

Lichen nitidus is a rash that can develop almost anywhere on the body, usually taking the form of small white bumps. It rarely causes discomfort or itching and is not infectious, contagious, or indicative of serious disease. In most cases, lichen nitidus clears up on its own Lichen Nitidus Symptoms and Signs. Lichen nitidus appears as numerous skin-colored, shiny papules on the skin. The pinpoint- to pinhead-sized bumps typically appear in clusters and may resemble warts. Papules most often occur on the following skin surfaces: body trunk, legs and forearms, and genitalia

Lichen nitidus is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown cause characterized by 1-2 mm, discrete and uniform, shiny, flat-topped, pale flesh-colored or reddish-brown papules that may appear as hypopigmented against dark skin. Occasionally, minimal scaling is present or can be induced by rubbing the surface of the papules. The disease usually affects children and young adults and is. The lichen nitidus was considered in its first descriptions at the beginning of the 20th century as an infectious granuloma. Since 1927 the similarity and sometimes coexistence of lichen nitidus and lichen planus (up to 8% of association, which is an important figure) were established 1. Int J Dermatol. 1994 May;33(5):382-4. Perforating lichen nitidus. Itami A(1), Ando I, Kukita A. Author information: (1)Department of Dermatology, Teikyo University, Mizonokuchi Hospital, Kawasaki, Japan. A 32-year-old man with no particular family history nor past history visited our clinic in September 1992, with papules that he claimed had developed approximately 3 years earlier

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Lichen nitidus consists of tiny flesh colored to pink raised lesions (papules). The papules are asymptomatic but persist for long periods of time. They generally occur only on the abdomen, flexor surfaces of the elbows and palms, and on the male genitalia Lichen nitidus. Lichen nitidus, an uncommon, chronic, asymptomatic eruption, is characterized by flat-topped, flesh-colored 2-3 mm diameter papules that demonstrate the isomorphic phenomenon (Fig. 3.47). Although many practitioners consider lichen nitidus to be a variant of LP, the peak incidence in children between 7 and 13 years, the. Lichen nitidus. Unlike lichen planus, asymptomatic lesions having predilection for the upper extremities, chest, abdomen, and male genitalia 19) clinically characterize it. Previously recorded summertime actinic lichenoid eruption (SALE), may well represent the actinic form of lichen nitidus 20) Ontology: Lichen Nitidus (C0162849) A chronic inflammatory disease characterized by shiny, flat-topped, usually flesh-colored micropapules no larger than the head of a pin. Lesions are localized in the early stages, found chiefly on the lower abdomen, penis, and inner surface of the thighs. Distribution may become generalized as the disease.

Lichen nitidus is a relatively rare, chronic skin eruption that is characterized clinically by asymptomatic, flat-topped, skin-colored micropapules (see image below). Lichen nitidus mainly affects children and young adults Lichen planus is a common skin rash that is not contagious. Common symptoms may include lacy-white lesions in the mouth, which may cause a burning sensation. In most cases, lichen planus is not a. Lichen planus generally affects middle-aged adults. It is less common in children. Symptoms Mouth lesions. Tender or painful (mild cases may have no discomfort) Located on the sides of the tongue or the inside of the cheek Occasionally located on the gums Poorly defined area of blue-white spots or pimple

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Lichen Planus symptoms may appear on skin, nails, mouth, scalp or genitals in one or more of the following ways. Pink, gray, brown or reddish eruptions, raised above skin level, with roughness and mild scaling in some cases. New lesions of Lichen planus come up in areas where the skin is scratched or injured. This is called Koebner's phenomenon Occur alone or in clusters, often at the site of a skin injury. May be covered with thin white streaks or scratch marks. Are shiny or scaly looking. Have a dark, violet color. May develop blisters or ulcers. Other symptoms of lichen planus are: Dry mouth. Hair loss. Metallic taste in the mouth Like Peanut Butter? Check out Joey's Spreads: http://bit.ly/3a5nyxuThank you for watching! If you would like to request a video or topic to be made, leave a. Hence, several investigators consider BLAISE to be a unifying disease. It consists not only of blaschkitis and lichen striatus, but also rare, blaschkoid and linear presentations of common inflammatory dermatoses such as atopic dermatitis, graft-versus-host disease, lichen nitidus, lichen planus, lupus erythematosus, and psoriasis

Lichen planus on your skin usually gets better on its own in about 9 to 18 months. Creams and ointments from a GP can help control the rash and ease itching. If creams and ointments do not work or you have severe lichen planus, steroid tablets or treatment with a special kind of light (light therapy) can help 85 Lichen Planus and Lichen Nitidus. n, lichen planus (LP) is defined as 'an eruption of flat-topped, shiny, violaceous papules' [1]. In the field of dermatology, the term lichenoid is often used as a descriptor of flat-topped papules and thin plaques, either discrete or grouped. The term is also used in histopathology to define a pattern. Lichen Nitidus Psoriasis, Plaque Lichen Simplex Chronicus Syphilis Pityriasis rosea Tinea Corporis. Diagnosis Key Points Diagnosis based on characteristic appearance of the affected area Skin biopsy may be performed to confirm diagnosis and rule out other conditions. Lichen planus is typically diagnosed based the characteristic appearance of.

Medical resources similar to or like Lichen nitidus Chronic inflammatory disease of unknown cause characterized by 1-2 mm, discrete and uniform, shiny, flat-topped, pale flesh-colored or reddish-brown papules that may appear as hypopigmented against dark skin The Lichen Nitidus Treatment Market business inquiry recalls possible figures for the economy, creation, application facts, value trends. The market analysis divides the market by application type and topography in terms of interest and prices. According to the summary, the global Lichen Nitidus Treatment market is expected to reach XX$ 2021. Lichen Planus - Symptoms, Types and Treatment. Lichen planus is an itchy eruption characterized by papular, purple (violaceous color), polygonal lesions which are located on distal extremities but may also affect genitalia or mucous membranes. It has a predilection for the flexor aspects of the forearms and dorsum of the hands

An individual should also see the physician if they experience any symptoms or signs linked with lichen planus of the genitals, scalp, mouth, or nails. Since there are numerous mucosal as well as skin conditions that can develop discomfort as well as pain, it is best to obtain an accurate as well as a prompt diagnosis Lichen planus can clinically mimic lichen nitidus and can sometimes coexist with lichen nitidus. [emedicine.medscape.com] Lichen planus is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease 1 occurring in 0.1 to 4 percent of the general population, most often in perimenopausal women. 2 Lichen planus can appear at any age, but most cases occur between. Lichen nitidus is a rare, asymptomatic, cutaneous eruption more prevalent among children and young adults with multiple, skin-colored or erythematous papules of millimetric dimensions. The typical distribution of lesions includes the penis, genital area, abdomen and extremities

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Signs and Symptoms of Lichen Planus. Lichen planus is a fairly common autoimmune skin condition in which antibodies attack the skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails. Lichen refers to the appearance of the rash that appears on the skin or in the mouth. Lichen planus occurs most often in middle-aged adults, affecting men and women equally Lichen planus (LP) is a chronic inflammatory and immune-mediated disease that affects the skin, nails, hair, and mucous membranes. It is not an actual lichen, and is only named that because it looks like one. It is characterized by polygonal, flat-topped, violaceous papules and plaques with overlying, reticulated, fine white scale (Wickham's striae), commonly affecting dorsal hands, flexural. The lesions were hyperpigmented and had been stable for over one year. The histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of annular lichen planus. She had weight loss, occasional diarrhea, and a severe anemia. The investigation of these symptoms led to the diagnosis of Crohn disease and a sickle cell trait Lichen Nitidus Treatment Market report 2021-2025 includes product portfolios, CAGR Status, PEST analysis, market scope, top countries, including top manufacturers are Pfizer, Novartis, Merck Sharp. Lichen nitidus on the abdomen - illustration Lichen nitidus consists of tiny flesh colored to pink raised lesions (papules). The papules are asymptomatic but persist for long periods of time. They generally occur only on the abdomen, flexor surfaces of the elbows and palms, and on the male genitalia. Lichen nitidus on the abdome

Lichen striatus is typically diagnosed based on the characteristic appearance of the affected area. A skin biopsy may be performed to confirm diagnosis and to rule out other, similar appearing conditions. Treatment Treatment is typically unnecessary as the condition is self-resolving Primary goal of treatment is control of symptoms 3.3 Global Lichen Nitidus Treatment Market Share by Company Type (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3) (based on the Revenue in Lichen Nitidus Treatment as of 2019) 3.4 Global Lichen Nitidus Treatment. Lichen nitidus is an uncommon eruption of minute, flat-topped papules with a shiny appearance ( Fig. 11.24 ). Common areas of involvement include the upper extremities, dorsal hands, genitalia, and trunk. Unlike lichen planus, oral involvement is rarely appreciated and the lesions rarely itch Lichen Nitidus Treatment Market Size And Forecast. Lichen Nitidus Treatment Market was valued at USD 121.17 Million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 224.62 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.65% from 2020 to 2027.. The growth of the global lichen nitidus treatment market is positively influenced by the increasing prevalence of skin diseases across the globe Lichen nitidus is a rare, non-cancerous, inflammatory skin condition. It causes tiny, raised, itchy bumps (papules) on the skin, usually on the arms and legs. These papules typically appear in clusters. Lichen nitidus most often occurs in children and young adults

Lichen nitidus with the ball and claw appearance on low power. Diagnosis confirmation. The clinical differential diagnosis includes many other lichenoid eruptions, notably lichen planus; in fact, some consider it a variant of lichen planus, and there are reports of both conditions coexisting in the same patient. Characteristically, lichen. Overview. Lichen nitidus is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology, characterized by 1-2mm, discrete and uniform, shiny, flat-topped, pale flesh-colored or reddish-brown papules that may be hypopigmented in blacks, and, occasionally, minimal scaling is present or can be induced by rubbing the surface, a disease process that usually affects children and young adults, and is painless. LITERATURE ON LICHEN NITIDUS Lichen nitidus was first described by Pinkus, 1 in 1901, and in an exhaustive paper on the subject, which he contributed to Neisser's Festschrift, in 1907, the Berlin dermatologist gave a detailed clinical and histologic report of nine cases of the disorder. Since that time, examples have been recorded by Arndt 2 Kyrle and McDonagh, 3 Reines 4 and Bachrach, 5 in.

Symptoms of Lichen Planus. The symptoms of Lichen Planus differ according to the affected parts. However, some common symptoms may include: Itching. White lacy patches on the tongue, lips, or in the mouth. Hair loss. Nail loss or damage. Purplish flat bumps which usually develops on the ankle, inner forearm or wrist, and at times in genital areas Lichen Nitidus is a rare skin condition that looks like small dots all along the epidermis of skin. It occurs when abnormal inflammatory activity in the skin cells controlled by white blood cells known as T lymphocytes. No particular reason is known for what cause the inflammation to begin The name lichen nitidus was first applied by Pinkus, 1 in 1901, to a peculiar eruption which somewhat resembled lichen planus, but differed mainly in that it gave rise to no subjective symptoms and was not at all prominent. Pinkus reported nine cases of this condition, seven of which he described quite fully. In only one of these cases was the patient aware of the presence of the eruption Lichen nitidus is a rare chronic inflammatory condition first described in 1907 by Pinkus. This uncommon cutaneous eruption has clearly defined clinical and histopathological characteristics with an unknown etiology and pathogenesis. [1] It most commonly presents in children and young adults and does not favor one sex or race It does look like Lichen Nitidus but that usually doesnt need any treatment and will clear up in a few months to a year,although the patches may be evident for a long time. It used to be considered a variety of Lichen Planus but is now thought to be a separate problem

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lichen nitidus treatment - this is an unpleasant disease. The photos of lichen nitidus treatment below are not recommended for people with a weak psyche! We wish you a cure and never get sick of this disease Lichen nitidus is a relatively rare condition that usually presents in children and young adults, and is characterised by the presence of many asymptomatic, skin-coloured or white, small, flat-topped papules that have a shiny surface

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Lichen nitidus papules may occur on the penis, as well as the upper limbs and abdomen.31, 33 Patients are typically asymptomatic and do not require treatment.31, 33 Patients rarely experience. Lichen nitidus is manifested by clustered skin colored flat papules in the buttocks or abdomen, without subjective symptoms. Pathological changes are similar to lichen scrofulosorum, but not related to hair follicles. Lichen scrofulosorum often occurs next to hair follicles. Pityriasis rubra pilaris is manifested by red hyperkeratotic papules. Lichen simplex chronicus is a chronic dermatitis caused by repeated skin scratching and/or rubbing. Scratching or rubbing causes further itching and then further scratching and/or rubbing, creating a vicious circle (itch-scratch cycle). Diagnosis is by examination. Treatment is directed at the initial cause of the itch and includes education. lichen nitidus picture. Ze!Converter - Download Video From Dailymotion to mp4, mp3, aac, m4a, f4v, or 3gp for free! lichen nitidus picture - this is an unpleasant disease. The photos of lichen nitidus picture below are not recommended for people with a weak psyche! We wish you a cure and never get sick of this disease Lichen planus (LP) is a rare, chronic, inflammatory autoimmune skin and mucous membrane disease. LP most commonly presents as itchy, shiny, reddish-purple spots (lesions) on the skin (cutaneous LP) or as white-gray lesions in the mouth or on the lips (oral LP). Less commonly, LP may also involve the genitals (penile or vulvar LP), scalp (lichen.

Lichen planus is a kind of skin disease where skin develops rashes. It is a chronic inflammatory disorder. While its causes are unknown but they may develop from viral infections, medicines and allergens. Lichen planus treatment covers light therapy, corticosteroids, anti-histamines and non-steroid creams Lichen planus is an inflammatory skin condition marked by an itchy, bumpy, pink or purple rash on the arms and legs. Specialists believe that may be an autoimmune disease, and it typically affects.

Lichen spinulosus occurs during childhood to young adulthood, with most cases occurring during adolescence. It tends to have a sudden onset and is not accompanied by other signs and symptoms. The follicular papules are small rough bumps that appear in round or oval patches, which extend and spread rapidly over a few days to affect large areas. Lichen Nitidus - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods. Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips. Lichen Striatus Treatment Tips. It would also seem that Lichen planus is one of the many symptoms of the condition known as Hepatitis C. If the infection is noticed to be persistent or chronic, the Lichen planus itself is now considered as a. Lichen Nitidus Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment Next Post Lipoma Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment. Natural Health News Next Post. Lipoma Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment . Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name *.

Lichen planus symptoms Lichen planus of the skin. The typical rash is small, red-purple bumps (papules). The bumps are usually shiny and flat-topped (planus means flat). They vary in size from a pinhead to about 1 cm across. The number of flat-topped bumps that develop varies. The rash can appear anywhere on the body but is most likely to occur. When lichen planus affects the moist skin that lines areas like your mouth (oral lichen planus) and tongue, vulva (vulval lichen planus) or penis (penile lichen planus), it can cause symptoms including: redness and swelling. painful sores - if these are in your mouth, they can cause burning and stinging when you eat or drink Lichen nitidus is an unusual condition that usually affects children and young adults. It is characterized by an asymptomatic monomorphic eruption of tiny papules tend to be localized to one site. The sites usually affected are the forearms, abdomen, chest and buttocks (plus the shaft of the penis in males), although the eruption can be generalized. The Koebner phenomenon has been described in.

Lichen sclerosus is a skin condition that causes itchy white patches on the genitals or other parts of the body. There's no cure, but treatment can help relieve the symptoms. Check if you have lichen sclerosus. Lichen sclerosus affects people of all ages, including children. But it's much more common in women over 50 Lichen nitidus, first described by Pinkus in 1907, is a rare skin disease of unknown aetiology [1, 2].It is clinically characterized by the presence of multiple discrete papules that are tiny, shiny, and of varied colours Symptoms: Lichen Planus. Lichen Planus affects the skin of the vulva, but may affect the mouth, anus and (rarely) the oesophagus (a.k.a. the gullet; the tube that passes food from your mouth to your stomach). Lichen Planus is hardly ever found in children or adolescents. It is most common in women of middle-age and older Lichen amyloidosis is often described as a chronic, pruritic eruption of multiple discrete hyperkeratotic, nontender papules that may coalesce to form plaques with overlying lichenification (Figure 1). Lichen amyloidosis mostly occurs on the pretibial areas with occasional involvement of the arms, thighs, calves, ankles, and dorsa of the feet As examples, lichen planus, lichenoid secondary syphilis, papular eczema, lichen nitidus, lichen spinulosus, pityriasis rubra pilaris, and Cutaneous manifestations of sarcoidosis View in Chinese granulomatous rosacea, appendageal tumors, xanthelasma, or xanthomas

Lichen spinulosus (LS) is a rare, hyperkeratotic dermatosis similar to keratosis pilaris. Typical lesions consist of follicular keratotic papules with spinous projections, grouped into large patches usually involving the neck, buttocks, abdomen, trochanteric regions, knees, and extensor surfaces of the arms. They can appear simultaneously or in. Lichen planus is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease that affects the skin, oral mucosa, genital mucosa, scalp, and nails. Lichen planus lesions are described using the six P's (planar [flat-topped], purple, polygonal, pruritic, papules, plaques). Onset is usually acute, affecting the flexor Lichen nitidus (LN) is a rare inflammatory condition which presents as multiple small, shiny, pale to flesh colored papules measuring 1-2mm in diameter. Lesions typically occur on the abdomen, chest, genitalia and extremities. However, cases of LN involving the nails, oral mucosa and acral skin have been described Definition (NCI) A chronic, recurrent, pruritic inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology that affects the skin and mucus membranes. It presents with rashes and papules that tend to resolve spontaneously. It may be associated with hepatitis C. Certain drugs that contain arsenic or bismuth are associated with reactions mimicking lichen planus Various diseases that may appear similar to LP include LE, erythema dyschromicum perstans, psoriasis, secondary syphilis, pityriasis rosea, lichen nitidus, graft versus host disease, and keratosis lichenoides chronica. Hypertrophic LP can look very similar to lichen simplex chronicus. Vulvar LP can be difficult to distinguish from lichen sclerosis

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Treatment for lichen planus typically includes a combination of controlling symptoms, healing lesions, providing relief, and increasing the effectiveness of the immune system. X Research source Keep in mind, however, that while treatment may cure some people quickly, symptoms may in some cases continue for months or years before clearing up Lichen nitidus, lichen sclerosus, lichen spinulosus, graft-versus-host disease, lichen striatus, linear epidermal naevus, naevus unius lateralis; Lichen planus is a chronic disease, and the primary focus of treatment is to control symptoms and minimize damage. The treatment should be associated with the severity of the disease and the less. Lichen striatus appears as a continuous or interrupted, linear band consisting of small (1- to 3-mm) pink, tan, or skin-colored lichenoid papules. The papules may be smooth, scaly, or flat topped. Occasionally, a vesicular component is present. The band may range from a few millimeters to 1-2 cm wide and extends from a few centimeters to the. Lichen Planus Causes. The main causes of lichen planus can include: Virus infection of the liver. Gold injections - for the treatment of arthritis. Taking certain medicines containing bismuth, gold and etc. may trigger the appearance of lichen planus to the body. An immune system disorder Lichen nitidus is a relatively uncommon, asymptomatic or mildly pruritic, chronic eruption, characterized by pinpoint, skin-colored or pinkish papules. It is frequently seen in children and young adults with male predilection (4:1)