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20 predictions that came true It's easier to read into the past than predict the future. Yet, these predictions announced events that actually occurred thereafter.. First, predictions that came true. 1. The cure of diseases at a distance or at least by transplantation.. — Robert Boyle, 1660. There is no doubt that technology has transformed healthcare. In addition to Boyle's prediction of transplants coming true, what healthcare will look like in the future continues to evolve Many of his predictions never came true—mosquitos and house flies haven't gone extinct, and college educations aren't free (unfortunately)—but he got some right with startling accuracy, like the advent of digital photography. Photographs will reproduce all of nature's colors, he wrote. And they could be transmitted from any distance

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  1. 10 Back to the Future Predictions That Came True 10 Back to the Future Predictions That Came True. By Susie Poppick. October 20, 2015 Great Scott! Back to the Future Day is upon us. That would be October 21, 2015, the date to which Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travel in 1989.
  2. The Glorious Future of 2015 Is upon Us. On October 21, 1985 Marty McFly rocketed into the future of October 21, 2015 with Doc Brown at 88 mph in the time travelling Delorean. We've finally caught up and can see how well our future matches. Though most predictions were made to be satire, some have actually come true! Hoverboards. Hoverboards.
  3. If this does finally come true, we should be prepared ahead of time. 7. Nuclear war. Baba Vanga is famous for her many fulfilled prophecies, but she is also known to have failed at her future predictions as well. One that stands out would be the threat of nuclear war between the years of 2010-2014. Now, wait
  4. 7 Futuristic Predictions From 1968 That Came True. In 1968, a largely ignored science fiction writer named James R. Berry penned a strikingly poignant article entitled '40 Years in the Future'. First published in the magazine Mechanix Illustrated, his 1,500 word futuristic vision of the Twenty First Century paints a picture of a highly.
  5. 10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True. Humans have been trying to imagine the future for as long as we've had one, and science fiction has been one of the best ways to do it. Authors let their.
  6. Looks like Evans' prediction came true a bit early! Kali Coleman. Kali is an assistant editor at Best Life. Read more. Filed Under. Tech and Gadgets. Read This Next. 20 Predictions That Didn't Come True in 2017. For better or worse. December 4, 2017. 30 Craziest Predictions About the Future Experts Say Are Going to Happen. Fire up your space.
  7. 9 Incredible Historical Predictions That Actually Came True. Beth Dreher Updated: Oct. 02, 2018. What do Wi-Fi, the moon landing, and debit cards have in common? They were all prophesied by great.

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What this means for our future survival Michael Horn Live, EP 38 While we've pointed out the many accurate predictions in the Henoch Prophecies, apparently few people have noticed that Sfath's 1948 predictions contain such events as the: Destruction of the WTC in New York City in 2001 Death of Osama bin Laden by a secret [ The Jetsons, an animated show from the 1960s, was filled with technology people could only imagine. See how 7 ways those predictions came true Some of their predictions are on point, but others simply didn't pan out. Unfortunately for anyone stuck in the 9-to-5 daily grind, the prediction that we'd all see a significantly shorter regulated work week before the turn of the century has not only failed to come true, but seems to have spun in the opposite direction

The real joke is, it won't take too long for some of Futurama's predictions to come true. Grab a can of Slurm and don't get tricked by the hypnotoad . Here are nine examples of how Futurama. In 1942, in the middle of the Second World War, the Japanese landed, welcomed jubilantly by the residents who were certain they were seeing Jayabaya's prophecy come true Given the context of the QAnon post, this prediction appears to be saying that Trump's upcoming Supreme Court pick would not be Trey Gowdy. As mentioned above with other predictions - whether or not you find it impressive, it did come true, so we have to note that here in order to be thorough. 1664: 7/1/2018 There will be no civil war. Refers. Back to the Future predicted a lot of sh*t that actually came true...SONG FOR EVERYONE ASKING: https://soundcloud.com/uniladbeats/love-love-love-beatowskiAdd..

Now, of all the predictions that came true, this one is really for the future. Back in 1900, an American engineer by the name, John Elfreth Watkins wrote a piece for the Ladies Home Journal. In the article, he wrote about what the world would be like over the next 100 years sharing a number of predictions that would end up being rather quite. Online Psychic Readings: Accurate Future Predictions That Actually Come True. Thursday, July 1, 2021 12:55pm; Marketplace; Due to the developing uncertainty of the future since the up rise of Coronavirus, the market for psychic readings has seen a drastic increase. As a result, several people started to worry about what their lives would. How many 'Back to the Future' predictions came true? THE classic film series made some pretty bold predictions about the future. Surprisingly, it actually got quite a few things right Take a look at 15 wild fictional predictions that have come true. In 1865, author Jules Verne released From Earth to the Moon, which described three Americans' mission to launch a spacecraft and.

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  1. d, it wouldn't be a surprise if this prediction came true at some.
  2. The Many Futuristic Predictions of H.G. Wells That Came True Born 150 years ago, H.G. Wells predicted, and inspired, inventions from the laser to emai
  3. Nostradamus predictions. Nostradamus was probably one of the most accurate psychics ever. Or at least one of the most famous ones. By the mid-1500s, he was mastering the unique approaches and tools of clairvoyance. He noted down all his predictions in verses, and he managed to write around 100 of them. The first prediction that came true was.

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  1. 6 shocking predictions that came true from a New York psychic. Suzan Saxman discovered her psychic skills as a youth. Brian Zak/Suzan Saxman. Suzan Saxman sees dead people. At least, that's what.
  2. Personal Drones. Flying drones are ubiquitous in Back to the Future's 2015, and they're shown doing everything from walking a dog to capturing images for news organizations. The latter.
  3. Sci-Fi Predictions That Might Actually Come True By 2030. By. A recent sci-fi short story anthology book made many near-future predictions about our budding relationship with AI
  4. The Future of CRM: Top Predictions That Came True for Small Businesses By: Anita Ann Babu on October 16, 2017 In recent years, the CRM software market has evolved to meet the needs of the market, adopting technologies such as the internet of things, customer analytics, artificial intelligence and more
  5. A 'TIME traveller' who claims he is from 2030 has passed a lie-detector test while revealing a number of weirdly specific predictions about the future. In an eerie YouTube video, the man known.

Little did they know, but that prediction would come true during the Triwizard Tournament when Harry won that prize. It would come true again at the battle at the Department of Mysteries, as well when Sirius fell through the veil and left Harry all of his money and earnings. 14 He Offhandedly Predicted Harry Would Win The Triwizard Tournamen Four of his biggest predictions of future technology came true. Wi-Fi and IoT When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, Tesla said, in a 1926 interview with Colliers reprinted by Wired. Tesla predicted that wireless devices would eventually be simplified, with many transmitters and receivers. List of 15 Ancient Hindu Prophecy From Bhagavata Purana. The following fifteen predictions, written 5,000 years ago by Veda Vyasa, are amazing because they appear so accurate.. Prediction 1. Religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, duration of life, physical strength, and memory will all diminish day by day because of the powerful influence of the age of Kali At any rate, a lot of the well-known psychics had predicted some events to take place sometime in the future and, surprisingly, they did! Check out this list featuring some predictions that turned out to be true years after they were predicted. 10 The Bombing of Oklahoma City In 1995, a building in Oklahoma City was attacked and bombed by.

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Ten 100-year predictions that came true. By Tom Geoghegan BBC News Magazine. Published This presents a rather generous view of future humanity but doesn't seem to consider the popularity and. Some of Baba Vanga predictions that still haven't come true. Peace for 1000 years will settle on Earth. People will realize the existence of the spiritual world. Cancer and HIV/AIDS will be cured - a medicine made from iron. Around 2020 trains will be charged with sun energy; oil extraction will stop and mother Earth will rest. Psychics have made world predictions that seem strange and unbelievable. The creepy fact is, some of these things have already come true. Many people have claimed world predictions for the future. Authors, scientists, and people from all other walks of life have made statements about the future and our role in this inevitable fate. Then, of. Kelp prices have increased - which could be true, considering that it's now known as a healthy superfood - but in Back To The Future Part II world it's because of pollution in the Pacific. Since certain predictions have since come to fruition (think flat screen TVs, card readers, 3-D technology), it stands to reason that we'll see a few more wild ideas become reality in the near future

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The woman known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans proved to have a chilling gift of making incredibly accurate predictions of the future decades ago. Over 85% of her predictions came true. Baba Vanga led the normal life of a girl until the age of 12 when, during a massive storm, she lost her sight The Simpsons: 10 Most Accurate Predictions That Came True. The Simpsons didn't only become one of the best TV shows of all time, but also a source for countless conspiracy theories. By Anja Grčar Published Dec 29, 2020. Bart to the Future is the second episode of The Simpsons that was set in the future. It took us slightly further ahead. Jesus not only fulfilled prophecy in His own life, He Himself predicted events that were to come to pass some time in the future. One of the ministries of Jesus was that of a prophet. As has been true with prophecies fulfilled in His own life, His prophetic words have been literally and marvelously fulfilled The prediction came true in 1991 when the Societ Union got dissolved, the policies of communism ended and the citizen marched towards freedom. 14. Stock Market Crash And The Great Depression. Edgar Cayce also predicted that the stock markets would crash in 1924, five years before the event occurred

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Home Amazing 25 Predictions From the Past That Never Came True. 25 Predictions From the Past That Never Came True. by Surveer September 25, 2013. Never Past predictions True. 0. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. previous post. The Best of National Geographic 2013 (30 Photos) next post Many predictions by Nikola Tesla, one of the world's most celebrated inventors, have already come true and some might in the near future. Paul Ratner 29 July, 201

Fortunately, Judgment Day itself has come and gone without incident, but this Arnie-starring epic from James Cameron is still responsible for some worrying predictions about the future. Among them. Now, we don't know whether or not the coronavirus will suddenly disappear, or if it will strike again in 10 years, but the first part of her prediction came out to be eerily true. Sylvia didn't live to see this prediction come to pass, as she died in 2013

It looks amazing when predictions come true. Given below some of the predictions made by gifted people that came true. 1900 - John Elfreth Watkins - Predicted many things that came true late Nostradamus predictions for 2021: What came true so far and what could happen this year NOSTRADAMUS is widely regarded as the world's greatest prophetic mind with at least three predictions that. Simpsons Predictions That Came True. We already touched on that 'Lisa's Wedding flash-forward-to-the-future episode when we talked about the smartwatch, but another interesting tidbit of that episode is a poster that can be seen in Lisa's dorm room. There's a poster on the wall that advertises that the Rolling Stones will still. Here Are 15 of His Predictions That Actually Came True. Is Bill Gates the Nostradamus of the 21 st century? You might believe that when you hear how whatever Bill Gates predicts comes true. Welcome to Alux.com - the place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you're not subscribed yet, you're missing out The year is 632 A.F. (After Ford, as in Henry, the New World's philosopher-god of the assembly line). That would be 2540 AD. The past is absent from school curricula, for, as Ford proclaimed.

8 predictions Arthur C. Clarke got right decades ago (pictures) 2001 author Arthur C. Clarke brought us some frightening visions of the future that have yet to come to pass Accurate premonitions require that you give an accurate prediction of something that will happen in the future, without considering any statistics. It's based on your inner feeling that the event will come true. If you have predicted such events countless times and they came to pass, then that's a clear sign that your premonitions are real. 6 Here are the ten things I think Demolition Man predicted about the future: 1) Arnie's political career. We all laughed in 1993 at the concept of Arnold Schwarzenegger running for any kind of political office, never mind the presidency. But after two terms as the Governor of California it's not looking so un-likely anymore

5 Psychic predictions that came true and changed the world 1) The assassination John F. Kennedy In 1956, Jeane Dixon confidently told a reporter that she had had a very clear vision of a Democrat President being elected to the White House. Jeane revealed that the future president of the United States had brown hair and blue eyes and came from a very influential family, yet she also affirmed. On May 27, I wrote a post sharing My Three Loki Predictions and my third prediction was that yes, this series would feature several versions of our favorite God of Mischief. Sure enough, it came true and I couldn't be happier The seer Sybill Trelawney made many predictions during her life time. Many of her prophecies of predictions came true, however big or small. Her most famous prophecy was the one she made about the defeat of Lord Voldemort by Harry Potter's hand. 1 Background 2 Prophecies 2.1 The first prophecy 2.2 The second prophecy 3 Predictions 3.1 The deaths of students 3.2 The Grim 3.3 Neville's. Prediction #2: Detroit would be crime-ridden and bankrupt. The movie positively nailed this one: RoboCop imagined a city ravaged by crime, and last year, it was reported that the average.

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Read in the list below 10 predictions of the famous movie Back to the future that didn't come true! And for some of them it was maybe for the best! 10 predictions that didn't come true! (List) Back to the Future: 10 predictions that didn't come true! (List) October 25, 2015 By Rania Strataki Leave a Comment Tomorrow's World Future Predictions That Came True In Modern Tech. Tomorrow's World was a long-running show on BBC that focused on developments in science and technology. The show began in 1965 and ran until it was cancelled in 2003. Although wrong about many things, Tomorrow's World did make some correct mobile software and technology. In 1927, Cayce made a prediction on future medical advancement that would make a diagnosis from a single drop of blood a possibility. The prediction was made during a physical reading for one of Cayce's clients and during that time period it sounded almost as if it came from a science fiction novel

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Dreaming about the future and it comes true. Dreaming about the future is connected to our own subconscious mind. If you think of dreaming as associated with a higher sense of awareness it is not uncommon that dreams actually can predict the future. When I was 10 years old I had a dream about a house. This house was a terrace (in England), with. Future Shock at 40: What the Tofflers Got Right (and Wrong) They predicted the electronic frontier of the Internet, Prozac, YouTube, cloning, home-schooling, the self-induced paralysis of. The master science fiction writer's vision of the future could be dystopian, but he was right about a few things. Predictions that came true. By Hayley The loneliness that can come from. 14 Things from Back to the Future II That Actually Came True, and 5 That Haven't... Yet. Five years from now, Marty McFly will show up in Hill Valley to save his kids. We wanted to see just how.