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From the villains to the victims, Empire presents a list of the 100 greatest horror movie characters - dating right back to the earliest days of the genre, and with inclusions from the most. The Knights of Ålleberg are the ghosts of twelve knights that died in the Battle of Ålleberg in 1389. James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell of Dragsholm Castle, Denmark Myling, a child ghost

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  1. Before she was killing it on American Horror Story as formidable villains Delphine (Coven) and the Butcher (Roanoke), Kathy Bates ruined lives as Annie Wilkes, a psychopath who takes the word..
  2. The Best Horror Movie Characters of All Time From heroes to villains to Courteney Cox and a goat named Phillip, here is an ode to the humans and beasts who haunt our dreams. By Justin Kirkland and..
  3. The scariest ghost in The Shining is, arguably, the woman in the bath. This character lures the unsuspecting Jack Torrens into an embrace, appearing as a young and attractive woman. However, Jack's attraction suddenly became limp as the beautiful woman transformed into a rotten and decrepit crone
  4. Pulse (2001), Wind Chill, The Uninvited (2009), The Bunker, Grave Encounters 2, A Tale Of Two Sisters, They Wait, Ghost Ship, The Haunted (1991), White Noise, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, House On Haunted Hill (1959), Death Ship, Half Light, Mama, Haunted (1995), What Lies Beneath, The Woman In Black (1989), The Innkeepers, Crimson Peak, Below (2001), The Awakening and The Entity
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  6. Tony Todd, as the titular character, has a certain mesmerizing quality that waltzes daintily on the line between farcical and terrifying, while Virginia Madsen as the protagonist actually allowed..
  7. The best gothic novels, ghost stories and early horror 1764-1937 The roots and classics of dark and weird literature in a period from the publishing The Castle of Otranto to H.P. Lovecraft's death

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  1. Adam Maitland. Alex (The Ghost Breakers) Alex Hammond. Alex Jenkins. Alexander Corvinus. Ali (Friday the 13th Part III) Alton Hatcher. Andreas Tanis. Andy (Silent Night, Deadly Night
  2. Ghost movies and shows can fall into a wide range of genres, including romance, comedy, horror, juvenile interest, and drama. Depictions of ghosts are as diverse as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Beetlejuice, Hamlet's father, Jacob Marley, Freddy Krueger, and Moaning Myrtle, as well as the traditional spectral spirits and other bumps in the night
  3. A Ghost (sometimes commonly known as a Spirit or a Soul) is the spirit of a deceased individual who haunts the area of their death, normally as the result of a violent or untimely death. 1 History 2 Notable Ghosts 2.1 Wild Hunts 2.2 Vetala 2.3 La Llorona 2.4 Jima 2.5 Vengeful Ghosts 3 List of..
  4. Judas Coyne, Hill's Rob-Halford-meets-Glenn-Danzig protagonist, confronts both a sinister spirit and the intersection of his own myth and humanity, joined by his two loyal hounds and the latest in..
  5. Poltergeist is another famous ghost story of a family moving to a house that sat on an ancient burial ground. The Hermann family in Long Island, New York moved into a new home that they soon discovered to be haunted

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  1. Billie Dean Howard Sarah Paulson is Billie Dean Howard in Season 1 Murder House, and again in Season 5 Hotel. She is a psychic medium and one of the first characters in the show to give the..
  2. The Bell Witch. (Image credit: M. V. Ingram) The events that allegedly happened at John Bell's Tennessee farm between 1817 and 1821 are said to be one of the classic American ghost tales. Bell.
  3. Billy Loomis is a supporting character and also the main antagonist of the original Scream film. He was played by Skeet Ulrich. Billy is the boyfriend of Sidney Prescott, the heroine of the film series and he is recruited into playing the part of Ghostface by Sidney's half-brother Roman Bridger
  4. 100 Best Horror Novels And Stories In honor of Frankenstein's 200th birthday, this year's summer reader poll is all about horror — from classics like Mary Shelley's monster to new favorites, we.
  5. Kit Walker. Of all Evan Peters' roles on AHS, poor Kit was the only one we can reasonably put in the pure, innocent victim category. Violet Harmon. Sweet Violet might have fallen in love with a.
  6. Ghosts are the main focus of Phasmophobia. A ghost is the incorporeal spiritual essence of a dead person that lingers on Earth, often having suffered a sudden and violent death. It is the main objective of the player(s) to enter and explore abandoned haunted Locations to gather Evidence, search for Ghost Activity and come to a conclusion about the Ghost's presence and classification. Ghosts.
  7. Horror models bring back the days of Dark Shadows and saturday night movies. The genre wouldn't be complete without the famous Universal Monsters, Frankenstein (monster), Dracula, Wolfman, and the Mummy. These plastic model kits continue to be produced by companies such as Polar Lights, Revell, AMT, Monarch, and MPC. Ghost Red Baron.

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Charles Dickens. Writer and social critic, Charles Dickens, was hugely influential in establishing the popularity of the ghost story. From David Copperfield to Oliver Twist, he created some of the most famous fictional characters of all time. In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote what is probably the most famous ghost story of all time, A Christmas. 8. The Amityville Horror Ghost (1976) The Amityville Ghost (Image Source) The Amityville Horror has inspired books, movies and is easily one of the most famous hauntings in American history. In 1974, Ronald Butch DeFeo Jr. killed his parents and four siblings in the Dutch Colonial house built on Long Island's south shore at the behest. 50 best ghost haunted horror movies by MANIAC. 1. The Changeling (1980) Error: please try again. After the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash, a music professor staying at an old mansion is dragged into a decades-old mystery by an inexplicable presence in the mansion's attic

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One of the best horror movies to come out of Hong Kong, and maybe one of the last of the type you'll see coming out of China for a while, as the Chinese censor crackdown on ghost movies. The Eye is a story of a teenager, blind since she was two years old, who gets corneal transplants to give her sight. When she gets her vision back, she is. Tollywood is one of the largest film producing Industry. It is famous for making movies in every genre namely romantic, comedy, horror, drama etc. Along with the other movies, Telugu horror movies are increasing its business day by day. BOTY has created a list of some famous ghost movies in Telugu S. Gepp. S.Gepp is an Australian who has been writing for a number of years primarily in the horror, fantasy, sci-fi and humour genres. Tertiary educated, former acrobat and professional wrestler, a father of two and well past 40 years old, he hopes to be a real writer when he grows up House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski Put simply, House of Leaves is one of the most frightening books ever written. From a fairly standard horror premise (a house is revealed to be slightly larger on the inside than is strictly possible) Danielewski spins out a dizzying tale involving multiple unreliable narrators, typographic mysteries, and looping footnotes that manage to drag the reader. 101 Fantasy Tropes For Writers. 101 Sci-Fi Tropes For Writers. 101 Romance Tropes For Writers. by Oliver Fox. Oliver earned his BFA from the University of Memphis (2015). After graduation, he worked as an editorial assistant for The Pinch ('16). Currently, he works as a manuscript analyst and is an MFA candidate at the University of New Orleans

Top 10 Creepiest Female Horror Characters The Ten Creepiest Women That Haunt Our Dreams (Only From Horror Movies) the epic ghost story managed to scare the sh*t out of Stephen King The Ghost Finders by Adam McOmber - Great Characters AND Story! July 23, 2021 by Chelsea Pittman in Spooky Reads Horror Comedy: Comedy stories which parody horror tropes for laughs ( often in a very morbid manner ). Medical Horror: Horror derived from terrible physical illnesses or injuries being inflicted on living beings. Body Horror: Horror derived from disturbing disfigurement or alteration of someone's body. Evil Is Visceral

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Nov 7, 2017 - Explore Shortisweetz's board Horror movie characters, followed by 1581 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about horror movie characters, horror, horror movies Then make sure to click of to Part 1 of Top 25 Coolest Unique Horror Movie Characters. 13- This Island Earth - Metaluna Mutant. This choice came more from its iconic image than anything. I've been seeing this character in horror and science books since I first learned about TV (hence its 1955 release before I was born) A good ghost story transcends time, and the most beloved tales in this genre are just as likely to send a shiver down your spine as any modern ghost story. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the spookiest stories ever told! Read More. Scroll to Start Quiz This song is on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/horror-cypher-feat-daddyphatsnaps-nemraps-defmatch/1313026100Here's the squad -Leatherface - Daddy..

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Clear rating. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. 2. The Haunting of Hill House. by. Shirley Jackson. 3.83 avg rating — 187,631 ratings. score: 25,397 , and 258 people voted. Want to Read Coming up with a list of the 25 best horror movies is a good way to weed out the scary movie veterans from the scaredy cats. You can spot 'em every time a jump scare happens, or a devil-possessed. Top 100 Horror Movies. Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores John Lowe is a detective investigating murders that have lead him to the mysterious Hotel Cortez. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Wes Bentley. 1 Background 2 Personality and Appearance 3 Story 4 Quotes 5 Notes 6 Gallery 7 References For more information about his crimes, see Ten..

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Halloween Horror Nights Designers were determined to let fans explore famous and familiar scenes in new immersive ways. If you kept your eyes out for an iconic opening and closing ghost trap from the film, Charles Gray wanted to make sure die-hard fans got to see the trap activate inside the house Famous American folktales, tall tales, myths and legends, ghost stories, and more. Ghost Stories, Halloween Stories, Horror Stories, Indiana Folklore, Urban Legends. The medical student toppled into love as soon as he set eyes on Sheila, the beautiful new transfer student. She had masses of long black hair and eyelashes so long they got. Designing Characters to be Scared For. In the May 2004 issue of Game Developer magazine, Richard Rouse III comments that his goal when designing The Suffering was to produce an action horror title, rather than a survival horror title (Rouse's article is available online at Gamasutra, registration required) Portrayed By: Emma Roberts. A day in the sun doesn't erase five years of darkness. A girl who was part of the aerobics class and became a counselor at Camp Redwood after being attacked by the Night Stalker. Action Survivor: A tragic example: She fends off Ramirez twice and goes toe-to-toe with Montana, even killing her in self-defense Horror Books for Kids and Teens. Sometimes a good scare is just the thing. These horror stories are deliciously spooky without being too terrifying -- perfect for a fall night by the fire! But it doesn't need to be Halloween time for kids and teens to enjoy these picks. These gripping tales full of zombies, haunted houses, and other.

Growing up as a kid I was fascinated with horror movies, from the classics to the low budget stinkers. Most local television channels had a show that presented these horror movies at night or on weekends. These shows usually had a host that was tasked with presenting low-grade films to television audiences. These hosts were most often in costume and were taken from the ranks of the studio staff Ghost Story made Straub's career; prior to this 1979 novel he'd been fairly successful, but Ghost Story launched him into the stratosphere and remains one of the bestselling horror novels of all time. The story, told from the point of view of five older friends who share a dark secret and gather every year to tell ghost stories, is a. In the Korean horror movie Dear Friend, water ghosts are out for a group of high schoolers' blood after the girls used a Korean traditional oujia board (called bunshinsaba) to.

Sep 30, 2020 - pfp's for my bitches with finstas; cheers bitch, it's spooky szn ‍♀️. See more ideas about spooky, cartoon profile pictures, cartoon profile pics Watch free horror movies and TV shows online in HD on any device. Tubi offers streaming horror movies and tv you will love. Dead Famous (2004) Documentary, Horror. TV-14. Scream Queens (2010) Reality, Horror. TV-14. Ghost Stories (2011) Documentary, Horror. TV-14. Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns (2005) Reality, Horror, Documentary. NR. Chiller. 112 Ocean Avenue was the original name address for the Amityville haunted house, but the address changed to House 108, which was motivated to protect the current owner's privacy. It is famously known as the Amityville Haunted Horror House. The Amityville house is one of the most famous and well documented hauntings in US history Suspense. Suspense is a classic horror and mystery old time radio show. One of the longest running radio drama, Suspense broadcast ran between 1942-1962. The show also had a brief run on television from 1949-1954 and there was a Suspense Magazine tied with the show from 1946-1947 Heathcliff is monstrous, polluted, and feared. Her female characters battle social norms amidst the winds, storms, and spectral backdrop of the North. 5) Sheridan Le Fanu: In A Glass Darkly (1872) While technically a short story collection, Le Fanu set the stage for the Gothic ghost story here. He also cemented the vampire as the Gothic monster.

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If you want a break from your typical American ghost story, go for Under the Shadow, an Iranian horror film about a woman whose apartment is being haunted by a djinni. Set against the backdrop of. Horror story, a story in which the focus is on creating a feeling of fear. Such tales are of ancient origin and form a substantial part of the body of folk literature. They can feature supernatural elements such as ghosts, witches, or vampires, or they can address more realistic psychological fears This article is about the horror from the Dark Horse comics. You may be looking for Ben Hargreeves from the Netflix series. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 The Umbrella Academy 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 3 Appearances 4 Notes and references The child that would become Ben Hargreeves was born at the same time as forty-two other extraordinary children. As a baby, he was adopted by the. Total price: $53.27. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. One of these items ships sooner than the other. Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: Ghost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce by Ambrose Bierce Paperback $9.95. Only 16 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Amazon.com The Amityville Ghost Photo. The photo below was allegedly taken inside the Amityville house in 1976. It has become one of the most famous paranormal photos of all time. It features what appears to be a young boy with white eyes who is peaking out of a doorway

MARTYRS (2008) This is the most visual disturbing and violent films on the list. Also from France, this film is not for those of you with weak stomachs. It is shocking, it is grimey, it has been banned in certain countries - and it is a well made horror film with something to say. On paper it's a revenge tale Top 10 Famous Cartoon ghosts. 1. Casper. We can refer Casper to as the friendly ghost. He is one of the many spirits that has touched past generations. Casper is a little white ghost who tries not to scare people. Although a ghost's work is to scare folks, Casper would make friends instead of scaring people

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Everyone's favorite friendly ghost was created in the late 1930s as a character in a story book, but was soon adapted into animation.Casper was created in the late 1930s by New York City native Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo, the former devising the idea for the character and the latter providing illustrations.The New York-accented ghost was desperate to make friends after he got tired of. 5. Nightmare Deaths. Of all of the ghost stories and horror movies, Nightmare On Elm Street is the one I thought would be the least likely to be based in reality. However, the inspiration for the.

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One of the few true horror stories on the list. 1. The Vengeful Ghosts of the Heike Clan. Another of Japan's most famous ghost stories, famed in Noh and Kabuki theater and performed over and over every year. At the end of Japan's greatest civil war, the Heike clan lies scattered and defeated. But the ghosts of Japan never take defeat lying. The 10 Scariest Characters In Horror Anime. While Freddy and Jason are iconic figures within their own right, the anime industry has its fair share of monsters to keep any viewer from sleeping. The art of horror isn't an easy one. While the genre has become synonymous with cheap thrills, the idea that a horror story is only about jump scares.

7 Samara Morgan. The Ring - Samara Morgan TV Scene HD. A list like this wouldn't be complete without everyone's favorite creepy kid, Samara Morgan. While she wouldn't scare most people in 2020, when Samara crawled through TV screens in 2002, she pretty much freaked out everyone who laid eyes on her 9. Nagin. Not a ghost per se but definitely a major part of several Bollywood horror flicks. Nagin as you know is a snake that can turn into a seductive woman or the other way round. Nagin is.

05- Ring (Ringu, 1998) Directed by Hideo Nakata and based on the novel by Koji Suzuki, Ringu hit the cinemas in 1998 and changed the landscape of ghost horror forever with it's terrifying antagonist Sadako Yamamura. With her long black hair and white gown, she was an epitome of a classic onryo (a vengeful spirit), which in itself is. Horror movies seem to always employ the same basic formula for their characters, especially if the plot calls for a group of friends falling prey to whatever villain or obstacle in place. Most might be annoyed by the continued use of the same characters, but those characters are important and serve a purpose in the viewing experience Category for all of the creatures made by Trevor Henderson.Do not add anything else here, instead of his work One Missed Call (2004) Also directed by Takashi Miike, One Missed Call is a parody of the endless string of soggy dead girl movies made in Japan at the time. But somehow it's still really creepy.

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Ghosts characters. Much like the Undead, these Supernatural beings have passed on to the Afterlife. Whereas most other Undead get to keep their bodies no matter how much they've decayed, Ghosts are usually non-corporeal and translucent, unless they're possessing someone. See all characters tags. Name. Gender Let's face it- ghosts are pretty spooky. There's an entire genre of television series dedicated entirely to such spirits. One of DC's most horror-based characters, Deadman is a superhero who possesses one real power: he's a ghost. A circus performer who was shot in the midst of an act, Boston Brand's spirit remained tethered to the earth The Ring (2002) Paramount. Perhaps the only Hollywood remake of an Asian horror movie to improve upon the original, The Ring features haunting, jaw-dropping visuals. The movie introduced Americans to the yūrei ghost figure that would go on to be featured in dozens of Asian horror films. 04 Characters. Slappy is an evil ventriloquist dummy carved out of the wood of a cursed coffin. He comes to life when someone reads out the words Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano. He narrates the introduction and epilogue of this book. In the story, he terrorises a boy named Shep Mooney, who ends up killing him

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Madison in 'What Lies Beneath' (2000) Ghosts rarely haunt people in horror movies without a reason, as the married couple in What Lies Beneath Learned. It turned out that the unseen ghost of Madison Elizabeth Frank wanted revenge against her murderer, and she wasn't afraid to take the form of Michelle Pfeifer's heroine along the way K-horror differs from Western horror in the depth of its characters and relationships — which make their eventual fates even more terrifying. Emotion is at the heart of everything

Well, it turns out the Japanese have a similar creature, only theirs is a terrifying ghost and not a cheap-looking rubber centipede.The buruburu is a ghost that feeds on fear, and gets its name from the sound you make when you shiver. (Like brrrr, get it?) A buruburu is created whenever someone acts like a coward, such as running away from battle or ordering mild buffalo wings Another popular Victorian ghost story is 'Lost Hearts' (1895) by M. R. James. The story of an orphan who goes to stay at the house of his distant relative. After his arrival, the boy learns about the mysterious disappearance of 2 boys who stayed here previously. The Turn of the Screw (1898) by Henry James is another popular Victorian ghost. Lieutenant Simon Ghost Riley is a British special forces operator, and a prominent member of Task Force 141, known for his iconic skull-patterned balaclava, headset, and dark red sunglasses. Ghost appears as a main character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, Call of Duty: Online, Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish. The Amityville Horror (1979) pinterest-pin-it. View of the home of Ronald DeFeo Jr where he shot and killed his parents, two sisters and two brothers on November 14, 1974. Bettmann Archive/Getty. The Amityville Horror house. Although the cover of The Amityville Horror says it's based on a true story, most of this tale is anything but. The story starts with a very real—and very grisly.

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1. The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe (1843) From the master of the morbid imagination, this gem of a story blurs the edges between horror and ghost fiction. A murderer's guilty conscience. 9 Literary Ghost Stories for You to Read Right Now. By Gabrielle Moss. Oct. 20, 2014. A really good ghost story is hard to find. Though the ghost is a subtler literary tool than the vampire, the. Famous Horror Movie Quotes. 1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.. — The Shining (1980) Photo: Executive Reporting. 2. We all go a little mad sometimes.. — Psycho (1960.

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A web-based vampire name generator. Suitable for dark or ominous characters of all types, not just the undead. VAMPIRE NAME GENERATOR Names for vampires in a variety of styles.. GHOST NAMES A good list of ghost and spirit names, and names mean soul. Bright spirits, owl spirits, gentle spirits, evil spirits, etc Kiyoshi Kurosawa reimagines the ghost story for the computer age, in a phenomenally creepy story about suicides on a university campus, internet-spawned alienation and characters who fade away. Part of the reason we keep coming back to American Horror Story season after season is to see what fresh hell Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have cooked up for their recurring cast members. So far we've seen Evan Peters play a ghost of a school shooter, an accused murderer, a fratty Frankenstein, a lobster man, a serial killer and now, a.

Horror-Themed Abilities. Any abilities that would most likely be found in horror films and other media From monsters to ghosts, killers to vampires, the films tackle all kinds of terrors, and as with the best of genre cinema the world over they frequently tackle more realistic ills too including. Slasher movies are about the killers, but a lot of the best horror movies are about the characters and what is happening to them. 2. level 1. PeanutRIP. 3 years ago. Because many (not all) newer horror movies rely on jump scares instead of character development. 1. level 1. whirlpool138 The new season of American Horror Story is one for Colonial history geeks. After tons of mysterious marketing, fans of the FX series have already become engrossed in the show's sixth season, which. Horror is no genre for black people, or so the popular opinion goes. You know the deal—if there's a black character in a slasher movie, or any other scary flick involving multiple people dying. Italy Horror Maniaci is a YouTube channel where you will find videos from the most varied content types: Unsolved Mysteries, Famous Characters on Horror Movies, Different Rankings, Curiosity. Our content is not based solely on Horror topics, but spans into many topics about intricate and disturbing facts about the world around us